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Jeans should be considered business casual

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Started: 10/20/2014 Category: Fashion
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Jeans are not comfortable to wear, at all. Unless you purposefully torture yourself several days in a row with the same pair in order to stretch out the elastic just enough that at least you can breathe while sitting, it's no fun at all. Even then, put them through a wash cycle once, and you have to start anew.

Now on the basis that casual is roughly defined as relaxed and unconcerned, jeans cannot fall under that definition. Now if jeans cannot be simple casual, it remains the question of where would they be classified?

They surely do not fall under formal, or business formal. When examined, there simply is no other place to put them in other than business casual.


Welcome to DDO, lolpas. I see this is your first debate, so I hope you have fun.

As Pro has not given anything indicating the structure of the debate, I will choose to post my opening arguments in this round. Also, Pro has defined nothing except a “rough definition” of casual (relaxed and unconcerned). I will define some terms that will likely be used by either side.

Jeans - “close-fitting trousers made of blue denim or denimlike fabric, having pockets and seams often reinforced with rivets, and worn originally as work pants but now also as casual attire by persons of all ages” (1)

Casual - “appropriate for wear or use on informal occasions; not dressy” (1) definition 4

Business Casual - “(informal) a style of casual clothing worn by businesspeople at work instead of more formal attire” (1)

These terms have been defined and are accepted, as Pro forfeited this right by not defining them in the first round. I will now state my opening arguments.

Pro starts out by saying “Jeans are not comfortable to wear, at all.” This, as it stands, is false. I myself enjoy jeans - a good, worn pair can be just as comfortable as a pair of cargo shorts or sweatpants. Levi’s, one of the biggest producers of jeans in the modern world, has an entire page of their website dedicated to men’s jeans, not to mention pages for both women’s and children’s jeans (2). If jeans were as uncomfortable and disliked as Pro has said, Levi’s would not have this page, and would most likely be out of business.

Pro goes on to say that “in order to stretch out the elastic” one must “purposefully torture [oneself] several days in a row,” a statement which I find fallacious and possibly offensive. I do not find the process of wearing jeans “torture.” I actually find this process rewarding - once you finally stretch the elastic, jeans are pretty cozy.

Pro’s argument has been dismantled for the most part, as he says that they cannot fall under “casual.”

BoP is on Pro, as it has been this entire debate. I have successfully proved my point.




Debate Round No. 1


lolpas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


lolpas forfeited this round.


Extend again. Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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