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Its wrong that our civilization lies to the children about Santa Claus

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Started: 12/20/2014 Category: Society
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I don't want to sound like a crazy fanatic, who"s trying everything to prove that Santa doesn't exist, but we all know that he doesn't and I'm going to debate peacefully about it.

The first round is only to accept the debate. The debate, may go a bit off topic. And CON is supposed to say a nice argument, why do we still have to lie to our children about Santa Claus (like tradition"). In mine opinion its quite wrong to lie to our children, every generation, on and on, and on, and on,on" Why cant we tell them simply the truth (but of course, in a reasonable way)?
Well, Good luck.


I accept. Good Luck
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thanks for joining my debate.
Now, lets begin. We all know that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Its basically impossible in physics and too many things aren't known about him. However, Its interesting as well, that every Christmas includes "Ho,Ho,Ho Merry Christmas" by Santa Claus. But of course, there are also many literature's about Santa, but lets focus on the film industry. In all family cartoons and movies about Santa, we get a different picture how his system works. I saw: He uses time machines, He multificates him self, He stops time, He actually uses holy moly magic of speed". Just like the mith of God, Santa uses a Authoritarianism's system of surveillance people for labeling them into good and naughty.

The beautiful tradition of repeating the same lie in every generation of any Christian or modern society, is this good? Well, we all know that he doesn't exist, like every adult (or else, hes probably crazy) know that he doesn't exist. But every parent tells that there is Santa, even on TV we see Santa every Christmas, even useless companies like Coca cola uses Santa for adverts, every one tells the lie to the children every single year. So its no a surprise that the most of our juveniles of the western societies believe in the S. Claus. But all children and probably including you too, have at some point found out that there is no Santa, its quite painful, because everything lies to you. Every generation, the parents do the same thing, hurting the children's feelings.

Why have the parents to lie to their child's if they love them?

The worst part is: If you don't believe enough in Santa, you have to believe more and more. That's what we hear in every Christmas literature. But if the child doesn't believe ,then he doesn't gets his material wish. That's the feedback of religions.
About this. Our super "free,free,freedom" society, isn't that free here at all. With everybody lieing to everybody, and brainwashing the juveniles.

We"ve just broke the freedom of free thinking.

You know that, isn't true since everybody still can make his opinion. But just like the Communist and every other propaganda, we basically changed or manipulated or "improved" their opinions. Also we get something else here as well. Sceptics are usually being ejected from the collective society,eh. Like when you"ve been told to not to destroy the child's fun, by telling him the truth about Santa.

The psychology actually explains that religious people are more positive. Weird, but why. Because if you know that if you"ll die that you"ll go to heavens. You will be way more positive than knowing that you wont.

There are also problems of mass believing, I"ve mentioned some up there. Basically children make fake trust. We get a full Christian world. And other that I cant remember now, sorry.

One of the last parts is of course: The Capitalist attack! May sound weird, but capitalism is a big problem if a society owns any stereotypes or beliefs. I'm not communist nor completely socialist, just for info. Did you know that Santa is red only because of Coca cola. Why do all movies and works include stereotypes that a society has? Because you will be a lot more successful if you"ll include these stereotypes, than actually including science or scientific facts. In what movie or cartoon have you ever seen the sun to be white, like it truly is?

Meh, that's my first argument. Good luck to you.


I do not particularly care about lying. Actually, I prefer it in virtually every encounter I have with other people. I see it as essentially a bedrock, the foundation, the glue keeping together both personal relations as well as institutional relations, such as in business and government. Santa Claus is as my opponent suggests a deception, but it is at best a harmless one.

Consider birthdays, college graduations, and funerals. Each of these requires acting or prevaricating. Any decent person is likely to realize these are simply rituals that are about as truth and authentic as the dialogue written for hardcore pornography. From my perspective, children need to learn and acquire real-world skills like lying to children, family members, romantic partners or investors.

Second, the fact that adults lie to children misses one question that deserves the most attention: do children believe in Santa Clause or are they simply acting out pre-prescribed roles, acting surprised, taking pictures with a Mall Santa because they realize this is what their parents want from them. First, how long does the Santa Clause lie even work? Maybe until the kids of seven or eight, for the dumb ones maybe twelve years old, beyond that even if they maintain their belief they can expect ridicule, death-threats, physical violence all of which are sanctioned by the ethics of elementary and middle school.

My opponent is too caught up in the ethical dilemma but missing how children and adult interact.

