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It would be better to Einstein than Superman

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Started: 9/21/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am the negative team. I will restate the moot we will be debating today: "It would be better to be Einstein than Superman." My team strongly disputes this.
The key words we identified in the moot are: Einstein, Superman and better.
I would like to clarify the definition of the moot put forward by the opposing team.
I quote from the Oxford English Dictionary that Einstein is defined as the German-born American theoretical physicist and the founder of the special and general theories of relativity. We do not accept the definition that Einstein is a synonym for "genius" as the moot states "It would be better to be Einstein" not "It would be better to be "an" Einstein". Superman is defined as: a US cartoon character having great strength, the ability to fly, and other extraordinary powers. The definition of the word "better" that will be permitted is: more desirable, satisfactory, or effective.


I will accept your challenge and I will be debating that it would be better to be Einstein than Superman.
I am willing to accept any definitions provided by Con.
May both of us enjoy this debate and let us begin.
Debate Round No. 1


Hi ElderScroll,
Thanks for accepting my challenge. The first argument I would like to put foward is the morals and values Superman has:
"A life of honesty, morality, and integrity. Superman makes people strive to be the very best they can be, and that is something greater than any super power.
"Superman has an aura of reassurance about him, it"s as though his presence alone can make the direst situation seem safer, as though you know everything will be alright. One of the best things about being Superman is his effect on other people.
" He"s got all the power of a god, yet he doesn"t try to play one. He knows his place in the universe and doesn"t abuse his power. The man"s humble to a fault. He"s always there for his friends, and doesn"t depreciate anyone. He actually brings out the best in them, makes them feel special.
Thank you.


First, I would like to thank Con for providing me with an opportunity to join this debate. Con’s morality argument is incredibly insightful and I will be addressing it in our next round (3rd round).

To provide a plausible explanation for the resolution: It is better to be Albert Einstein than Superman, two steps will be taken. First, the principles that underlie my argument will be put forward in aid of numerous examples. Second, an argument will be made to justify the acclamation that Albert Einstein is a better choice than Superman. It is my wish that the reasoning represented in this argument is sufficient to support my opinions.

Any human beings, from their early youth to their decease, move on in the path that they mark out for it until its sun goes down. Numerous desirable personal qualities have been repeatedly demonstrated by the world great leaders, scholars, and conquers. (Due to both time and space constrains, only political figures and conquers will be listed.)

From Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), the conquer of Persia, Egypt, and Syria to Gaius Octavianus (63 BC - AD 14), beknown as Augustus, the first Rome emperor;

From Constantine the Great (c. 274 - 337), the first Roman emperor converted to Christianity to Heraclius Augustus (c.575-641), Byzantine Emperor and the guardian of True Cross;

From Richard the Lionheart (1157-1199), the leader of Third Crusade, to Elizabeth I (1533-1603), Queen of England and Ireland;

From Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), the emperor of Europe to President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945), who rescued the United States from Great Depression; and

From President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), the ideological founder of the contemporary GOP to President Barack Obama (1961-), the first African American to be elected to the presidency. Taken collectively, all these world leaders invariably display a set of qualities that attracts a significant number of followers to their causes. The qualities are summarized as follows:

  1. Far-reaching political influences
  2. Unparalleled military achievements
  3. Outstanding intellectual accomplishments
  4. Unquestionable moral decency
  5. Perennial legacy
  6. Massive wealth

It is not unreasonable for someone to suggest that linage and/or personal appearance should be taken in to account in addressing the desirability of a given individual. It is equally plausible, however, to argue that any such qualities are the very derivations of the foregoing features. If, by accident, some qualities fall outside the list, in comparison to the general qualities discussed thereof, their impact on the overall analysis should be inconsequential.

Moreover, given the fact that, in reality, many individuals would undoubtedly prefer ad hoc quality to others in accordance with their unique life experiences, it is improper, therefore, for me to assess the rationality and the wisdom of each individual choice. Instead, each quality would be weighted on the same scale for the purpose of the analysis. In addition, other arguments can be made in the case that there is a strong correlation among various qualities. The oppose argument, however, can be made with equal forces. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, the correlation would be ignored in this round.

