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Japan is the 'bully' of East Asia.

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Started: 11/24/2013 Category: Places-Travel
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I have saw a debate based on Japan being bad toward Korea. When the wrong team won, I was honestly shocked, because that really wasn't supposed to be the case. Therefore to be a bit more sure about this, I have put up a new debate not just based on Korea and Japan, but of the fact that Japan was giving so much misery towards to China, Korea, the entire Southeast Asia, and to many Oceanian Islands. Maybe currently they're a lot less harmful, but still, they are the main reason of why peace and unity cannot come into Eastern Asia. They steal islands, rewrite history from nowhere, and claims exotic opinions that came from nowhere, especially to Korea and China. Even today, they claim that the Yasukuni Shrine is a POSITIVE thing, tries to take away Dokdo, Diaoyu, and the Kuril, while they also claim that their abusive and torchuring colonization was to "improve" and "modernize" their country. That is just ridiculous!


I accept this challenge. As the con side I will be debating that Japan is not the "bully" of East Asia. It is the goal of my opponent to effectively prove Japan is the "bully" of East Asia. Meaning he must prove Japan currently is the "bully" of East Asia.

First, two terms need to be adequately defined.
Bully- A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
East Asia-the countries and land area of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macao, Mongolia, the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, and the Russian Federation in Asia.

Japan's current foreign policy should not be confused with its' pre-1945 foreign policy. Japan's ambition for conquest died in 1945 with their new constitution imposed after their surrender to the Allied powers. Japan has not fought a war since 1945. The question becomes how has Japan been cruel to her neighbors? Cruelty suggests a form of violence is taking place. That is not the case, only minor disputes.
Debate Round No. 1


Japan has been trying to invade their neighboring countries during the wartimes, and that may seem like a past issue, it is something that Japan should not be excused with; they need to recognize that Japan is Japan, but their neighbors are NOT Japan. Today, Japan stirs up even more issues as they still invade other territories.
Japan surrendered under the US in 1945. The US gave a rule to Japan not to have any weapons and anything that can attack; America would be their guard instead. They cannot declare wars, either. However, as soon as Japan got out of America's hands, they immediately broke both laws and became the 3rd nation to have the most military equipments in the world. Currently, they try not to make wars by having their opponents surrender without a word, but that's too unjust, since they are trying to harm them that way. And so, they use military to clash, which is visible in the dispute of Diaoyu Islands between Japan and China. So Japan IS going into violence.


As mentioned earlier, the topic at hand is the current foreign policy. In the past it could be considered that Japan was the bully of East Asia with invasions into China, Korea, and even Southeast Asia but that is not what the pro side is arguing. But the title of bully of East Asia would be more fitting title for China or North Korea. Japan has not gone to war over the Diaoyu Islands or resorted to violence as you claim.

China has proven to have border disputes not only with Japan but also with their neighbors to the north and to the south. China clashed with India back in 1962 over contested borders. China has also clashed with Russia on Zhenbao. Both of these borders are still disputed. With such aggressive behavior how could they not be considered a bully? Japan has yet to start a war or coerce its' neighbors through force as China has done repeatedly.
Debate Round No. 2


Your statement that "Japan has nevergone to war on Diaoyu Islands or resorted to violence" cannot be more incorrect. When China told Japan that the islands needed to be taken care by the ICJ, Japan denied it and refused to go to court. This means that Japan is favoring violence. What's more, Japan is being a hypocrite by asking South Korea to go to ICJ for Dokdo.
The title of "The East Asian Bully" cannot go to China. Even though they are harming several tribes and countries, they did not go to WAR with these people. North Korea cannot be one, either. They are known to be rhetorical to United States and South Korea, but these people are also at stake, too- no money, tries to not get into war, and they are just trying to be their own. Japan, however, has commited an entire war to wipe off certain races, and tried to conquer the entire Eastern section of Asia and make it into Japan. Today, they still have the remnants of their history by taking away other countries territories!


The pro side just made an error by claiming that China has not gone to war with her neighbors. The pro side has ignored my point that China has gone to war with India in 1962. He has also ignored my point that China and Russia have had causalities as a result of the Zenbao Island dispute.

The pro side insists that Japan is encouraging violence yet has failed to show proof of it. His argument so far seems to be based in his own opinion rather than fact. So far he has yet to prove Japan is the "bully of East Asia" as he claims.
Debate Round No. 3


HanSangYoon forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Sorry; it seems that I have forgotten to post something and the timer went out- let's continue the debate.
The Con side has not explained anything about what JAPAN has done, either. Please do not expect something out of me if you are not proving it from my point, either.
China's Zenbao Island dispute is a matter between China and Russia. However, Russia had no record of trying to invade an entire part of a continent (Russia is a giant country, so you can't blame them for being so huge), as well as China. Both countries never had an evil incident of where they wanted to invade an exotic territory, unlike Japan, which in the current name they tried to conquer the entire East Asia. Therefore, your point that China and Russia are fighting over a territory may be true, but it cannot be compared to Japan's case.
And if Japan had such an event, that automatically makes the proof that Japan is the bully of East Asia. Therefore, your correction was in fact, invalid.


