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It's time for English-Americans to assert their ethnic identity

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Started: 4/2/2012 Category: Society
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There are lots of Americans that self-identify themselves of belonging to a particular ethnic group, and they have established national associations to represent their interests. These include: The Cuban-American National Foundation (1); The Polish-American Association (2); National Italian-American Forum (3); The Irish-American Society (4); The Norwegian-American Foundation (5) and The German-American Heritage Foundation (6). I could go on, but you get the idea.

However, so oppressed are English-Americans in the United States that they have not yet been emboldened enough to establish their own representative body. I say, enough is enough: it's time English-Americans made a stand against persecution and prejudice - they should be proud of their heritage and culture - and have the courage to establish an English-American society to promote their ethnic identity in the United States.

Thank you.



Ladies and Gentlemen, today on Side Opposition I stand for the empowerment of English Americans, I stand for the voice of the minority being heard, and I stand for a true and equal America through recognition and celebration of ethnic English background.

Asserting their Ethnic Identity through the ways prescribed by Pro, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the worst possible way of achieving what side Opposition stands for.

If anyone here is familiar with Special Interest Groups they will understand my concern. Forming an organization like pro has suggested, with but one purpose of ethnic empowerment has worked in the past as seen with the Civil Rights movement, but cannot work today for two reasons.

An ethnic special interest group is doomed for failure. No grassroot organization can have any sort of influence on a society such as America, they can hold their meetings all they want but they will not be able to compete with enourmous Corporations and other powerful organizations like The National Italian American Association. If they decide to form a representative body to lobby the Government for a change in policy that supports English American ideals, they will first have to overcome every other Special Interest Group. This is impossible as many Corporations have a stranglehold on Congress with their tactical Special Interest Groups-if a pro English SIG wants to force the government to ban corporate ads from mocking English Americans, they will have to fight the proffesional Corprate Lobbyists who have Billions of Dollars to stop actions like the one I just described.

Then there is the issue that a representative body of English Americans will not be succsessful in out lobbying all the other representative bodies of Racial Minorities. The Italian-Americans and Nigerian-Americans own the scene when it comes to changing gov policy to support their ethinic groups, and both are immensley powerfull groups. And English-Amercian Representative body will have sour luck trying to get their method out if they adopt said methods.

So what do we do then?

Simple, they should follow the example of Latvian Americans and take direct action in Policy Change. That means the English-American community ought to pool its money together, open a posh private school, and nurture their children to become the future Senetors and Presidents. Problem solved.

I beg, to Oppose
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my esteemed opponent for accepting this debate and for posting comments supportive of English-Americans.

My opponent is right: any English-American grouping would find it difficult to compete with the likes of the National Italian-American Association, which is an immensely powerful organisation that presumably enjoys the support of spaghetti tycoons, ice-cream barons, leather goods magnates and protection racketeers and receives funding from patrons in both the United States and Sicily.

The Italian-Americans' high public profile may be why every other restaurant in America serves Italian food: there are 1,399 solely Italian restaurants in New York City alone; while there are no English restaurants at all - there aren't even any solely British restaurants in New York, just a few that are British and Irish, British and French, British and Asian, etc. (1,2)

And it's probably the influence of the Italian-American power-brokers that's behind the US entertainment industry's decision to make so many Hollywood movies starring Italian-Americans: films such as Rocky, Fatso, Kiss Me Guido, I Love You To Death, Mac, True Love, My Cousin Vinny, Big Night, Marty and Moonstruck; and these are in addition to plethora of mafia films and all the great TV programmes that celebrate Italian-Americans and which are too numerous to list.

Meanwhile, there are no big films or roles reserved for English-Americans, just bit parts such as the eccentric Higgins out of Magnum, the slightly dopey maid Daphne out of Frazier and the sinister baby Stewie out of Family Guy (please refer to embedded You Tube clips). And as far as films are concerned, there are no lead roles for English-Americans, just bit parts. Put it this way, if you are watching a Hollywood film and you want to know who the bad guy is, he's the one with the English accent. Clearly someone has to promote English-American talent?

Similarly, Italian food is nothing special and doesn't deserve to be so popular. What's a pizza? Just a bit of unleavened bread with some tomato puree and cheese spread on top. Hardly haute cuisine is it? Nevertheless, Pizza Hut alone has around 5,600 store locations across America. (4)

English cuisine, on the other hand, is wide and varied and delicious, yet largely ignored in the US. Here are some of the fabulous dishes Americans are missing out on:

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

Liver and bacon hotpot

Oxtail stew

Steak and kidney pudding


Mulligatawny soup

Shepherd's pie

Seared scallops with black pudding

Fish ‘n' chips

F-ggots in gravy
(Please see final You Tube clip as the Internet link I wanted to provide included the word "f-aggot" which, for some reason, is considered a profanity on this site)

With a little help, the Pizza Huts on American Main Streets of today could soon be replaced by the F-ggot Huts of tomorrow.

I like my opponent's idea about establishing English-American schools to produce future politicians but there is a fundamental problem with that: American politicians are in the pockets of the Jews, who are by far the biggest political donors in the United States, and, unless they want to lose their funding, have to do the Jews' bidding (5,6).

Furthermore, though Latvian-Americans have been able to establish posh schools in order to promote themselves in society, this was achieved with the assistance of the American Latvian Association (7), the equivalent of which English-Americans do not, but should, have.

Thank you.



I thank Brian for another excellent debate.
Ladies and Gentlemen at the start of this debate I told you all what I stand for. Brian seems to be mistaken about my stance- I DO stand for F-ggots and gravy, I do stand for all of Englands repulsively alluring cuisine.
The question is, how does one achieve this?
Brian never told us how an English-American association will facilitate the promotion of English-American values, and my points still stand.
-An English American Association will not be able to out lobby corporate groups
-An English American Association will not be able to compete with other Ethnic Lobby groups
-An English American Association will only undermine the only way of pushing English Agenda, id est direct action
"The Italian-Americans' high public profile may be why every other restaurant in America serves Italian food"

This point cannot stand in this debate because we have to consider the voracity of the appetites of the Italians compared to the classy decedance of the English. The reason there are no English restaurants is because the English did not base its culture around food, so an English American Association will not help out English Industry. There is also the role of organized crime in the success of Italian Restaurants, and I hope my opponent doesn't suggest that!
An English American Association could help out English Actors

I see no reason to believe this, because of their delicious voices, and English actor will always be doomed to being the enemy or bad guy. Plus, look at Gerald Butler, he played James Bond did he not? Did he need an English American Association? Of course not!
Then what is the best way to promote the English Agenda?

My idea about individual action still stands. The posh schools opened by Latvians were not influenced by the Latvian American Association-in fact the association just wanted to take a chunk out of the proceeds for its greedy agenda. Ethnic-exclusive lobby groups and organizations rarely have effect, and I have proposed a better model as to how English Americans can promote their ethnic identity.
I beg, to oppose
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Some of Pro's arguments were a little off. (Fish'n Chips is very popular here, many English-American actors find starring jobs)... Sources to Pro because Con used no sources. ALSO (Gerard Butler is Scottish, and he never played James Bond... that was Daniel Craig)