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It takes talent and skill to be a great rapper

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Started: 8/30/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My position is that rap music is an art which takes a lot of dedication and practice to master. Anybody can be a rapper, but it takes a lot of work to be one of the best if not the best rapper. I will be using logic and evidence to support it.

The best rapper has several characteristics:
1. Originality
2. Rhythm
3. flow
4. Variety in lyrics and voice
(meaning that he/she doesn't rap about the same things with the same flow)
5. Beats rapper uses
(how well they can flow on it)
6. Writing style
(What is unique about their lyrics?)
7. Emotions
(can they express emotions effectively?)

First round acceptance


I accept the challenge, on the condition that our arguments must be done in rap. After all, showing is better than telling.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm recreating the elements which been awakened
Satan trying to destroy it all cuz everyday he's hating
My palms are numb shaken, im hotter than bacon
I'm going in for the taking, for me there's no waiting

Complexities diverse as sea anenamies seeking refuge from enemies
My rap flow moves through the waves like we're being besieged
Going to the extremities of the violent Breeze like the god Ares

You may not hear it but i'm making music in my mind with rhymes
Never rehearsed my lines many times, raps for the brightest of minds
In rap, you need to channel the energy be it for positivity or negativity
Write down lyrics like a scientific thesis for the general theory of relativity

Produce a tempo ever since the ancient lyre of king Pharaoh
Don't be narrow, unleash inspiration like the wings of a sparrow
I can rap on or off beat, my mind and my words are the music
I got a voice and I use it to the precision in rhythms of my choosing


Rap is an acronym, R-A-P,
Retards Attempting Poetry,
Anyone can do it, it's an easy game,
Just talk about guns and that time you came,
Throw in something 'bout hookers and drugs,
Make yourself out to be a thug,
Talk so fast that it sounds like drool,
And diss other rappers, coz it's cool,
You're a poser,
Your life is over,
You speak worse than Yoda,
You're dumber than Grover,
Your good thoughts are rarer than a four-leaf clover,
I pwned you, biitch, now bend over.
Debate Round No. 2


I analyze human language, teach it to a couple of illiterate savages
Bring in some packages, master this as i read over the passages
Disciple students as i break syllable after syllable after practices
Then create ferocious beats wilder than the wildest animals

I'm killin you rhymatically with these lyrically genius syllables
Not doin the minimal to a subliminal wanna be with criminals
Yes anybody can rap, but it's a whole lot skills that you lack

When i rap, i ignite the fire, like God's spirit, creativity is working
When you rap, the lights blow out, all we hear are crickets chirping
Your bars are weak, no style, and your "rhymes" don't rhyme
Claimin' rap is easy, your the most ignorant of a human mind

If i handed you the mic, you would freeze on the spot
While i'd shoot you like the swat at a point blank shot
To be a great lyricist, you need to read n' breathe
Feel the need to write many lyrics to succeed
Don't underestimate me cuz i'm a new breed

We got many internal, external, multiple rhyme schemes
Dissin' you has never been easier than shootin crime scenes
Don't worry apb4y, there will be plenty of time to hate
Right after i old school you in this DDO rap debate


Man, your lyrics are driving me crazy,
Quit tryin' to act like you're Slim Shady,
If you're Eminem, then I'm 2 Live Crew:
I rhyme more clearly, and I'm funnier too,
You talk too much, just like yo' mama,
Believe me, I know, I boned her last summer,

I pulled up in my car,
Told her to get in,
Took her to a bar,
Got her drunk on gin,
She reached down my pants,
I lifted up her skirt,
Don't blame me,
I just like to flirt,
I threw her on the bar,
Removed her knickers,
I kissed my way down,
And gave her the lickers,
She had an orgasm,
Squirted in my face,
I was awesome baby,
Because I'm the ace,
Then we got around,
To talkin' 'bout you,
She said, "I hate my son,
Let's have another screw."
So I flipped her 'round,
And did her from behind,
I put all thoughts of you,
Out of her mind,

I'm big downstairs,
20 centimetres,
I put to shame,
All the other Peters,
I fvck like a god,
I'm built like a bull,
When I'm done with these biitches,
They still feel full,
When it comes to getting girls, man I'm better,
You may as well wear a fvckin' turtle-neck sweater,
You're done in seconds,
I can last for hours,
And you can never hope,
To match my powers,
Give up now,
You'll never win this debate,
You can't even make people,
Think that you're straight.
Debate Round No. 3


First off, I'm not white, im Hispanic
About to sink you like the Titanic
Educate you till you just can't stand it
Cuz your the most ignorant on the planet

