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It is better to open a banana upside down

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Started: 5/10/2010 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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When I say banana I am speaking about the fruit, as defined as "The elongated, edible fruit of these plants, having a thick yellowish to reddish skin and white, aromatic, seedless pulp (1)." Obviously I am not talking about the tree.

Upside-down is defined as "so the upper or right side is down (2)."

On the banana the right side up is considered the end with the stem, the end most people eat from using this stem as a type of lever to open the banana.

I am advocating that this is not the best way to open the banana

To eat a banana upside down, one simply squeezes the bottom of it. This allows a crack in between the skin and the brown part which in turn is then pulled down (assuming your holding the banana upside down)

This is easier because...

(1) It is far easier to pluck the nasty brown/black part at the bottom of the banana. When you eat a banana right side up, often you will throw away good edible banana because of the fear of eating the gross part. By opening up the banana upside down,
one can pluck the gross part right out and eat the entire banana.

(2) Monkeys open their bananas upside down. Monkeys have been on the Earth longer than humans and therefore have more experience at opening bananas. It is likely that the way they peel bananas is superior to ours. Plus, bananas are a monkey's favorite food!

(3) There are less stringy things when you open the banana upside down. Though I can find no official studies to prove this, I encourage my opponent and the voters to try and they will discover that the annoying stringy things that are on the banana when opened right side up seem to disappear/become far less frequent when the banana is opened from the bottom.

Thank you



I am opposed to the topic "It is better to open a banana upside down" for the following three reasons.

1. Bananas can be easily opened through other methods.

2. By opening a banana from the top, it does not decrease the banana's quality.

3. Opening a banana from the bottom gets your fingernails dirty!

I will adress my opponents points before proceeding on to mine.

1. My opponent claims that it is better because you can pluck the nasty brown part out first. My question is why does it matter what time the brown part is plucked out? It does not make a difference whether it is plucked first or last, so long as the banana eater, eats the said banana. Also, by opening a banana from the top, we get to eat the banana and leave the brown part at the bottom of the banana. No need to get your fingers yucky with plucking it off when we can simply leave the part in the peel of the banana when we throw it away.

2. My opponent says that monkeys eat bananas from the bottom. This isn't true with every case. Most videos on youtube show monkeys tearing open the skin from the side before eating their banana.

Look at the video above to see a monkey tearing open the banana from the side of its skin.
This proves that there are several different ways to open a banana. If a monkey decided to open it from the the side, it must have seen potential easiness from its actions, nased on its natural instinct.

3. My opponent says there are less fibers (stringy things as he put it) when you open the banana from the bottom. This however is untrue. The banana fibers attach themselves to both the top and bottom of the banana. The banana fibers are ingrained along the side of the banana and connected to the peel, thus when you peel the banana, no matter what, you will most likely have the "stringy" things.

Now on to my points.

1. banana's can eb easily opened through a number of different methods. For example, as in the youtube video above, for some the banana is most easily reached through peeling the side exterior of the banana.
Also any simple tool may be used to open the banana such as a knife, which can help you easily attain your banana beneath its premises. Or for some, simply using scissors to cut the top off a banana is a great way to reach your fruit.
As you can see they're are plenty of better methods to opening a banana then by opening to bottom.

2. My opponent makes it seems as if opening the banana from the bottom makes the banana in itself better. This however, is unprecidented. The banana shall remain the same tasty fruit no matter the manner in which it has been opened. The banana's quality does not differ in the slightest according to the way in which it is opened.

3. Opening a banana from the bottom gets your fingernails dirty. When you open the banana from the top, you are pulling the peel downwards with your skin being protected by the banana's.
Opening the bannana from the bottom requires to push your finger nail under the black spout of the banana and putting pressure on the peel itself. As you can see, this only makes the "brown mushy part" get retracted beneath your fingernail, where it could be far more easier to simply open the banana with one of my recommended methods above.

Thankyou blazeratman for offering an intruiging debate. I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to thank my opponent for the timely response. For anyone who is reading the debate, note when I say bottom, I am referring to the standard human hold of a banana. In reality, bananas grow what we would consider "upside-down" so the bottom we refer to in the debate is really the top.

My defense:

1. I would agree that it does not matter what time the brown part is plucked out, however, the timing of the plucking of the brown part is not what I was concerned about in my first point. My concern about waiting until the end to pluck out the brown part is that part of the banana is wasted in the plucking out of the brown part if it is saved until the end. The eating of the banana is far more efficient if the brown part is plucked out first because less of the tasty part of the banana is wasted.

2. I shouldn't say there's never been a time when a banana hasn't been opened from the bottom by a monkey, however, it is far more likely a monkey will open the banana from the bottom. Even in the video the bottom part is pulled down, not the top part. Also, there are tons of sites that state that monkeys open their bananas the way I have stated. Some of these are listed in the sources at the bottom (1), (2), (3), (4).

