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Jacksepticeye is better than Pewdiepie

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Started: 1/12/2017 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Jacksepticeye is way better that Pewdiepie because he is loud, fun, crazy and out going. He is not afraid to try something new. Yeah, he kind of became a famous You tuber because of Pewdiepie... But who cares! He is still way better. He is liked by many and has amazing potential to do amazing things. One. He is frikin Irish. Two. He has awesome green hair. Three. He was in a heavy metal band. Four. He cooked for his parents.(my friends don't cook for their parents) Five. He has the best intro to his videos.


I'd personally go for Pewdiepie. Why? It's simple. Pewds over the years has continued to show constant improvement in quality while at the same time producing videos in quantity. His growth rates are solid proof. His content is very unpredictable now of the days. He's moved on from just the typical game play videos and has his viewers on edge anticipating what he's going to release for the day. He's as well really down to earth and really cares for his audience and the YouTube communnity.
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Posted by PsychocisTheory 1 year ago
Please overlook my spelling mistake of community. I apologize.
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