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James McCloud is still alive.

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Started: 2/8/2015 Category: Games
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I am interesting in debating this topic, as I have seen a fair amount of controversy about this topic. First round is for acceptance, and where I will give background information for any judges who may not understand this topic, also, this is the area of the debate where I will supply the rules. Both sides have an equal B.o.P, as none of the games have explicitly stated if James is dead or not.


1. The final round is for rebuttals, and no new arguments may be created. This prevents a fair debate without uncontested arguments. Failure to follow this rule will result in a forfeit.

2. The first round is only for acceptance. After Con accepts, then I will make my first arguments.

3. This argument does not revolve around the comic universe of Star Fox, instead, this debate revolves around the Star Fox games. (e.g. Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault, Star Fox Command, and Star Fox 64 3D.) This debate will NOT use Star Fox Wii U, as it is not released yet.

4. Neither pro nor con can make any new rules during the debate, period.

Background information:

James McCloud is the father of Fox McCloud, who is the main character in all of the Star Fox games to date. In Star Fox 64, (or Lylat Wars, for you Europeans and Australians.) an opening scene tells us that, though a series of events, James McCloud is captured by the main recurring villain, Andross. It does NOT directly tell us his fate.

Good luck to whoever accepts and takes the side of Con, and I look forward to an exciting debate.


Okay, let's get warm. Who the heck is "James McCloud"? Game character. But most people aren't game freaks like you. So yeah.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, it would appear my opponent has not read the entirety of R1, as he makes a very short response, only asking "Who the heck is "James McCloud"? He also calls me a game freak, but this is very true, however, I would like to let Con know that this debate WAS posted in the "Games" section of the website, so I'm not the only one. That said, let's get down to business.

First off: A more in-depth background.

According to the opening monologue of Star Fox 64, James McCloud is the original owner of the mercenary team of Star Fox. This team is hired, mostly by the Cornarian army, to combat evil. Unlike most mercenary teams, they worked for the money, but they cared about what they did, and as a result, didn't accept payment or jobs from characters with evil intentions. However, according to the opening of the game [1], James was part of this team when Fox was a child, ergo, not a part of the team. According the source 1, the original members consisted of Peppy Hare, James himself, and Pigma Dengar. [2] We can see that the character on the left is Peppy, James is in the middle, and Pigma is on the right. Source 1 shows us also that Pigma betrayed the team when on Venom while fighting Andross. According to this, Peppy and James were captured, but Peppy escaped and told Fox about his fathers fate. As the purpose of this debate is for me to prove that James is, indeed, alive, we can assume that the "fate" mentioned by the game is James' capture, not his murder.

Contention 1: Appearance in Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, the player is tasked with completing missions in multiple different ways in order to get to the final level of Venom. For the sake of the debate, it's worth noting that there are 25 paths to Venom, roughly eight of these lead to the games "Hard" ending. This is the ending that I base this section on [3]. In this game, once the Hard mode is beaten, the final boss explodes. This explosion nearly kills Fox, and it would have if not for James McCloud. After Andross explodes, Fox can be heard screaming and the screen goes white. Almost immediately, James appears on screen and tells Fox to follow him. If done correctly, Fox will escape the explosion [7]

Contention 2: Appearance in Star Fox Adventures

In Star Fox Adventures, the player can collect a series of cheat tokens in the game. These are not so much cheat tokens as they are messages from various people. One such message is from James McCloud [4.] This message is very short, sweet, and to the point, and it says, "I can see you have matured into a strong leader. I am always there with you. Never give up... Trust your instincts... my son." [7]. It's worth noting that these tokens are physical items, meaning that James has written this message for Fox at some point.

Contention 3: Appearance in Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, the game follows the story of the aparoids and their take over of the Lylat System (the Solar System of the Star Fox games.) [5]. In this game, James McCloud is mentioned only once by the Aparoid Queen, who mimics James voice for a line or two. [7]. This can be taken as being heavily pointing to the fact that James is alive, as there is no other way for the Aparoid Queen to have used James' voice if she had never heard it before, right?

Contention 4 : Appearance in Star Fox Command

I, myself, have not played this game, however, I do know that at one point, Fox, along with two other characters, are flying a mission in this place called the "Venom Sea", presumably located on the planet of Venom that I mentioned earlier. [6]. This game is likely the most helpful to my case, and I will explain why. In the mission on the Venom Sea, James shows up and helps you and your allies fight the enemies of the game. During this time, he speaks, but only in very short sentences, and he also shoots down enemies himself. Unlike in Star Fox 64, his ship can also take damage and even be destroyed, showing that he is, in fact, alive...or..was... if he dies in the game. However, the most convincing piece of evidence for this particular contention is the fact that James is actually PLAYABLE after Fox acknowledges him, however, after this particular mission, he flies off and isn't seen again.

Back to Con.


1 - 2:14 to 3:14.
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -


Can you drop out of debates? Can we get this over with now?
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has asked if its possible for him to drop out of debates. I'm assuming this means he's forfeiting. Anyway. To my opponent, no, you cannot drop out of debates. But if you want to get the debate done faster, just post "Pass" as a response to the debate. It makes it easier on both of us.

Anyway. My opponent hasn't made any arguments or rebutted mine. So I reaffirm all points and give it back to Con. Again, if you want to just get the debate over with, just type "Pass".
Debate Round No. 3


Opponent has forfeited Round 3. Reaffirm all points and give back to Con.

Vote Pro, because Con has essentially forfeited all rounds, and if Con follows the rules, all he can do is rebut my arguments and not create new ones. Therefore, I have won.


Oh, okay you won. Good game bro.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Lulzy 2 years ago
-sigh- Why do I seem to attract new people? This is like... The second or third debate that's been, basically, forfeited.

I don't like that I'm at a good percentile and rank because of forfeits. It doesn't feel earned.
Posted by PapaNolan 2 years ago
You are not allowed to drop out of debates
Posted by whatthe.evrocks 2 years ago
I'm not sure about exciting, though. And I didn't even read your description of James McCloud untill after I posted my "arguement".
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