3. I actually did find a site that did some, informal experiments "The same experiments turned up a remarkable pro-Petal instance of the Law of Unexpected Consequences regarding those long stringy things on the sides of the banana that you peel off after you remove the skin. According to our two experiments, peeling from the non-stem end greatly increases the chance that those strings will stick to the skin and come away with it, obviating the need to remove them separately (4)."


1. My opponent states that "banana's can [be] easily opened through a number of different methods" I would not disagree with this point. There are many ways to play a guitar, some are just better than others, just as there are many ways to open a banana, my point being opening the banana upside down is the best. My opponent then proceeds to state different ways to peel the banana. I will show why each of these is inferior.
a. "For some the banana is most easily reached through peeling the side exterior of the banana." I disagree, the force it takes to open a banana from the side far exceeds that of the bottom or even the top.
b. "Also any simple tool may be used to open the banana such as a knife" Again I disagree that this would be superior. Firstly, this would require far more time than opening the banana from the bottom, which is a down side. Also, a beautiful thing about a banana is there is nothing to clean up except to throw the peel in the garbage (or onto the street if your playing Mario Kart) If you use a knife there is something you must clean up which causes you to do even more work to enjoy your banana. Finally, using a knife is far more likely to have a mistake made, such as cutting yourself. Also, you could cut off some of the tasty part.
c. "Simply using scissors to cut the top off a banana is a great way to reach your fruit" Also inferior, see b.

2. I never said that opening from the banana from the bottom makes the banana itself better, I beseech my opponent to quote anytime I have said this.

3. Opening a banana from the bottom does not make your fingernails dirty, you can open the banana from the bottom by squeezing on the brown part, some of the banana "goo" may get on your fingers, but this will only be tasty banana and is enjoyable to lick off. The brown mushy part won't get in your fingernails because your fingernails won't be involved assuming you use the "pinch" method.

New Point

1. If I may make one new point as well, I have found (through going downstairs and eating a banana in between my post and my opponents response) that when a banana is opened upside down, the top provides a nice handle as the eater works his or her way down the banana peel.



In response to my opponents points:

1. My opponent claims that the banana in question loses efficiency whenthe brown part is plucked last. When people eat banana's from the top it is a normal gesture to leave the brown part at the bottom of the peel, thus making it easier to easily thrust the banana in the garbage without having to bother with messing around with the brown part in the first place. I would have to argue that the banana in fact would not lose efficiency in any way by having the brown part left within the banana. Let's say if you ate the banana with taking the brown part out at first, you get a good quality banana. In what what does the banana's effeciency in the other case decrease by simple leaving the uneaten part in the peel before throwing it away?

2. My opponent has claimed the monkeys eating banana's from the bottom is a general consensus of monkeys. However, Upon careful research I have found that based on his sources and my own, that it generally comes down to the breed of the monkey and the monkeys own personal preference as to how they open/peel their banana. For example the monkey in the video above was fond of ripping the banana peel open from the side. I have posted some more videos of different monkey opening different bananas. From one you can see the monkey not even peeling the banana and quickly biting into its side in order to obtain its food.

In the second video you can see the monkey eating the banana in the exact same way, proving that monkeys peel bananas in a variety of different ways.

With that, I would think it's safe to say that this argument is invalid due to the fact that all monkeys are different and have different methods which are easier to them, in opening a banana.

3. In my very first monkey video you will find that when the monkey first attempted at opening the banana, there was a large amount of fibers that came off of the banana. Also given the fact that the fibers don't decrease the quality of the banana, and are edible, I see this point as respectively ineffective. The banana strings are edible, and even tasty just like the banana itself. Whether these fibers prove to be an annoyance to one, doesn't mean it would apply to all.


1. My opponent admits that they're are plenty of methods to open a banana, and states that we are discussing the matter in which would be easiest to open it. I accept and agree with this statement in it's entirety. That said, the examples given below, are indeed just examples to prove a point. The point being (as said recently), that opening the banana from the bottom is not nessicarily the easiest method. When peeling a banana, I think most would agree that not alot of thought process is put into the actual way the banana is opened, as long as it is easily attained.
The monkeys in my video have all found quite easy way to peel a banana. These are just monkeys however with varied preferences. Humans can easily open a banana is a variety of different ways that are easier than the offered method given by the opponent. My opponent has claimed that using a tool to open the fruit would be far more work. I would have to beg to differ. As far as quickly obtaining the banana, one could agree that the amount of time in doing so could be decreased explicitly by quickly cutting of the top. With that said I doubt that a whole lot of cleaning would be involved given that then tool shouldn't be actually cutting into the fruit. Even so, the individual would still be able to obtain the banana in due time with the considered tool. And as far as ripping through the side exterior of the banana, I doubt it would take much force in doing so. The banana skin is really not the strong, and opening it from the top shows massive resistance because it is as a whole being pulled in one direction. Tearing through the exterior would then cause a rip making it much easier to obtain said fruit.

