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It's time "cowardly" Jews were made to show solidarity with proud Jews who don't hide their identity

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Started: 10/24/2013 Category: Politics
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This is an extract from an op-ed article entitled "Like Cowards, Jews Hide Their Identity in Europe" which was published by Israel National News:

"Almost a quarter of the Jews from nine European countries avoid visiting Jewish places and wearing Jewish symbols. The incredible survey that showed this was conducted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Now, in the tolerant, liberal and democratic West, Jews are dying because of their own indolence and complacency in the face of dangers." [1]

This is a truly terrible situation and something must be done. It's time for the European Union (EU) to enable proud Jewish citizens to openly display their heritage without being undermined by "cowardly" Jews who hide their religious and ethnic identities.

To this end, the EU should pass legislation that ensures all Jews in Europe wear armbands with a Star of David on them and all Jewish houses and businesses have a Star of David painted on their front doors so that the proud 75% of Jews no longer receive 100% of the anti-Semitic abuse.

Thank you.



I would like to thank pro for bringing up this highly controversial and hotly debated topic, it should be highly enlightening & thought provoking for all of those involved. Though emotions tend to get involved in debates such as this, I shall never the less endeavor to keep my cool throughout the debate, & I hope that my opponent does the same.

Pro as instigator carries the BOP, but I fail to detect much of an argument by pro.

Pro fails to explain, why sharing the burden of anti-semitism to make it easier for Jews to openly display their heritage, out-ways the right of other Jews to hide their identity & choose their own means of self expression. What gives the the EU the right to force all Jews to express themselves in the same way. Jews are a polylithic (the opposite of monolithic) non- conformist nation/race/people etc., non-conformity is an important part of their heritage and culture, it's what unites all Jews and brings them together. It would be unfair for the E.U. to interfere with this timeless way of life, and force Jews to conform to one another. Furthermore, for this very reason not identifying as a jew is actually very Jewish and thus a means of expressing ones Jewishness. One could even argue that a being anti-semitic is a common popular means of expressing ones Jewishness (1).

Reductio ad absurdum:
By the same logic/reasoning that pro uses, the E.U. should pass legislation banning women from undergoing Sex reassignment surgery so as to help bear the burden of rape & any other discriminations that their fellow women face. Like-wise all women who have undergone the surgery, should be required to undergo reversal surgery.

Likewise, the practice of racial transformation should also be banned for similar reasons.

Likewise, all gay people would be required to "come out of the closet", and walk around with queer written on their forehead so as to ease the burden of those who wish to be openly and proudly gay.

France would never go along with pro's suggestion as it's logical conclusion would require Muslim women to wear burqas/niqābs, which is in direct conflict with current the French "Loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l'espace public" (Act prohibiting concealment of the face in public space)(2). Theoretically the laws don't clash ao long as Muslim women stay inside, but that would mean that the two laws are in effect banning Muslim women from going out into the public (aside from in a private car or worshiping in a religious place where the current law does not apply). The problem with this is that other Muslim countries might adopt similar laws(3). Though perhapse it would suffice if they just wear the chadri/hijab (cover top of head and everything from the neck down), to which the current law does not apply.)

Faulty assumption:
Pro assumes that there is a set amount of anti-semitism that takes place regardless of the number of openly identifying Jews, thus his proposition to spread the burden. What pro fails to take into account , is the fact that an increase in openly identifying Jews, will result in an increase of anti-semitic insiders. Even more so, since many of those Jews who hide there Jewish identity do so precisely because they are particularly vulnerable & likely to face anti-semitism, forcing those Jews to expose themselves will cause an exponential spike in the ratio of anti-semitic incidents to (openly identifying Jews) As it is, Jews already have the highest rate of hate crimes per capita compared to any other race, religion, or ethnicity. (4)

All Jews are easily identifiable anyway:
All Jews are easily identifiable, be it by their high IQ (5), large hook-noses (6) ,or the combination of "Curly hair, short stature, Roman nose, large ears, short temper, rude behavior and some sort of deformity"(7).
Finally, as we all know , ("Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until) the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him..." (8).
(Important serious note - This is from hadith, not Koran, There are many moral Muslims who say that this Hadith is not a real/true/valid Hadith, while others interpret it figuratively(9))

I propose the following alternative solutions:

1) This one is really counter intuitive & out of the box, but I was thinking that Instead of spreading the anti-semitism over a wider population as pro suggests, legislation should be passed to prevent such activity, through education, and law enforcement. I know it sounds radical and far-fetched, but I think it could work.

2) All Europeans should be forced to convert to Judaism.

3) Brian Eagleson should be; forced to convert to Judaism, banned from the EU, and forced to live in Israel. This will surely reduce the level of anti-semitism in the E.U. not to mention make a fascinating study/experiment. Oh and while we're at it, he should be banned from DDO, cuase, why not.

4) The official symbol of Judaism in the E.U. should be the swastika, & all Jews will be required to wrap swastikas on their arms, place swastikas on their door posts, and finally on their forehead. This will confuse anti-semites tremendously perhaps even enough to make them moral. Furthermore, many remaining anti-semites will abandon the swastika and adopt the star of David as their official symbol. Aside from creating a devastating irreparable schism in the anti-semitic camp, the Anti-semites won't know who is who, resulting in anti-semites being anti-semitic toward other anti-semites. Once they realize what it is like to be on the receiving side of anti-semitism, they will surely cease their wicked ways.

5) The punishment for Anti-semitism should be forced labor on a kibbutz in Israel in the middle of a desert. That should also be included in the aformetioned Brian Eggalson exile package (see #4 above).

6) Instead of the usual boring adhān drone, Muslim mosques should be forced to play Hatikva (9) over the loudspeakers to call Muslim worshipers to prayer.

7) Re-institute the Holy inquisition.



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Yahya R. Kamalipour, Theresa Carilli (1998). "Chapter 8 - Media Stereotypes of Jews". Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media. pp. 99–110.


(8) Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6985. , ,
( For a list of similar verses see


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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Con for the forfeits from Pro. Those forfeits also contributed to Con winning arguments, as the detailed alternative case that Con presented was never rebutted. I mean, it was a troll debate and all, but Con put some EFFORT into a response, and into alternatives, that Con presented as a better solutions than Pro's. Con also used far more and reliable sources, getting source points.