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It's Okay to Fat Shame Women

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Started: 12/28/2015 Category: Health
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I am not a fat shamer. I have created this debate because I seek someone to challenge my view, that it is acceptable to fat shame women.

I am aware that most people do not approve of fat shaming, however my opponent Rami (Con) must show why it isn't okay to fat shame women


R1 = Acceptance/Position only
R2 - R4 = Arguments and counter arguments
R5 = Conclusion


No forfeiting
Also Burden of proof is shared

Good Luck Con!


I accept, as agreed to.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Fat shaming is okay

In a study of 93 women, exposure to weight stigmatizing information made overweight women, but not normal weight women, eat more calories and feel less in control of their eating" [1]

Fat shaming only affects people's eating behaviour if they are overweight. Women were not born fat, therefore fat shaming is not the reason why women are fat. The actual reason for obesity is feminism. I can conclude that fat shaming cannot possibly lead to more women being fat, because fat shaming only affects women who are fat. However, fat shaming can reduce the number of people becoming fat.

I admit there will be women who after being fat shamed will think "I'm fat, that's just who I am, there's nothing I can do about it". They may gain more weight but should we feel pity and give them a card saying how beautiful they are? Or respect them when they express their hatred towards men by being fat? My answer is no. Obesity should never be accepted! And if nothing is said, more women will believe what fat feminists say about men and become fat like them, presumably so the fat women feel better about themselves.

The women who give up on their health often have tried many different diets and blame men for putting pressure on them to go on yoyo diets, meaning fat shaming does work to some extent. The only reason why they are still fat is because feminists deny all responsibility for their weight and health, and will even blame the traffic light signals on food for their bad decisions. They won't accept that healthy food can be just as filling as unhealthy food. They try everything accept going to the doctor, eating less, eating healthy food, sleeping well and excercising. There is no excuse for not doing any of these things. Nobody force feeds them, they do it to themself.

Here is another snippet from my source:

"Some believe that making overweight people feel ashamed of their weight or eating habits actually helps motivate them to lose weight"

Believe it or not, there are two types of motivation: positive (enjoyment and pleasure), and negative (pain and pressure). We all prefer the positive type of motivation but that can't always motivate us, sometimes we do need negative motivation. Imagine someone who never gets to that low point in their life or acknowledges a problem, they will never change, something has to trigger them to do something. Also the research you have shown does not even show the number of healthy women who will not go down the same unhealthy path as a result of knowing fat women being shamed and learning what men do find attractive.

2. Most men are attracted to healthy looking women, so why should men not fat shame?

Men should not stop fat shaming women because of what biased studies say. Appealing to the other sex is a motivator. By accepting obesity, people will be demotivated to be healthy and not respect other people's opinions, and then eat themselves to an early grave.

3. Most fat women are so because they are lazy, they overeat, and they hate men.

Fat feminists hide behind those who are fat because of a medical condition saying no-one knows if they have one. If most women were fat because of a medical condition then it wouldn't be okay to fat shame but this isn't the case.

"Obesity is usually the result of overeating, but in a small percentage of people excess weight gain is a symptom of another disease."

We should reduce the cost of obesity. Since this is the goal of fat shamers what they say is okay.

4. Feminists are responsible for the obesity epidemic.

The feminist movement known as 'fat acceptance' is making women proud to be fat. Most overweight women tend to be lazy, lack energy, have self-esteem issues and lack responsibility. Yet they say men should not judge a woman by her body and should simply find fat beautiful. Men do not need to be told by feminists what is attractive, this behaviour is not acceptable. The only way to stop this is to fat shame.





Now, time for semantics galore!

The resolution states, "It's Okay to Fat Shame Women". While this can be taken to mean 'shaming fat women', I will take the interpretation of 'fattening shame woman', whatever 'shame women' are. For this debate, I will assume 'shame women' are a subcategory of human females. I welcome Pro to correct me if I'm wrong.

It is overwhelming clear that this society is extremely focused on body images. Many people, especially women, feel embarrassed if they are overweight. So I say it is a fair assumption that these 'shame women' share this view. This means any fattening of them would be against their will, and the likes of such is generally frowned upon in this society. This means it is definitely not 'potassium' (See what I did there? See what I did? It's because of the atomic symbol, and... Forget it).