2. "I never said that opening from the banana from the bottom makes the banana itself better, I beseech my opponent to quote anytime I have said this."

Simple. The resolution saying: It is better to open a banana upside down. Why, if infact the fruit remains the upon opening it from its dozens of other methods?

3. If I am indeed in-correct on this please correct me, but from the videos of on youtube, and from the sources you have provided, the method in which you propose opening the banana is in-fact by protruding the fingernails beneath the bottom part, and applying pressure. As we all the know the knob of the banana (the mushy brown part), is at the bottom of the banana. With that said, you are more than likely bound to get some between your fingernails which may prove hard to clean off.

Opponents new point:

1. The banana is easily held through the original method, given its convenient handle shaped flux.

Thankyou for offering up a pleasuring debate.

I happily await for our third round.
Debate Round No. 2


First let me clarify, when I say efficiency, I mean the amount of banana eaten by the eater divided by the amount of banana that could be eaten by the eater.


1. The banana eating does lose efficiency when the brown part is plucked last! This is because when you throw out the bottom of the banana after consuming said banana you often throw out good edible banana along out with the brown part because it does not come off as well as if the banana is opened from the bottom. If the banana is opened from the bottom, this does not occur because none of the edible banana is left because the eater can easily pluck out the brown part.

2. I would like the opponent to post the sources they used to determine that monkeys open the banana differently, some quotes would be nice as well. But irregardless, for me it was difficult to tell in the last two videos but in the first one, where the monkey was "opening" from the side. It seems to me the monkey holds the side, bites the bottom and tears down. This may or may not be the case and I would not recommend biting the bottom to open it. Irregardless, monkeys may have different methods but that does not mean that one is not better than the other and since the fact remains that the vast majority of monkeys open the banana from the bottom, which my opponent has never refuted. I believe the majority of monkeys believe this is the superior way to open a banana.

3. In the first monkey video the fibers that come off the banana are attached to the peel and are removed from the fruit when the monkey completely removes the fruit from the peel. Fibers are an annoyance to a banana eater, and though again, I cannot find definitive statistics, I have never seen someone eat a banana, pulling from the top to the bottom, during which they have not then subsequently pulled down one or more fibers. The source I posted in Round 2 is the only information I could find comparing the amount of fibers when pulling down vs pulling up, and they ruled in favor of the pro.


1. "I think most would agree that not a lot of thought process is put into the actual way the banana is opened, as long as it is easily attained" Though I agree with this, this is not what we are debating. There are certain ways of brushing your teeth that are better than others, just because we do not put a lot of thought into it does not mean there aren't better or worse ways.
I disagree that using a tool would minimize the time in obtaining the banana because then the eater would be forced to get the tool, wash the tool, and put the tool away. Pinching the bottom of the banana takes about .2 seconds longer than using a tool without taking into account all the added time needed to use a tool, and its just as effective, if not more so. Also, using a tool would require some of the banana to reside on the tool, which would again decrease the efficiency of the banana, without even having removed the brown part. Opening from the side is not as good as opening from the bottom because it does require more force than the pinch it takes to open from the bottom, even if the force is minimal, it still makes the banana opening from the side harder than from the bottom.

2. The resolution is about the opening of the banana. It does not mention the fruit of the banana in anyway, and therefore my opponents second point is moot.

3. I am not proposing that the fingernails protrude beneath the bottom part. I am proposing the eater squeezes the bottom with their fingertips which thereby opens the banana. Thus, there is no chance the knob could protrude into the fingernails as they are not involved.

4. Although the banana is held nicely either way, I find it superior upside down probably because that's how I tend to eat them and I've gotten used to I, just a personal preference.


I would like to thank my opponent for this intriguing debate. I do believe the pro has shown that opening the banana from the bottom is the superior way and therefore I urge you to vote Pro.

Thank you


theGreatone forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vardas0antras 7 years ago
I guess you learn something new everyday...Even if its useless.
Posted by kevinjoker 7 years ago
uhhh....your actually debating about how to open a banana? ALSO! the stringy "stuff" that is found on the pulp of the banana helps your skin and expecially the part around your fingernails. (its helps the skin from peeling off) and the brown part isn't gross at all! its might just look gross but the taste is very similar and it is just the retarded "The Instigator"'s thought to think that everyone around the world thinks that people all hate that brown part.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
Go on youtube.
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
I didn't even know this was possible... how does it work without squishing the banana?
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