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It's time to crackdown on the gay rock 'n' roll swindle

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Started: 3/30/2010 Category: Entertainment
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This morning, disillusioned young women around the world were ripping Ricky Martin posters off their bedroom walls and throwing them away in disgust - just as countless girls have done in the past with their posters of George Michael out of Wham, Stephen Gately out of Boyzone and Lance Bass out of ‘N Sync. That's because Ricky Martin, like the others, has finally admitted he is gay.

When I watched Ricky Martin perform "Livin' La Vida Loca" it was obvious to me that he was a screaming homosexual but none of the girls I know believed me at the time. They said I was jealous of him because they all fancied him and wanted to have his babies. Well, now they know I was right, just as I was right about George Michael and the rest of them.

But it's all too late now - they've already blown their cash on Ricky Martin's records and over-priced merchandise and there's absolutely no prospect of him refunding their money.

You see, the fan-bases of boy-bands and singers like Ricky Martin are overwhelming young and female – mostly consisting of teenage girls dreaming that one day they might get married to their pop idol and live happily ever after with him.

Little do these star-struck girls know that their boy-band dreamboat is most probably selling them a pup – that instead of standing on the deck of a luxury yacht singing to an admiring group of bikini-clad lovelies, he is more likely to be in some filthy public toilet "entertaining" a big hairy truck driver.

Clearly it's now time for the authorities to hunt down suspected homosexual pop stars and publicly expose their anal antics before they get a chance to jew any gullible young girls out of their cash.

Thank you.


Ricky Martin -
George Michael -
Stephen Gately -
Lance Bass -


First off, Pro, I would like to thank you for your concern with the welfare of young girls everywhere. I was a young girl once, a fangurl no less, and while I was never crushed by anyone's confessions of homosexuality I can sympathize with anyone who has been. However, I must negate the resolution for the following reasons:

1) You assume that these young girls and women would not spend money on the records of gay popstars if they knew that they were gay. This seems unlikely. It is fairly common for women to glom onto gay men and even fall in love with them (ie f@g hags). [1] It is also fairly common for gay men to behave as "fangurls" towards popstars, regardless of their gender. Indeed gay men stereotypically idolize female popstars, as we see in their obsession with Cher.[2] Some fandoms revolve around fictional characters (see: twilight) [3][4]Clearly there is much more to being a rabid fan than actually expecting to hook up with your idol.

As the crazy girl in the video says, "my opinion is what counts as far as my life is concerned". Its not as though helpless innocents are being misled by these evil popstars. Even if they bought ad space in times square to announce their sexuality, few but bigots would be persuaded against buying their records. This questionable benefit is not nearly enough to combat the immense invasion of privacy required to determine a popstar's sexuality once and for all.

2) You assume that these announcements are little more than publicity stunts. It is a general rule that these celebrities wait until they have deeply declined in popularity to announce their homosexuality. Even if popstars sexuality was "verified" at some point during their heyday, it would not stop them from making announcements to the contrary once their star has fallen and they are in desperate need of attention.

3) You assume there are no benefits to the current arrangement to anyone other than the popstars themselves. But I ask you: what about the young gays? Not only is having to guess to sexuality of popular figures a great way to sharpen the gaydar, but also the experience of seeing a well loved public figure coming out could give a young man the self-confidence to do the same. In working towards a society free of prejudice, we must urge the gays to infiltrate prominent positions in stealth and only come out *after* they have achieved great things. In this way they can show bigoted and intolerant individuals how silly they are being in barring gays from various quarters of society when the benefits of their participation become obvious.

4) You assume the process of exposure and disappointment is bad for the fangurl. The fact is, these fangurls have next to zero chance of ever making it with their idols anyways. Their lives may be sad and lonely, and they may dream of being whisked away by a knight in shining armor, but its not going to happen. Being burned by a pop idol while young might inoculate them against further obsessive fandoms and lead them to the realization that not everything they see on television is as it seems. The sooner they learn not to obsess from afar the sooner they can grow up. And the best way to grow up is to gain life experiences- how can we learn except through our mistakes? A financially costly mistake is even more likely to stick in memory...

5) You assume the fangurls aren't lying to themselves. Though Pro, in his infinite wisdom, saw through these fairies from the beginning, he claims that the fangurls were honestly deceived by them. While this certainly remains a possibility, it is equally likely that they are fooling themselves, wishing so badly to be with their idol that they ignore the evidence in front of their eyes. This is not the fault of the popstar at all, but the fault of the fangurl. There is no reason to think that publicly announcing the homosexuality of such men would make a dent in the irrational devotion some girls and women have towards them (this is also closely related to point 1).

With these assumptions demolished, there is no reason to support the resolution. Pro has failed to make a compelling case.

Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank belle for accepting this debate and for posting her considered observations on the gay rock ‘n' roll swindle. I should like to respond to her comments as follows:

1 – I do indeed contend that girls wouldn't have bought Ricky Martin's records if they knew he was a roaring poof - even f@g-hags. Have you heard "Livin' La Vida Loca"? Do you seriously think that any young girl in control of their faculties would part with her cash in exchange for that stereophonic spew if it was sung by a short, middle-aged fat man with a bald head who was wearing a pink fairy costume and ballet shoes?