I now pass in the debate mike to Pro, and I honestly have no idea what to do for the rest of this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree with the statement "It's Okay to Fat Shame Women" because of the reasons mentioned in the previous round. Every woman (except a small number with medical conditions) who are obese are this way due to hating men. Shaming them is the only way to stop other women becoming obese and having a negative impact on everybodies health.

My opponent claims to interpret the statement "It's Okay to Fat Shame Women" as "fattening shame women" which even he doesn't seem to understand, as he later says "whatever shame women are" and then "assumes" its meaning. I have never heard of "shame women" before or said anything about fattening women against their will. The meaning of my statement should be clear from the description made in round 1. Also I'm not sure how my statement is interpreted in the way he says. If 'shame women' were a type of woman, then "to fat them" makes no sense. It should be "fatten" but I have used the word "fat" in my statement. Really no word can follow the word "fat", so it should be clear that I have missed a hythen to join the words "fat" and "shame" together.

Many women do feel embarrassed about their weight and will tell men that they feel fat when they don't appear fat at all. These women will often be complimented and have respect for men. Feminists on the otherhand want women to be more like men (because they are jealous) rather than women and so encourage women to forget about their health or seeking compliments. They seem to think that asking for a compliment (which men can't do without losing social value) somehow makes women inferior.


Well, this debate has been a lot less fun than I had hoped. Nonetheless, I will continue with rebuttals.

Ultimately, this all I need to prove is that fat-shaming is harmful while disproving my opponent's proof that fat-shaming is beneficial. Believe it or not, Pro has done my part. Let's examine what my opponent has argued.

"'In a study of 93 women, exposure to weight stigmatizing information made overweight women, but not normal weight women, eat more calories and feel less in control of their eating'"

Really!?You pick this quote? Are you trying to make things easy for me? In this quote, it shows that after being fat shamed, women become depressed. Also, their is a major flaw in my opponent's thought process. He thinks, "Well, being fat is bad. It doesn't matter how fat one is. Fat is unhealthy."

Yeah, this is all good if you ignore the fact that becoming fatter is unhealthy. The fact is, the fatter you become, the more at risk you are for disease. [1]

There. I've shown that fat shaming is harmful. Now, what about the positive aspects, the crowd shouts. What about them, I shout back. Because, if you'd care to notice, my opponent never put down solid evidence for benefits of fat shaming. That's right, laidies and gentlemen of the voters, my opponent never mentioned a benefit. Before you going tearing at my throat with the claim that I'm ignoring point Pro made, let's again examine what Pro said:

"Some believe that making overweight people feel ashamed of their weight or eating habits actually helps motivate them to lose weight"

Yay! Someone has faith in this [Insert sacatic voice and clapping here]! I don't have to do anything more. There is absolutely no evidence of benefits, just hypothetical think. Now, since everything has been taken care of , I don't see any point in continuing to-

Debate Round No. 3


I disagree with my opponent, he must show that fat shaming is not okay. The fact that fat-shaming does cause obese women to put on more pounds which is harmful to their health does not mean it is not okay. What about everyone else like those who do choose a healthy lifestyle?

Fat feminists often threaten people by saying that if they are fat-shamed they will eat more. Any reason is good enough for them to eat more food. If there were no fat shamers, they would still gain pounds. If they were told they are beautiful on a regular basis they would still get fatter because they have a negative attitude towards other people. Most men are against fat-shaming yet that doesn't stop fat feminists blaming fat-shamers for their eating habbits. They value food above men. What reasons are there to hate men exactly? Fat shaming might give them a reason to hate men, but if you really care about women's health you would fat-shame. They are not bullies, they are being cruel to be kind.

Obviously nobody wishes women to become obese or unhealthy, but if they don't take responsibility for their own health and choose to believe lies about men then it is their own fault. If they are upset by what they hear it is because they have a reason to be. Someone doesn't have to fat-shame to be okay with someone else fat-shaming.