In conclusion, I will be assuming that each quality thereof is equally significant and independent of each other. In the lights of the facts that any individual who is capable of possessing any particular quality therein should be, in theory, reverend by at least some people, it follows that in comparison between two individuals in determining their personal desirability, the one with more sets of qualities should be more preferable.

It is better to be Albert Einstein than Superman

Political Influences
Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein has an enormous influence on the political decisions of the United States. His letter to President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II lead to the creation of Manhattan Project, and the eventual nuclear bomb.

Superman: Minimum political influences. Politicians, by definition, are not necessarily the righteous people. Political maneuver and comprise are the very essence for each politician to advance his or her own agenda. Watergate scandal is widely publicized and deplored nationally, and Bush v. Gore epitomizes the ugly fights between two political spectrums. A good policy for the general population is not always a good political decision for the President. The raise of taxes in aim of reducing deficit proposed by George H.W Bush (1988-1992) during his presidency cost him the reelection, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama cost democrats 2010 mid-term elections. Those two leaders made the right decisions for their country, but the nature of politics defied their efforts.

Conclusion: Albert Einstein would win this point with zero uncertainty. (One vote for Albert Einstein)

Military Achievements
Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein had made significant contributions to the military intelligence, albeit indirectly. His greatest military achievement was to urge President Franklin Roosevelt to develop atomic bomb during World War II.

Superman: It is a universal truth that Superman possesses super-strength, super-speed, and next to indestructible Kyptonian body. He would be an extraordinary solider or commander, at least in theory. His personality, however, determines that he could never become a great military leader. He is an idealist. In comics word, he fights for justice and equality. In reality, however, it is not entirely certain if Superman would stand-up for the Americans unconditionally, especially during the War time. War is fought on the ground of the competing interests, rather than on the absolute righteousness. The winning side is invariably the one with the most military capacity and competency.

Conclusion: Superman is no better than Albert Einstein. (Draw)

Intellectual Accomplishments
Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein was known for his intellectual achievements. His scientific work includes, but not limited to, Special Theory of Relativity (1905), and General Theory of Relativity (1916). He received Nobel Prize in Physics (1921) for his discovery of the law of photoelectric effect.

Superman: Although known for his incredible strength and upright morality. His intellectual achievements remain obscure.

Conclusions: Albert Einstein would win this point by a conformable margin. (One vote for Albert Einstein)

Moral Decency & Integrity

Conclusion: Superman has an obvious advantage in this category, just by the definition. (One vote for Superman)

Perennial Legacy
Albert Einstein: Forever changed the world of physics.

Superman: Superman’s legacy remains unstated.

Conclusion:Albert Einstein trumps Superman. (One vote for Albert Einstein)

Albert Einstein: The world’s most famous celebrity, and Nobel Prize winner. Besides, he was affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

Superman: A Pulitzer investigative reporter and columnist for the Daily Planet.

Conclusion: Unless people are genuinely into News report business, it is reasonable to assume that Albert Einstein is more affluent than Superman owing to his higher income, judging by today’s standard. (One vote for Albert Einstein)

Among all six different qualities, Albert Einstein collects four points whereas Superman collects one point. Therefore, on the basis of the foregoing analysis, it is reasonable to conclude that Albert Einstein is more desirable than Superman, thereby affirming the statement that it is better to be Albert Einstein than Superman.

Thank you for your time.


  1. New Oxford American Dictionary
  2. The History of Rome by Theodor Mommsen
  3. My Life by Bill Clinton
  4. Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore
Debate Round No. 2


Hi TheElderScroll,
Thank you for putting forward your arguments. I would like to clarify some of your points.

I would like to clarify your point about the political influence of Einstein. This is because Superman politically influenced too as he was often involved in the justice of crimes. But is political influence always good? Superman has saved the mind of many people and Einstein"s "political influence" lead to the creation of the nuclear/atomic bomb which killed millions of people in Japan and was used in wars.

Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein had made significant contributions to the military intelligence, albeit indirectly. His greatest military achievement was to urge President Franklin Roosevelt to develop atomic bomb during World War II.
I would like to clarify your point on military contributions. Would it be better to be someone who has made significant contributions to the military? Superman would not help the side of a war; he would stop it in total. He would fight for justice, freedom and equality.

I would like to clarify your point about intellectual intelligence. Superman was a journalist an impressive job but he had a different type of intelligence. He didn"t know of the knowledge of physics and science as did Einstein but he was incredibly amazing at decision making, problem solving, being observant and planning. He also had another type of intelligence Albert Einstein never had: interpersonal intelligence. He worked together well like in the Justice League and helped people. Knowledge isn"t Everything.

I would like to clarify your point about Perennial Legacy. Superman has changed the way we think and the world of superheroes. He has reflected his good morals on us and is a good role model.

I would like to clarify your point about wealth. Superman was a person who didn"t care about wealth. Wealth doesn"t make you happy. He had fame more than Albert Einstein solving every crime and saving every disaster. He was loved and cherished by his people. How much better is that than money?

I would now like to put forward my own argument:
Superman is a good Role Model. Children from all over the world look up to him because they can relate to him and he often becomes their role model all through to adulthood. He teaches bravery, courage, good morals, justice and to be who you are. Children can understand him whereas Albert Einstein"s discoveries are simply nonsensical and don"t help our character.

Albert Einstein is not a good role model. His elementary school teachers thought that he was a foolish dreamer, and one teacher had even asked him to drop out of his class. Young Albert hated sports as a child. He also liked private games, such as building a house of cards. He disliked school and eventually dropped out of high school. Without a high school diploma, he had to take special exams to get into college. He failed the first set and had to re-take them. He dropped out of school, hated sports, wasn"t social and failed university.

In Conclusion, It would be better to be Superman than Einstein.
I would like to end this round with a line said by Lois Lane in the Superman Series "To be Superman, you have to care about something. Something other than yourself."

Thank you.


I thank Con for his well crafted rebuttals. My responses are presented as follows

Con"s Arguments
Quote: "A life of honesty, morality, and integrity...super power."
Rebuttal: None. I believe it is a great summary of Superman characteristics. I completely agree with Con on this point and I believe that Superman deserves the praises.

Quote: "Superman has an aura of reassurance about him, it"s as...people."
Rebuttal: Given the fact that Superman possesses super-strengthen and next to indestructible body, his presence alone can make the direst situation seem safer. I have no contention with respect to the assertion itself, but rather, I will be addressing the unintended consequence of "aura of reassurance about him." Unduly rely on any particular person, Superman in this case, would give rise to many undesirable consequences. Prolonged exposures to unbounded help would necessarily render people to lose their senses of independence over a long period of time. Gradually, these group of people will tend to believe that they would be helped regardless of the situations, and they should have nothing to worry about. It is a type of indoctrination that would deprive the basic rights of any individual, i.e., the right of being independent. Although "aura of reassurance" is unquestionably one of the greatest effects that Superman would possibly bring upon us, it might also lead to the collapse of human civilizations.

Quote: "He""s got all the power of god, yet...makes them feel special"
Rebuttal: Frequently, an extreme righteous person (Superman, by the very definition, fits the profile), is incredibly easy to be manipulated. Extreme views would necessarily cause people to view the world in black and white only. On 27 November 1095, Pope Urabn II, when addressing at Clermont, famously stated, "Enter on the road to the Holy Sepulchre; wrest that land from wicked race and subject it to ourselves." The crows answered the pope: God wills it!" and that is the beginning of the First Crusade. During the battle of Jerusalem, feverish Crusaders virtually "neutralized" everyone in the holy city simply because all these Jerusalemites did not believe in Christianity. Therefore, if Superman indeed got all the power of a god, it would mean the end of the world we know it.

My Arguments
Quote: "I would like to clarify your point about the political influence of Einstein...Justices of crimes"
Response: Separation of power asserts that, and I quote: " All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." Con"s statement about the involvement in the justice of crimes is considered as an exercise of Judicial Power, rather than a Legislative Power, where the Political Power draws its sources.