Santa Claus is a belief that no one actually believe in but it works anyway. For instance, asked parents whether believe in Santa Claus and they will say, “of course not, we pretend for the children; if we told them it would disappoint them.” And similarly, if you ask children whether they believe in Santa Claus they too will say almost exactly the same thing, “no, we know that Santa Claus isn’t real but we pretend for are parent’s because we don’t want to disappoint them.”

In reality, no one believes the lie only the belief and obligation not to disappoint the other party.

Therefore, the real question is if we have a problem with lying to seven and eight year olds about Santa Clause, should we have a problem with lying to them in other situations. For instance, why is mommy crying in the bathroom? Well if were honest instead of saying “oh, no she’s not crying, she’s laughing but you cannot go in there or no, she’s not crying she just has a cold” we should say instead, “your mother is crying because mommy just found out that daddy twenty grand in a real-estate scheme she warned was bogus from the beginning” or “your mother is crying because she’s bipolar, drink vodka like a Russian peasant on cold winter nights, and also because she found pictures of daddy’s mistress; that’s her in the leather mask holding whips and dildos in her hand.

Santa Claus is just a narrative about a holiday, a mythology we collective narrative we all agree too.

Questions for my opponent: So would it be better to get rid of Santa Claus all together? Would a world where every parent in the United States say, “sorry kids Santa Claus is a lie, just like the tooth fairy, and why should be continue with this terrible tradition, so no presents or any of that?” Should we also end Thanksgiving because it is historically inaccurate?

Debate Round No. 2


A last Hello, for the last round.

First of all, its the damn Argumentum ad populum again.
The mass believing and popularity in the population makes people simply to go where the public goes. That's how many beliefs spread, and is probably one of the many reasons of collective beliefs.
Example from Wiki:
One could claim that smoking is a healthy pastime, since millions of people do it. However, knowing the dangers of smoking, we instead say that smoking is not a healthy pastime despite the fact that millions do it.

But it has evolutionary origins, because proto-Homo and other Homo species united in tribes and had a sort of hierarchy. Its still visible in some species of monkeys as they still have alphas.

Young children don't need to learn lying by their parents lying to them. If you make a serious lie to your child, he may learn lying but he"ll get depression as well. I lie a lot and especially to my parents, but they don't lie to me, I learned it my self. It is true that Children lie too if their parents lie to them, but you can learn it your self as well.

Your statement that almost no one believes it is wrong. In 1896, 54 percent of parents said they perpetuated the myth of Santa since it made their children happy; compared with 73 percent in 1979 and 80 percent in 2000. So if your parent tells you it, you"re probably going to believe it (as long as you are a child,of course).

Ya statement: Santa Claus is just a narrative about a holiday, a mythology we collective narrative we all agree too.

Looks like some including me disagree, plus the Santa C. is so popular ad so many people agree to it because of collectivism, again a paradox of Argumentum ad populum. As I said in the last round, Sceptics are being ejected or are very unpopular, just like people comment me.

So because the next point is connected to your question I"ll answer it first.
The US is only a fraction of the World, so if the US does that, it does that. Like what do you care about if everyone in Uzbekistan or Burma doesn't celebrate the holiday of Lalipabuba.
Well, you still can celebrate a ritual or any holiday without Santa Claus or religion or collective beliefs. You can still celebrate Christmas by setting up a tree, gathering your family and giving presents and all the love will stay, except that you wont go to the church, no Jesus, no Santa, but simple facts. You still can enjoy facts, somehow. Thanksgiving doesn't have to be cancelled, I personally don't celebrate it, but I also don't care about if you or the rest of the society will. Basically we still can enjoy holidays, but without miths and all other stupid collective or inaccurate beliefs.

Some facts from:

Merry Christmas, without Christ and Santa, but with your family and gifts. Good Luck


RobertMcclureSmith forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
they gotta lead you to jesus somehow
Posted by Zlehn 2 years ago
I have a friend and his parents told him that Santa never existed but they made it a rule that he could never tell anyone. He managed to break that rule and it was actually a little disappointing...
Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago
To be honest, I'm with missmedic, but I can think of at least one reason lying about santa might be valuable.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Christmas is a special time for both children and adults without speaking fiction.
I would never want to lose my child's trust, and the truth is easer to handle and understand.
I explain that some people believe in superstitions, but in our family we are honest with each other.
Honor is a gift you give yourself.
Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago
I can think of a decent secular reason to lie to them about Santa Claus. I'll see what other people say before I jump in. I doubt I'll take the time to debate it, but maybe.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
A. Santa Clause is real.

B. I agree it's wrong to lie to kids about him.
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