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It isn't America's fault that the Middle Easy is destabilized.

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Started: 12/3/2016 Category: Politics
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I don't believe that it is the United States fault that the Middle East is destabilized.


I do believe it is America's fault that the middle east is destabilized. In general, it's western europe and America's fault. And it all started down in world war 1. When the british decide to destabilize the muslim empire called: the ottoman empire. that started the long term effects we have now. The Ottoman Empire wasn't "democratic" but it was a stable point of the middle east and after WW1 the west though it was right to also set colonies in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. What was a major down fall as well of Middle eastern tension was the setup of israel from the palestinians.

When the fall of the U.S.S.R , that should've been the last time we should've been in the middle east. But soon terrorist attacks happened. You wanna know from who? American supported guerillas from the Afghan- Soviet war.

This continues on to something major. Iraq. Iraq was a dictatorship but at least it was secular and a strong military to combat any type of religious extremism. But unfortunately, by 2011, Iraq was dismantled in a civil war, it had a leader who knew nothing about the religious, political, geographical, and ethnic problems . Also it became a breeding group for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. And the Arab spring destroyed the middle east completely.

The middle east can not adopt western ideals because it's ideology has traced back to the Antiquity. Imagine if a foreign country invaded America, placed a man who had no idea of the country, and destroyed our way of life because theirs is better.

you see where i am coming from. The usa didn't do it alone but it certainly did destabilized the middle east
Debate Round No. 1


You have made many of the points I planned on using, I believe it's the UK's fault, as when they cut up the Middle East they did not take in factors such as different cultures, different sects of Islam, and so on and so forth. (and they put a Jewish state right next to them, as we all know, Muslims hate Jews.)

If Britain just put the Jewish state in what was then their land after the war, (Given them basically part of Germany.) It would have bee just fine. But, instead of the countries redrawing the lines they went to war. Not to mention that the Ottomans had several civil wars throughout the mid 1800's and during World War 1. This all boils down to the fact that instead of making lemonade when they were given lemons, they made extra salty piss.

Now, back to the fact that the US went to war several times in the Middle East. This again boils down to the fact that Israel was placed in an area where they were hated because of the fact that they were Jews. The US promised to help Israel if they went to war with any of the bordering countries. Because of this Al-Qaeda attacked the US several times with no avail, (mainly because the US didn't give a flying crap.) So, they went out of their way and conducted the 9/11 attacks. We went to war, and after we won the already US hating Muslims hated us even more... And yeah... ISIS was formed because of our negligence and not caring because we didn't think they were a threat. (Again... We underestimated how salty that piss was.) and BOOM! We were brought into several wars against Islamic terrorism, because we didn't want another 9/11.


you have failed to state that isn't the U.S's fault. You brought up Britain and I do agree with that. By 1914, the ottoman empire was the sick man of europe and its empire with one minor problem would collapse the entire thing. perhaps if ww1 it would've let the ottomans have a little more time to see what's wrong, then perhaps collapse naturally if nothing was done.

Israel was going to happen as long as the allies were victorious in world war 2. no doubt but the u.s caught the unwanted attention when it supported israel.

"This again boils down to the fact that Israel was placed in an area where they were hated because of the fact that they were Jews. The US promised to help Israel if they went to war with any of the bordering countries" In this statement alone, it is the u.s's fault in the middle east because why are they supporting a country in hostile territory. we will never win in the middle east the way we are going. The U.S is at the mercy of Arabic princes and israel. That right there is a major problem. As long as we have a presences in the Middle East, everything that happens there will be our fault.

The middle east has many ethnic and religious diversity with a strong belief in their religious dogma. There will always be war there. But the west has an unquenchable thirst to spread their ideology of "freedom" and " globalism". And that is not the way to go. One day capitalism will fall and the west will fall. But in current event the U.S has been the sole superpower of the world and we have caused every war and every outbreak of social disorder.

You have failed to construct a solid counter argument. Instead just stated some points to make my side stronger.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alimr313 1 year ago
The American government has even admitted to spending millions of dollars to fund extremists to destabilize Syria and to force the president out of his position, no doubt so that someone backed by America is in charge. They are plotting for a different kind of world domination. Imperialism is a thing of the past, now you just have to appoint people who have your best interests at heart into power of all of the countries that matter. They are not fighting against ISIS. That would be a waste of millions of dollars, and they are still insistent on their plan. They pretend to fight ISIS, but instead are trying their best to keep them alive. This is just one of the instances where America has tried to destabilize the Middle East.
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Hasn't the middle east been in disarray for thousands of years?
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