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It is only descent to consume an animal once it reaches adulthood

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Started: 12/14/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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This argument will be held through 3 rounds,Rounds 1/2 for your Statement/Proof and Reasoning. The final round should have no newly presented discussions but merely a rebuttal for fortification corresponding your previous statements. I look forward to this discussion and wish good luck to the challenger debating the opposing argument!
Through experience I have witnessed occasions of speculation that it is fine to consume an animal who has lived past it's childhood. However, It is indecent to consume an animal who has not reached a certain age.

These occasions represent the idea that it is only alright to consume an animal once it has suffered through it's childhood. An animal isn't as intelligent as a human. A human can plan out their life through routine and adapt using different methods. Animals also go off of instinct and routine but do not adapt in the way that humans do, if the routine is differed from their natural grounds meaning the wilderness, and said routine is composed of negative aspects, an animal would not easily adapt and just suffer through their time in imprisonment.

=Animal perspective=
If you where an animal raised in a tight cage stuffed with other animals of your gender having no freedom, going off of routine knowing one day you would be slaughtered, would you rather live a horrific life of misery before your slaughter? Or would you just want your time on earth to end saving you from suffering before your slaughter?

=Human perspective=
If every time you consumed another living entity while these images ran through your head, which one would you agree with? Does this mean that an animal must suffer before it's death to make it more descent to consume?


Well I don't really understand the topic but, you think you can eat an animal at any age right? Well I think differently. You see when an animal is just little it's still a baby plus if you were to consume it would be small and not much use to your body. Of course that depends on which animal. I think you should only consume it when it's an adult because it's lived a full life.
Debate Round No. 1


The point of the question states that people think it is indecent to eat a baby animal and that it must have a certain age for it not to be as cruel. The topic isn't relevant towards how much meat is on the table, if that was the topic then yes I would agree with you Pro, but that is not the chosen topic. You did not pose a proper argument you merely asked a question regarding the topic and then argued off topic.

=Off topic=
For example, when a murder happens to an adult, people overlook it shortly after it is done, but if a toddler was murdered it would be a massive outbreak of reactions infesting the area. Now getting back to the argument.

=On Topic=
There are many companies selling younger animals to be consumed, many are disgusted by this act and throw the idea away, I personally do not consume younger animals for the reason of overpriced for an undersized animal, but I am not disgusted. I am disgusted at animal cruelty and yes I am not helping the cause of animal cruelty by eating meat products but when people have a baby animal placed in-front of them then they immediately begin to take emotion as if it is only bad if a baby animal is consumed rather than an adult animal.


MrCode forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I am disappointed that my opponent forfeited the previous round.

In conclusion, needless to say that the potential party involved in witnessing this type of consumption has overlooked the actual issue regarding the fact of the matter that the older an animal becomes through captivity the more torturous it's life has been which by default is much worse that consuming a younger animal.

Many companies sell the meats from younger animals as there are less fats in the body making it healthier and less salty to the pallet of the buyer. The vendor must overprice the market for these items because of the loss of money selling an undersized entity. The issue lies within the vendor not the consumer. People shouldn't care about the age of an animal when consuming but should rather discourage the abuse that the animals must go through previously before being placed in markets. Why must one suffer before having their lives ended? The market is not going down so why torture the inevitable?

I hope that the readers pose a proper and fair vote along with a short description as of why they have chosen who to pick as the victor. The opponent did not meet the standard expectations I have provided in round one. I was hoping for a more lively conversation, however am still satisfied with my argument. Thank you to the reader for reading through this debate.


MrCode forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
killing it first would be a good idea. It would be hard to eat if it keeps kicking the fork out of your hand.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
an egg is an animal?
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