"The Con side has not explained anything about what JAPAN has done, either"
The burden of proof has lied on the pro side and I have refuted all the claims he has presented. He claimed to say Japan was the "bully" of East Asia but has failed in showing any proof whatsoever.

"Both countries never had an evil incident of where they wanted to invade an exotic territory, unlike Japan, which in the current name they tried to conquer the entire East Asia. "
For the third time, the pro side ignored the evidence of the war between India and China based on a border dispute.

"Therefore, your point that China and Russia are fighting over a territory may be true, but it cannot be compared to Japan's case."
Agreed, they can not be compared, the border dispute between Russia and China has resulted in people being killed. I posted in one of my earlier links. However, the pro side has not shown where Japan has murdered Chinese over their border disputes.

The pro side has failed, vote con!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by songmin1 3 years ago
Shotime you say japan isn't the only country claiming territory in the world but think of the reason why Japan needs this territory. They don't just merely want more land, the island is in danger with the nuclear leak of Fukushima. The nationalist in japan is trying to assure that it is under control when it isn't it's not Korea that are being brainwashed. Like you said, japanese are not taught of the past.

(we don't need the textbooks to learn about it because we have news, filmography, and ancestors that aren't dead yet that have been scarred for life...) You make it sound as if we're a communist country or something
you can't say that koreans are only thinking of hatred, you don't know their past. The past is the past you say but then again, think of the Holocaust. Past is the past but it should never be ignored or forgotten. Just because time has passed, the existence of the crime done does not wash away.
Though I do understand that from japan's point of view, the colonization to wipe korea from history, wasn't anything wrong because it was good to conquer land that connects to the mainland and other actions that were horrifying to other countries...
Posted by Shotime 3 years ago
HanYangSoon you say china has never gone to war with tribes, but China invaded tibet and annexed it in part of their territory, and it was an ACTUAL WAR. They killed civilians, etc etc etc. Just as how Japan claims territory, other countries like china claim territory as well. And so does Russia. And so does many other countries in the world.

My asian friend, you are brainwashed by Korean nationalist education telling you only to hate the japanese. You are no better then those brainwashed japanese that only think about anti-semitism and hating korea and China.
Come and join us in the present. You are dragging on from all the past actions of my country japan and using that as a material of hatred and rage. Your entire arguments are just based on our past actions. OH JAPAN DID THIS! THEY KILLED MILLIONS OF KOREANS YADA YADA YADA. JAPAN IS NOW CLAIMING TERRITORY!- Well, we're not the only asian "claiming territory", territorial disputes are going around the world. China has long had I don't care about our past actions, if you want a sincere apology I'll give it on behalf on my people. (Although it's really difficult to apologize for a genocide :P).
We haven't murdered anyone since ww2. You're only hearing that abusing koreans and the "Great east asian co prosperity sphere" stuff from your textbooks. In reality, is that only japanese nationalists vigorously deny that it happened. I agree it happened, THE ENTIRE WORLD AGREES. Yet some of my kind still denies it, gosh. The people who write are the japanese nationalists who are.... idiots in my opinion. I'm actually half japanese half Chinese.
You need to go to a country without any asian bias and study real history. There they will tell you everything from a neutral standpoint.
I don't blame you though. Many other koreans are only thinking of hatred. Many other japanese are not taught of the past.
Ugh, ASIANS!!!!! --
Posted by wrichcirw 3 years ago

Animosity runs very, very, very deep and is centuries old. My understanding is that Hideyoshi is the main reason for it. WWII and the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere didn't help much either.

10,000 Korean slaves died in the Hiroshima a-bombing. It's the little things like that missing from most history books that make people surprised to think that people in Asia have feelings and a history.

As it is, while I was stationed in Korea, I saw enough sabre-rattling to last me a lifetime. I have no desire to read this debate after reading PRO's opening.
Posted by Oromagi 3 years ago
Interesting. I was not aware that so much ill feeling persisted between Japan and South Korea and I'm sorry to see relations deteriorating. From an American perspective, Korea and Japan seem like more natural allies than Korea and China. Korea and Japan share a greater dedication to democratic and capitalist traditions than China. Certainly, Japanese atrocities must be acknowledged and I do believe that Japan should offer a more full-hearted apology. Making further reparations would be a small price to pay for the continued benefits of trade and relations with South Korea. However, I cannot criticize Japan for the Yasukuni Shrine. Although there are many wars in American history that I disagree with and some that I am ashamed of, I would never refuse to honor the dead soldiers of those wars, nor criticize another country for honoring their dead. Soldiers are seldom the decision-makers and the typical soldier was only performing his national duty. Young men sent to war are often guilty of rape and worse, but they were trained to do violence without thinking and isolated from the normal moral codes of civilized society. I blame the generals and leaders and emperors who commanded, not the soldiers. As for the island disputes, some equitable sharing of resources might go a long way towards preserving peace in Asia, which is in turn essential for global prosperity.
Posted by HanSangYoon 3 years ago
Eastern Asia consists of China, Both Koreas, Japan, Eastern Russia, and the entire Southeast Asia. They were also the territories that Japan tried to absorb by using the "Great Asian Empire" tactic.
Posted by dajavinator 3 years ago
Define what constitutes East Asia.
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