Just because you rap about drugs n guns, funds, n buns
Don't mean rap is all restricted, of ideas I got tons n tons
I can diss your mother in more ways than one
Make you full of anger, i ain't even use a gun

Why you criticizing rap, it talks about your favorite subject
Sex, illegal activities, hookers, partying and gettin wrecked (1)
You over hear talking about my mom and your own wang
With the garbage you spit, you just as guilty as lil Wayne

Lets pause for a 2nd, the accusations you made against rap, lets use logic
Rap says your favorite word "n*gga", if that makes you racist, so be it (2)
Haha, it takes great skill to expose you and your phony street credibility
It just comes to show that's the mark of a rapper's creativity n' his ability

Ironically, your rapping right now, your a complete contradiction
It just comes to show that you concede, stop being so inconsistent
What is this garbage? This ain't a rap! This is a cat who thinks he's black!
I slap-jack so he can snap back n' buss yo cap back (3) like a lumber jack

Before you come at me with this garbage, you must be heartless
Articulate your rhyme schemes, spark this in the darkness





Hold your horses!
Pro is citing sources!
He's using dark forces,
But he's wrong
When he says I endorses,

I'm being satirical,
This rap ain't lyrical,
It's just a miracle,
Nothing empirical,
I'm talking sh*t to make a point,
I sound high coz I have a joint,
I'm spaced-out and about to pwn,
Even though my words're from RhymeZone,
Cuz I don't need skills, I can wing it,
I don't need talent, I can swing it,
Around to insults, God ding it,
I'm on top, you're f*cking it,

You think I give a damn about your sick rhymes?
I miss what you say half the time,
You cram too many words into a sentence,
It's most unkind,
Your readers won't like that,
They'll go blind,
I doubt you could even say it,
With your small mind,
You'd talk gibberish,
If you were in a bind,
Hey, I can do that too,
Ladadee dadadee dadadoo,
Sorry bro, now I'm just takin' the piss,
You have skill, that's not hard to miss,
But you don't needa be slick in order to diss,
I'll finish up with Cyanide and Happiness.

Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by apb4y 3 years ago
LOL. It's a Tie!
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
What a pleasure of mine! :P
Posted by apb4y 3 years ago

I have never rapped in my life. If your position is correct, then it follows that you are better at rapping than I am. Regardless, this debate will be funnier if we rap our arguments while still trying to sound rational and shiit.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
apb4y what do you mean showing? lol
Posted by TheCalmCanadian 3 years ago
I agree with you, but the way that you worded this was strange. You stated that you needed many things to succeed in rap. Many if not all of those things are required for other types of music as well. In all honesty whatever you wrote applies to many other aspects of life as well. Just having those things also won't make you the best if not close to the best rapper ever. It takes more than that.
Posted by RobertF 3 years ago
Also, since I agree with you, I'd like to have this conversation about what kind of rappers you think are great and exchange some cool new names! I get that you have great insight into the art of rapping. I don't want to argue pro or con, just exchange some cool names! Hit me up if you are interested!
Posted by RobertF 3 years ago
Yes but your proposition states "to be a great rapper". I sense you try to argue with the opposite propositionw which would be that 'rapping is so easy that you do not even need skill to be able to do it'. Which is obviously wrong because there is great talent and skill in rapping. Take Inspectah Deck as an example.
I think you are trying to find trolls here because you have experienced first hand the redicule of hip-hop and rap haters. I think most people on this site are intellectually great people who wouldn't dare to take on the con role in your debate because everybody already acknoweldges rapping is something that one can be good at and therefor your statement becomes inheritly true.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
I would disagree just a bit, just because you are rapper doesn't imply that your a great one. You can find a lot of rappers on you-tube who have poor flow and overly-simplistic lyrics. You can be an average fighter, but there might be someone who's more dedicated and is thus a better fighter.
Posted by xXCryptoXx 3 years ago
What spaceking said.

If a great rapper is defined as a rapper that possesses talent and skill, then yes it does take talent and skill to be a great rapper.

That's like saying cross country runners run. It is implied in the definition.
Posted by Truth_seeker 3 years ago
lol what's the difference?

@spaceking - I met people who think that rap takes no skill and that it's just mindless talking, so i ask them to freestyle and they just went silent lol.
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Vote Placed by Greyparrot 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Con clearly proved he rapped better than Eminem and 2live crew as he claimed, despite the Rhyme Generator usage. Points to con
Vote Placed by bladerunner060 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Though this was a debate done in rap, it was not technically a rap battle. In terms of points made from a debate standpoint, Pro pointed out things about rap which require talent and skill, and Con talked a lot of smack, but never presented a case. Arguments to Pro.