2 – I agree that it is a common ploy of washed-up performers to attempt to revitalise their flagging careers by announcing they are gay, even if they are not, but I don't think this is the case with Ricky Martin – there's no doubt he's a homosexual - you only have to look at these pictures to see that:

3 – As far as the benefit to young men who are secretly gay of has-been pop stars "coming-out" is concerned, I do agree that it may encourage them to do the same. However, surely it would encourage them more if pop stars didn't keep there homosexuality secret in the first place – after all Freddie Mercury out of Queen (the one that died of AIDS); Marc Almond out of Soft Cell (the one who collapsed on stage after drinking a pint of semen) and Boy George out of Culture Club (the one who was convicted on drugs offences in America and who has also served time in prison in Britain for kidnapping and assault) were all openly gay right from the outset of their careers and have been role models for many young homosexual gentlemen nervous about publicly declaring their sexuality.

4 – Good point well made, I concede this one.

5 – While I accept that some girls might be self-delusional and that in their heart of hearts they know that Ricky Martin is unlikely to find himself in a drab little housing estate in Stevenage or Ipswich or wherever and have cause to knock on the door of a plump 14 year-old girl's house, it is just possible. Just. But for him to then suddenly turn straight at the sight of her, carry her upstairs to her bedroom and have underage sex with her is stretching credulity even beyond the formidable imaginations of teenage girls.

In conclusion, for the sake of all emotionally vulnerable adolescent females, I urge you to vote Pro and also lobby your political representatives to organise a Senator McCarthy-style witch-hunt for closet homosexual pop stars.

Thank you.


Pro, while your concern is truly heartwarming, I believe you overestimate the rationality of these young girls dramatically. I would like to draw your attention again to these twilight fans.

"I have been obsessed with these stories and have really grown attached to the primary male character . . . I feel like I am missing a lot all of a sudden, and I keep thinking about this character and wanting a love like he has"

While she clearly knows there is something wrong with her obsession (she is writing to an advice column!), she cannot stop it. She knew, going in, the this character, and this story was purely fictional, and yet she still became obsessed with the main character. If non-existence is no barrier I don't understand why homosexuality would be.

Furthermore, if you watch the video I linked you will notice that this 23 year old woman is defending her! Theres nothing wrong, she claims, with being entirely obsessed with an utter impossibility! Sad to say, many women are simply incapable of seeing sense. If they want to obsess over Ricky Martin's "hot bod", they will do so regardless of his sexuality.

Since the chances of ever having sex with him are minimal to begin with, the small added challenge of turning him straight may as well be non-existent; such women may even find the added challenge exciting. There is a certain sense of pride to be had in "turning" someone, wouldn't you say?

Perhaps to put it in terms my opponent will understand: Lesbians are hot! The fact that guys everywhere jerk off to lesbian porn with gusto should demonstrate the hopelessness of using avowed sexuality in preventing the inane attractions of teenagers.

The above should cover points 1, 2, and 5. To address point 3:

Pro has dismissed the element of strategy in my argument. As he demonstrated, being "out and proud" has not worked well for the gays generally. However, look at Elton John. He reached an impressive height of popularity, came out, and was later knighted! These are the kind of role models the young gays need. "Passing" allows these men to acheive great success, and once they've reached the top they can look back at all the bigots and say HAHA YOU LIKED A GAY MAN. This may prompt at least one or two of them to rethink their positions. Supposing one of those two has a gay son- one less filicide!

I have clearly demonstrated why Brian's plan, though well intentioned, has little chance of achieving what he wishes it to achieve. There are many things in life that are simply outrageous, that make you think "SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!". Surely this is one of those things, but given the pitiful state of the minds of teenagers, especially teen girls, only extreme authoritarian actions would be successful. Overall I think its best, as my opponent agreed, to let the girls swallow the bitter pill of disappointment, or if they will not, allow them to wallow in their own delusions. At least until we can develop thought control devices. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
I agree with that sentiment but f/y/i the debate was meant in jest!
Posted by Mark40511 7 years ago
I suppose if you're gay, you're likely somewhere in a public restroom servicing some hairy truck driver. He has no idea that that is a very small percentage of gay guys living who actually do things like this; the few that do this give them all a bad name. I do know that anytime I see (typically) a male heterosexual going on about how disgusted he is by homosexuals, I keep thinking about Psychology 101, which teaches us that people often throw out their hatred on others like them, in a desperate attempt to cover up the truth about themselves. In other words, the louder they scream how they hate gays, usually the gayer they are. Just sayin'
Posted by Metz 7 years ago
Something tells me this wasn't the most serious of debates...

"Clearly it's now time for the authorities to hunt down suspected homosexual pop stars and publicly expose their anal antics before they get a chance to jew any gullible young girls out of their cash." AMAZING hahaha
Posted by tBoonePickens 7 years ago
Whaddaya mean WENT homo? He was ALWAYS a homo!
Posted by MMCD 7 years ago
Pros arguments are absurd
Show me a girl who went out and destroyed her ricky martin stuff because he's gay. I dont believe she's out there.
Posted by infam0us 7 years ago
LOLOLOL pro has problems. :P
Posted by Zetsubou 7 years ago
My mum will S**t herself when I tell her, Ricky went homo. Lololo

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1 - 0 to Egg.
Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
Yes, you got it - I didn't know if you would! Thank you!
Posted by belle 7 years ago
i thought being politically incorrect was the point of the debate...?

Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
Phew! I thought I was going to get a proper dressing down for being politically incorrect but it seems I got away with it!
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