The reason why it's okay to fat shame fat women is because they are man haters who want other people to become fat like them. It is wrong for them to be happy about their body while damaging the health of everyone. Should people care whether a fat feminist is shamed, or if they gain any of the problems caused by following through with their threats to eat more food? My answer is no. Caring will just make them take less responsibility for their health. We should think about the health of the younger generation instead.

Fat acceptance groups want to make women feel beautiful, and want fat men to feel ugly. Fat-shaming is the best way to tackle these movements which spread lies about what men should like to degrade men.



Thank you for dropping every single one of my points.

I have proven that fat-shaming is harmful. So, I will stop ri-
Debate Round No. 4


Oddly my opponent seems to think I have dropped every single one of his arguements even after explaining why it is okay to fat-shame women despite fat-shaming leading to fat women feeling depressed, eating more and then gaining more weight.

I have not spent as much time on this as I would have liked however I'd like to remind voters that the burden of proof is shared, and I just want to add that I have made many arguements that have not been countered.

Fat-shaming women is okay for the following reasons:
  • Fat-shaming does not lead to more women being fatter (see source), but can reduce the number of obese women
  • Saying nothing, or telling fat women they're beautiful doesn't make them take responsibility for their own health
  • Fat feminists will blame anything (such as fat-shamers) to feel better about their eating habbits
  • Fat shaming only affects the eating habits of unhealthy selfish women who have negative attitudes towards men
  • Fat-shaming targets feminists, and deters healthy women from believing what feminists say, helping stop them being fat man haters too
  • There is no excuse for being fat, being fat is a choice fat lazy women make
  • If no-one fat-shamed women more women would believe that men find fat attractive due to feminist movements
  • Fat shaming can motivate women to do something about their weight when they don't care
  • Obesity should never be accepted. It's natural to be disgusted by it and any selfish behaviour
I may have missed some things out. Finally, although individuals have a right to be fat, when society pays the cost, society has a right to tell people to lose weight. It is not right for fat women to be happy about their body when their lifestyle damages other peoples health who have taken resposnsibility.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote


I have proven, with Pro's source, that fat shaming causes fat women to get fatter. The fatter one becomes, the more at risk they become for disease. There is only speculation that fat-shaming makes women thinner. I win.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by whiteflame 9 months ago
You can count on me to remove bad votes. Whether they're for or against you is another issue entirely.
Posted by Rami 9 months ago

I can always count on you to make sure I never lose a debate.
Posted by whiteflame 9 months ago
>Reported vote: moneystacker// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Pro (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: I felt like I was watching an LD debate. I hate the idea but I have to admit pro had better argumentation and sources.

[*Reason for removal*] Not an RFD, merely restates the decision and the voter's views on the way the debate went rather than evaluating the arguments. Doesn't explain arguments or sources.
Posted by whiteflame 9 months ago
>Reported vote: Bob13// Mod action: Removed<

4 points to Pro (Conduct, Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Pro because Con pretended to misinterpret the resolution and argue for something else. "Its okay to fat shame women" clearly does not mean "Its okay to fatten shame women". Arguments goes Pro because Con refuted only one of Pro's points. He made no arguments himself and left three of Pro's points unrefuted.

[*Reason for removal*] While this vote is almost sufficient, the voter does have to assess specific arguments, even if they feel that such assessment is unnecessary. If Pro met his BoP, then the voter has to point to the argument that accomplished that goal, and not merely state that the dropped points were sufficient.
Posted by mostlogical 9 months ago
# Rami - Bob gave a reason for his vote
Posted by Rami 9 months ago
Hey, @Bob, thanks for voting on my debates, but I would like you to consider a few things. One, Pro said I could you semantics in the comments. Second, Pro's points were really based on the idea that fat shaming is good, which I disproved. Thanks again for voting on my debates.
Posted by Rami 9 months ago
Well, I suppose this is awkward. I'm Jewish.
Posted by GirlyPianist 9 months ago
Erm cause your name "Rami" is Arab :x am half Arab
Posted by mostlogical 10 months ago
Sure, you can argue any way you like
Posted by Rami 10 months ago
I plan to use heavy semantics. Is that okay?
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