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Jed Bush(con) or Hilary Clinton(pro) for president?

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Started: 6/2/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Today I was wondering who would win Jed Bush or Hilary Clinton. I automatically went with Hilary Clinton because she has a set number of qualifications starting with
.Advocating for illegal immigration, women, and children's hospital
. She was a previous senator and was very active in the political world
.She has seen and felt what authority is
. She wants to properly distribute the vaccine for The flu
. She visits veterans and is a kind warm hearted soul that the people agree with


Well, I wish it to be known that I would only prefer Bush over Clinton as a lesser of evils. Neither candidate is either ideal or even acceptable to voters with integrity.

However, Jeb Bush may be less offensive in some regards than Hillary. Admittedly, he, like Clinton, has sold out to corporate interests. However, there may be a slim possibility that Bush regains his sense of morality. With Clinton, that seems impossible.

My opponent writes about Hillary's qualifications. That is a factor that can work for you or against you. In our own state, Wisconsin, democratic voters realized that Hillary is so out-of-touch with real, human values that Hillary's support of our democratic governor candidate, Mary Burke, actually hurt Burke in the polls and helped Scott Walker to defeat her in the race to become Wisconsin's governor. The message from voters was clear: Hillary is too much about the politics of power rather than the politics of compassion. Nobody really believes that she truly cares about human rights or children's hospitals. Thus, she drags down democratic candidates that she tries to help. Sad, indeed!

A few facts to remember about Hillary:

(1.) The Whitewater scandal [1], [2];
(2.) Her denial of parental rights in trying to mandate how parents teach their children at home before kindergarten public education [1];
(3.) The Benghazi scandal (mainly Obama's fault but partly her fault for not calling out Obama's agenda) [3], [4]
(4.) The Hillary "emailgate" which also ties into the Benghazi scandal [5].

Also, my opponent seems to believe that Hillary should support illegal immigration. But there are legal ways to immigrate to the United States. The majority of Americans favor following the immigration law rather than allowing and perpetuating illegal immigration. Thus, Hillary is "anti-American" if she supports illegal immigration. Perhaps she would come to her senses and reject this proposal before November of 2016.

I have yet to see my opponent's arguments against Jeb Bush. I would like to interact with those and hope that he brings something to debate in this regard.

Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this topic.





Debate Round No. 1


sambhavjain forfeited this round.


It would appear that my opponent has not had enough time to work out a solid position
in favor of Hillary and against Jeb Bush.

I will await a future round where he has a bit more information and argument for her and
against him.

Thanks, TS
Debate Round No. 2


sambhavjain forfeited this round.



Well, do you need more time to write on why you favor Hillary over Jeb?

Just let me know in the comments area if you need more time.

Thanks, TS
Debate Round No. 3


sambhavjain forfeited this round.

Con anyone there?
Debate Round No. 4


sambhavjain forfeited this round.


For quite some time, my opponent has not responded to my arguments.

As I pointed out very early on in this debate, I am not necessarily going to vote for Jeb
Bush neither do I consider him an ideal candidate for the president of these United States
of America.

If the presidential contest were between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, I would not readily vote
for either candidate. I might vote for Jeb since he would be a lesser of two evils but I would not
go around promoting him. In fact, his stance on the Common Core for education is deplorable.
But since Hillary is problematic in deeper and perhaps more fundamental ways than Jeb Bush,
I would urge that you consider Jeb Bush as a slightly less evil choice than Hillary Clinton.

Vote Con and vote Jeb Bush, if, and only if, he is the only candidate running against Hillary Clinton.

Thank you, TS
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by greatkitteh 2 years ago
I dont think hillaey should win, she got personnally involved in two major scandals.
Posted by LostintheEcho1498 2 years ago
Is' not " his"
Posted by LostintheEcho1498 2 years ago
Honestly. I expect Hillary to win simply because America seems to think that all the civil rights records need to be set. Obama was African American and gained his presidency because of it. Now Hillary his going to win for being a woman.
Posted by greatkitteh 2 years ago
I would accept,But this looks like a Reallygood debater in disguise. . .
Posted by greatkitteh 2 years ago
I rather have rand paul, Both sides are Mutally assured destruction
Posted by bigdebate 2 years ago
This person is a lightweight. There's no Jed Bush. There's a Jeb Bush, though.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
Obvious noob trap...
Posted by Lexus 2 years ago
Bernie Sanders all the way.
(or Ernie Chambers. I love you, Ernie Chambers.)
Posted by Reeseroni 2 years ago
First of all, Jed Bush isn't a person.

Second of all, advocating Illegal Immigration is literally a horrible point to make.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Can I choose Rand Paul as the Republican?
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