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It is time to scrap our basic political structure starting with the Two-Party System

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Started: 2/19/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I present the idea that our current political structuring at the federal level is no longer the best fit for the Era we currently find ourselves in. Specifically the Two-Party system paradigm is incapable of accurately representing the diversity of ideas in America.

I don't have an exact political system to replace the Two-Party system with, but will argue that a new one should be created.

This is a free-form debate.

I will argue for the Pro

Just accept and state your argument and reasoning for why the Two-Party system can still be the most effective political paradigm.


Thank you mschechtel17 for starting this debate.

I accept this debate and I will arguing for the con.

The two party system may have its flaws, however, I believe that it has more good to offer than bad. You say that our current political structuring at the federal level is no longer the best fit for this Era where diversity is a huge factor in today's political climate. This is exactly the reason why we need to stick to the Two Party System. With 50 states that factor in race, gender, wage, religious beliefs, and different personal values, the US needs a system that unifies all those diversified characteristics into one party being either the Democrats or the Republicans. Having more will only further delay progress, create splits in our politics, and cause descent.
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Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Its still legaly not a two party system. On a practical level I will agree it is...
Posted by mschechtel17 1 year ago

It is a 2 party system...

If you are working on the notion that it isn't a 2 party system because there are green parties and independent parties along with the republican and democrat parties then that's a bit of a reach. Only the democrat and republican parties receive validation as legitimate political parties. You may ask, well isn't that the people's fault? The answer, no because only the democrat and republican parties get enough screen time to have a realistic chance to get nominated for the presidential election. Examples? Donald Trump running as a republican, knowing this party could give him a big enough platform to reach enough people to get the nomination, even though he has traditionally acted as a democrat in his life. Example 2, Bernie Sanders reluctantly running as a democrat even though he had openly acted as an independent in his political career, but was aware that a third party platform could not even remotely reach enough people to garnish a presidential nominee. Example 3, Gary Johnson's political positioning is a moderate combination of democratic and republican views, and allows for arguably the best compromise between political agendas, however he couldn't even reach enough people to be allowed into the presidential debate.

It is a two-party system...
Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Its not a two party system...
Posted by mschechtel17 1 year ago

Sorry i did't get back to this debate in time, if you want me to restart it I will. I did this one with another person and similar reasoning for your side came up and i believe my response to it addresses some of the opposing ideas you present. You can find it on my debates and if you want to still argue the topic I still would.
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