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It is okay to spank your children if they make the same mistake over and over

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Started: 7/21/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As a kid, usually whenever I messed up or did wrong after being warned, I would be spanked for it. While I thought this form of punishment was complete hell at the time, I grew up to be a civilized person, less likely to get into trouble with the law. I believe that punishing your kids in such a way can help them become better individuals in the long run, but there are others that consider spankings as child abuse.


I'd just like to start by saying that of course, we can't generalise the potential impacts of the child with this, because every child is different and every child will react differently to this. You yourself have shown this. However, it must be acknowledged that hitting a child just as easily have very serious and damaging implications for them.

Whilst I have not had children myself, in my view it would be better to teach them why the thing you are spanking them for should not be done. If they don't listen, perhaps there is another reason why they keep doing this. This would teach them to become more considerate people who think things through, rather than not doing things because they are scared of a result.

Additionally, this has the potential to teach them to fear rather than respect and try to understand not only their parents, but in a broader sense other people who they come across.

As well as this, surely using spanking as a punishment would make it very difficult to teach children that violence is not acceptable?
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You bring up a very good argument. Of course, spanking would have no point at all if it weren't for explaining why the child was receiving such punishment. Adding to that though, if a child were to be warned the first time he/she messed up, then messed up again, then a spanking, along with an explanation can teach them to not do it again. Whereas if you were to put a child in timeout all of the time, he/she may be likely to do the same bad deed again. I am not trying to promote violence at all. I would not preach that at all. I just believe that if a child does not follow warning, then he/she must go through a punishment, not too light, or not too harsh. Spanking falls in between those two. A slap on the hand, or a spanking on the butt may bring the child to tears, but weren't they warned beforehand?
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
what then when you are not there to spank them
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