Quote: "But is political influence always good? Superman has saved the mind...used in Wars"
Response: During the same time, Adolf Hitler was activity pursuing the idea of nuclear bombs, if not had already ordered the creation. If, however, Albert Einstein did not exert his political influence during that time, Germany may become the creator of nuclear bombs. If Adolf Hitler strictly adhered to his political ideology, many more lives would be perished because of it. Therefore, to a certain extent, Albert Einstein did the right thing. As he said to his friend, Linus Pauling: " there was some justification - the danger that the Germans would make them..."

Quote: "Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein had made signifiant contributions...freedom and equality"
The following statements are not a fair representation of my political and social views. Nevertheless I will present them for the sake of my argument. It is not my intention to be provocative.
Response: "Peace is not the natural order of things, you are either the predator, or the prey."
As a miracle of nature, human race is necessarily subject to the natural law: Survival of the fittest. Collaborations among different counties are a necessary mean to insure the very survival of a particular nation, i.e., race. Violences are inevitable results when two forces collide. From the rise of Athen to collapse of Rome Empire, from the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin to the destroy of London, from first Persia Gulf War to the current Arab Spring, War is inevitable, and history has clearly shown a pattern of repetition. Punic Wars, for example, lead to the utter destruction of Carthage, and the entire race was annihilated and extinguished. War is human history and it is part of human life. Therefore, to ensure the very survival of an individual race, war is necessary and unstoppable. As a predator, it is your instinct to prey on the weak. Have you ever seen or can you conjure up a picture that a lamb lies beside a lion without being eaten or terrified by its predator? The constant conflicts and strifes displayed within the human races are similar to the relation between a strong predator and weak prey. You either have to choose eat or chosen to be eaten. Since the war is inevitable, and as long as you are on the winning side of the military confrontations (predator), it would be better to be someone who has made a significant contribution to it. Albert Einstein fits the profile.

Quote: "I would like to clarify your point about intellectual intelligence...isn"t Everything"
Response: Albert Einstein has everything that Superman has in terms of intelligence. All the features, including but not limited to, "incredibly amazing at decision making, problem solving, being observant and planning", are a precondition of being a scientist. One step wrong in scientific investigations would be the end of your career if not life. Albert Einstein may not have "interpersonal intelligence", but he gained a thoroughly desired tranquility of human life, a privilege that Superman can never have.

Quote: "I would like to clarify your point about Perennial Legacy...good role model"
Response: Although reluctantly, I might have to concede this point. My reason is twofold:
First, I did not do an adequate research on the contributions of Superman. I made the statement out of hasty rather than rationality. I have shown a lack of judgement thereby sabotaging my force of arguments.
Second, the only defense that I might be able to conjure without starting arguing the competing values is that the very word of Legacy presupposes the existence of death and Superman has yet died. The reasoning, however, is overwhelming unconvincing. The argument with reference to the competing values (scientific legacy vs. social influences) would consume too much space and time, and it is not an economic solution that I am interested to pursue.

For the record, I will be changing my assertions to "In terms of Perennial Legacy, Superman is no better than Albert Einstein." Nevertheless, Albert Einstein will still collect three points whereas Superman has only one point, and consequently Albert Einstein wins the contest.

Unfortunately, due to the space constrain, I will have to address my last two points in our next round. I deeply apologrize for any inconvenience that my action may have caused.

To con: Given the fact that I was also running out of time, I made my decision without consulting you. I will not be making any excuse but only your forgiveness.
Debate Round No. 3


ilovedebating forfeited this round.


Given the fact that my opponent failed to file an appropriate reply, I will be forced to conclude that he has no intention to continue the debate. Therefore, I am compelled to stop continuing the debate as well. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4


ilovedebating forfeited this round.


Finally...round 5
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ilovedebating 5 years ago
its if you could be them, who would you rather be? Einstein or superman? :)
Posted by phantom 5 years ago
How do you Einstein or superman?
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