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Japan has the most successful society in history.

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Started: 1/6/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I state that Japan has the most successful society in history.

It is my observation that throughout history, only one nation/people has had the most effective traditions, social conduct, and overall enlightenment. That would be Japan.

Just for clarification, I was born in South Carolina and I am 100% American. I don't mean to post this as a statement of racism where I believe that all other groups of people are inferior. I just believe that the Japanese people will survive the longest in this world because they are stronger spiritually than any other group.

I'd like to hear any arguement against this theory.


Stating Japan has the most successful society in history is your opinion. With that said i would like to state my opinion that it is actually Australia with the most successful SOCIETY in history.

I'd like for you to explain your case for Japan before i go any further.
Debate Round No. 1


My bad, I'm new to this website and dropped my debate class in school before it started so I'm unfamiliar with the protocol involved in debates as opposed to arguements. I argue a lot. So that said...

Yes that is my opinion. The facts supporting my opinion are that throughout the ages, there have been more powerful nations.. empires or whatever, but none has shown the survivability of Japan. I say this because of their social customs and generally accepted rules of society. In the world today for example, America seems to be the strongest "super power" in terms of raw power; however, that pales in comparison to the fact that Japan's economy isn't failing, it's population is actually decreasing, and the fact that the concept of Honor is still prevalent in every day life.

Up until just before WWII, Japan held an isolationist policy (yes I'm pulling references from high school history class) and thrived. I predict that as the world falls apart and each country fails that Japan will re-adopt this policy and will outlast us all. This has nothing to do with their profit or global influence but rather their ability to hold onto social strengths that evolved long before there was an America or Great Brittain or any such group of people.

It should therefore be obvious that they will continue to exist in peace long after other societies crumble.

So to recap:

* Japan holds Honor above all else.

* Japan values Intelligence more than any other society.

* In Japanese culture (as exemplifed in anime) wisdom is more valuable than power. Simply becaus one can win a fight does not make fighting the best option.

Thank you for catching my error. I could go on with these but I'd like to give you a chance to respond to the facts that I've mentioned above. I'm here because I'd like to learn how to debate as opposed to argue my opponent into the ground.


Australia is a county/continent that is always kept to itself, never involved in much global warfares.

Australia must be the most successful. No one has had less problems or conflicts throughout history
Debate Round No. 2


I would actually much rather continue this with Pat as he has put forth a much more effective argument.

First of all, I want to respond to the Master Debator's latest comment. Australia hasn't kept to itself at all. Yes it is more physically isolated than anywhere else, but they go hand in hand with Great Brittan. It was kind of settled in the same manor as America, and that is through the deportation of criminals. Brittan sent off a bunch of their criminals to Australia back in the 18th century. It didn't even become it's own nation until 1901 and still continues to have close ties with it's motherland. Take a look at the Australian flag. Australia is part of the commonwealth and has been involved in wars alongside Great Brittan since WWI.

Though geographically separated from most of the world, Australia is very much involved in global affairs.

Also, when you said that nobody has had less problems or conflicts throughout history, that is not only an unfair statement, but also irrelevant. Firstly, it is unfair because Australia is so young that it can't be compared to other countries in terms of who has had the most conflict. Or I could argue that the ratio between the length of existence and involvement in conflict shows Australia as being much worse off than Japan. (I'm not going to bother calculating it for you because I don't think you really care)

So with that taken care of, I would like to respond to Pat's comments.

First of all, I don't know what you mean by the world's most rapidly aging population, but they have the longest life expectancy in the world. (just google "which country has the longest life expectancy")
If you meant to say that in conjunction with the fact that they have one of the lowest birth rates, meaning that the population as a whole is predominantly older, then yes. This brings us right into your second point that a low birth rate is bad for a society. This can be quite the opposite of the truth depending on the situation. As natural resources are diminishing, countries with high birth rates will fail as there will not be enough to go around. Japan has never had much in the way of natural resources, so a decreasing population can only be a good thing.

As for the national debt being the highest globally, that is a problem that they'll have to figure out. My knowledge in economics is lacking so I won't try and argue that point. What I will say is that even though America has an arguably irrecoverable debt, it continues to press on. Also by definition of society (see, politics and economics aren't relevant to this conversation. My argument was that Japan has the most successful SOCIETY in history. This means that regardless of their government or debt, they will survive because of their social customs.

Speaking of social customs, you also mentioned that Japan is unaccepting of foreigners. Explain to me why this is bad for a society? The most fitting definition for this situation is "a body of individuals living as members of a community", which means that outsiders are just that: not part of the community. Like I mentioned previously, Japan had thrived on a pure isolationist policy for hundreds of years. Obviously, being unaccepting of foreigners was good for the society.

The statement regarding age discrimination is taken out of context, and again, not arguably bad for a society. Japan's society is strongly influenced by age. It's wage system in a lot of companies is based on age. This ties back into my statement regarding wisdom. Age translates into experience. The longer that one serves in a particular role, the more they can contribute to the organization. Thus, if someone is looking for a new job at 35, they are at a disadvantage in terms of experience.

This also ties into your statement regarding suicides. This is something that America could benefit from. A majority of suicides in Japan are from the older population that does not wish to be a burden on their relatives. Basically, when you have outlived your purpose or are no longer productive, there isn't a reason for you to exist. In America, the old expect to be taken care of until they can possibly hang onto life any longer. This is particularly devastating to social services such as Social Security, which will be particularly draining due to the "Baby Boomers" all reaching retirement age. Again, this suicide of the elderly is a selfless practice that is performed for the good of the community.

As for child pornography, that is a weak argument designed to evoke an emotional response that doesn't specifically tie into Japan at all so I'm going to ignore it.

Again, I still hold firm that Japan has the most successful society in history and has the greatest chance of survival in the modern world. I'm not saying that it's the nicest or easiest to take part in, but that it is the most successful.



TheMasterDebator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
The troiller isnt taking this seriously it seems.
Posted by Pat 7 years ago
I challenge that. Japan has the World's most rapidly ageing population, one of the World's lowest birth rates, the World's second largest public debt (at a staggering 192% of GDP, and Japan is the World's third largest economy), and has been stagnating for two decades.

Japan also frowns upon foreigners, and until recently, even half-Japanese. Foreigners in Japan are always regarded as just that: foreigners. No matter how hard they try they're foreigners and can never get any further than "Permanent Resident". The only way to do so is to marry a Japanese.

Japan's Prime Minister has changed numerous times over the past 2 years. All of them have been jokes, and the Japanese don't even take them seriously.

Japan is a closed society. Due to age discrimination, 35 year-old's cannot find employment once they are unemployed. Job opportunities are small due to their system of life employment.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in developed countries.

Much of the World's child pornography originates from Far East Asia. This includes Japan.

(I'm debating on behalf of TheMasterDebator, since he will probably make more sad and pitiful statements, not arguments, in following Rounds).
Posted by speeldude 7 years ago
I'm not saying that I think the Japanese are perfect or that I agree with everything the people have done. There's skeletons in everybody's closet. For example, the US military dropped atomic bombs on 2 of Japan's largest civilian cities, just to see how it would go. The reason I brought this up is that I was talking about it at work the other day and came to the conclusion that as a whole, Japan has the most stable society in the world and will most likely last longer than any other country.
Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
lol speeldude, you know what the Japanese did?
They chop off heads from the chinese people for sport.
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