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JFK's assasination was a conspiracy

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Started: 12/12/2011 Category: Politics
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This debate will be one that questions the official story that JFK was assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. It will be set up in the following manner:
1. Introduction (no arguments).
2. Arguments
3. Rebuttal
4. Conclusions


I am honored that the the Pro gave this challenge specifically to me and will be happy to debate it :)
Since this round is acceptance only, I now invite the Pro to state his opening arguments...
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for agreeing to the debate! I'll dive right in!

I would like to start this debate off by saying that I was previously of the opinion that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald as an act to gain attention towards himself, because that was the king of person he was.

Upon further investigation, however, I have come to the realization that there is absolutely no way that Lee Harvey Oswald could have assassinated the former President of the United States.

For starters, as a Marine, he was given the shooting title of "Yeoman," which means that he was a very poor shooter, who could barely hit a stationary target, never mind hit one of the most difficult shots ever made through trees, while the President was riding away from his.

Second, he was spotted in the second floor brake room by a former employee of the Texas Book Depository 45 seconds after the alleged shooting of the President. This might not be of such consequence, but he would have had to sprint down 4 flights of stairs, across the 125 foot length of the building to purchase a bottle of Coca Cola from a vending machine, and then sit down at the table, not winded at all.

Third, there have been numerous eyewitness reports of there having been two men seen in the window of the Texas Book Depository, which would clearly show that it had not been Oswald who had assassinated the President.
Fourth, Lee Oswald was set up as an elaborate hit man. His public image was carefully engineered to cover up his undercover work with the United States government, for which he worked as an ANTI-COMMUNIST spy, which I find very interesting, as Oswald was frequently painted as an ardent Communist who wanted to kill the leader of the capitalist world.

My final argument as to why Oswald couldn't have killed JFK will be about how Lee Harvey Oswald was never told what in the world he was being arrested for, and was assassinated by a known Mob hit man, Jack Ruby. One should also note that there had been an assassination plot earlier in the month in Chicago that was found out, so JFK did not go on the motorcade.

The next set of arguments that I would like to make is on the JFK Almeida Plan to assassinate the communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro. The mob had been involved in a few plots with the CIA and FBI to help take down Fidel Castro, so that they could set up their "business's" again in Cuba after Castro kicked them out.

Unfortunately for them, their plans fell through, so they lost out on the Cuban dug market. Luckily for them they did have some men in very high places within the Kennedy Administration, with 7 of Kennedy's advisers who were entrusted with the information of the JFK Almeida Plan having mob ties.

Carlos Marcello, Godfather in the New Orleans area absolutely hated Jack Kennedy for how hard he was coming down on the Mob after his election as Senator, and eventually President. He had men inside of the Kennedy Administration that had informed him of the TOP-SECRET JFK Almeida Plan that was set to take place just days after JFK's planned motorcade in Dallas.

Marcello, along with several other Mob kingpins such as Godfather Santo Trafficante, and hit man Johnny Rosseli planned to assassinate the president in his motorcade in Chicago, their plan was found out, and the president did not go to the motorcade. There was also supposed to be an assassination in Traficante's domain of Tampa Florida, but the president escaped unscathed.

Dallas was their last chance to kill the president, and they did. Not Lee Harvey Oswald. If you need any more evidence, read the following quote: 'YEAH, I HAD the son of a b***h killed. I'm glad I did. I'm sorry I couldn't have done it myself!" -Carlos Marcello

Some sources:
Legacy of Secrecy


1) When Lee Harvey Oswald was a marine, yes he scored relatively low grades for marksmanship. However the level he was trying to qualify for was not the very first and easiest level, the Marines had 3 levels of marksman ship and Lee Harvey Oswald had barely passed the exam for the 2nd level, not the first. It means that Oswald was not completely futile with a rifle in general, just that he was when trying to move up to the next level he barely passed but passed nonetheless

The commission report showed that Oswald had well over a minute to transcend the flights of stairs from te snipers nest to the second floor Since he was a former marine I do not see any question of why he would be winded after going down a few flights of stairs with more than ample time. I would also like to point out that Lee Harvey Oswald was only spotted right after the shooting, he wasnt completely examined he was only briefly spotted and then was allowed to leave the building after his boss vouched to the police officer that Lee was an employee to the building he was working for.

3) Just because there were allegedly other people also looking out the windows of the same building doesnt necessarily mean that Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent..... Recently when the White House was shot at by Oscar Hernandez there were other people around in the same area also looking on, but that doesnt mean that he did not shoot at the White House.

Furthermore Oswald was not an anti-communist spy. He was a discharged marine who openly wanted to renounce his citizenship to the US then fled to Russia only to comeback when Russia denied him permanent citizenship. He was no anti-communist spy like the Pro claims.

" as Oswald was frequently painted as an ardent Communist" - He was though, he wanted to leave the US and sneak into Russia by using a student visa to get in, when he did leave he then wanted to renounce his US citizenship but never actually filled out the paperwork, he spent time finding work until he eventually met his Russian wife, and then when he returned to the US he was expecting reporters but there were no reporters there which angered him.

4) He was told what he was accused of during the numerous interrogations he went through while in captivity.

5) As for the alleged Mob that the Pro argues is the "true" culprit behind his death who then framed Lee Harvey Oswald, I offer these sources of evidence showing how Oswald was indeed the killer.

- 1 - The Rifle that was found in the room was shown to have Oswald's DNA on it along with shell casings on the floor around where he shot the rifle.

- 2 - The Rifle found in the room was indeed Oswald's and he bought it himself

- 3 - Oswald was an attention junkie who loved being in the news and even tried to assassinate a US general for attention.

- 4 - Shortly after the killing Oswald actually shot a police officer who spotted him acting suspiciously, Oswald shot him four times which is something no innocent person would ever do. He was seen by numerous people killing the police officer than fleeing into a movie theater where he was detained
^ points 14 and 15

- 5 - When Oswald was cornered in the movie theater where he was originally detained, he struggled against arrest and even tried to pull a gun on the officers in an effort to escape.

- 6 - The "mob boss" who claimed to have organized the death of Kennedy wanted fame just as much as Harvey wanted it, and he only had a grudge against Kennedy when he was deported to Guatemala. He also was not a mob boss he was a tomato salesman who had no ties to Jack Ruby at all

Ill end here for now :)
Debate Round No. 2


andrewmccauley forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments....
Debate Round No. 3


andrewmccauley forfeited this round.


Pro challenged me to this debate than never responded or gave any other arguments....
Debate Round No. 4
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