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Jeepers Creepers would Beat Predator (Pick which ever) in a fight

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Started: 1/28/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In my opinion The Creeper for the Movies Jeepers Creepers can take on Predator


I accept this argument and will be taking the side of the Predator. Now seeing as how The Creeper is a earth animal/monster,we'll assume this'll take place on earth and The Predator has been on earth with his "friends" for years
Debate Round No. 1


awesome, here's why I think the Creeper will kill a Predator.
1. (fighting experience)
The Creeper has been alive for centuries, he has gone against knights, Native Americans, vikings, you name it. He has the fighting experience of a hundred life times.(1)

2. (weapons)
The Creeper has shown that he has a variety of weapons, I will only name the ones shown in the movie, even though I bet he has more. In this battle the creeper will use the following weapons. (2)
-Two Shurikens made of teeth and stomach skin: These are sharp and dangerous. Even more so to the fact that when the creeper throws them they explode a bus tire.
- A demonic carved Throwing knife, now in the movie he did not use it, but he dropped it in the beginning. This sharp object is about a foot Long or so.
-An Ax that he uses on the first movie to cut off a cop's head. This is the only time this weapon is used.

-His truck.

3. (Abilities)
The creeper eats human body parts to replace his own. He eats hearts to live longer, eyes so he can see better etc.
The Creeper has Super Human Scent. He smells the fear of his victims and once he clinches into the "fear" he will stop at nothing to take on his victims, and devour them. The creeper can also Fly at high speeds capable of catching up to a speeding car. He is also very Pain resistant. in Jeepers Creepers he was run over by a car multiple times, and was able to drive his truck into a police station and eat an inmate to cure his wounds. He can climb on walls and he's very acrobatic. His skin is known to be bullet proof. (2) (1) (2)


In the movies,the Predator had
- A plasma gun,which vaporizes anything in it's path.
- He has sharp disks than can easily cut through flesh and easily decapitate human flesh.
- Tough body armor that can be cut through,but is hard and bulletproof.
- Any weapons that can be crafted out of nearby resources.
- A plasma spear
- Multiple knives on hand
- A cloaking device
- Thermal imaging
- They can call on multiple hunters for help if they must
-And a self destruct device on his forearm that can cause a very big explosion and vaporizes everything in it's path.

The Predator has various skills. It is literally like a predator,but it is still a intelligent creature. It is very smart and lays traps often luring it's prey into it. The Predators also use psychology to trick it's prey. They are very good at tracking it's prey and they kill for sport,which should explain how good of fighters and hunters they are. They also hunt dangerous animals for fun. But the Predator's are also a species of honor,and if they deem a intelligent life form worthy,they will fight hand to hand. But the Predator is very strong and it takes 1-2 tons of force to kill it,as it did in the first movie. I vary the weight because the Predator sizes vary. So lets say it's a big medium sized Predator and it'll take 1.7 tons of force to kill it. But they will reward the life form with a sort of prize if they can kill a Predator. However,the Predators only attack aggressive life forms,but since The Creeper is aggressive,forget I mentioned it. They can also craft weapons from their surroundings and they are very resourceful.
Debate Round No. 2


ok so now we have the basic strengths of our fighters. Like you said The Predator is very hard to kill and has taken on different creatures. Not just Humans, but the Likes of Aliens and other Predators. On the Movie Alien vs Predator The Scar Predator goes one on one with the Alien queen, a fearsome and powerful foe indeed. The predator However has been beaten by humans. The Creeper did got killed and all but it wasn't because of humans, he had to go back to rest for his next killing spree in 23 years.

The Predator has a lot of weapons (like so freaking much) Which in my opinion would give him an advantage of weaponry over the Creeper. You did mention however that Predator, will fight hand to hand against a worthy opponent. The Creeper is more than worthy to fight The Predator. Here's how I see the fight going and I chose Two scenarios

Hand to Hand: I think the creeper will demolish the Predator. Predators are amazing fighters for sure, and have strong Armour, but The Creeper is a very smart creature, he will see where the Armour connects on the bending areas like the elbows and knees etc. or wherever there is no Armour. The creeper is almost unkillable and has taken on armies, while the predator has lost hand to hand combats against humans.

Weapons vs Weapons: The predator has a ton of weapons, very true and will rip off a lot of Creeper flesh, but The creeper is a quick flier and will attack Predator from the top. He is very strong and has been able to lift a truck from the ground, like in Jeepers Creepers 2. I think this fight might end in a draw, if not The Creeper wins due to speed, now the predator might turn invisible, witch means he ill be afraid to die, witch is where the Creepers scent will come in handy and find the Predator and Kill him.


Scenario 1&2:
You forget that the Predator determines himself who is worthy,not us. He will fight the Creeper,and because he is a predator(hence the name)he will get the drop on him and the Predator will lay a trap for him. Now even though the Creeper is intelligent,it also has animal instinct in his subconscious. And the Predators always out think it's prey. So the Creeper will get damaged,and the two will fight. Now while the Creeper is stronger and quicker,it has no skill in combat. It rely's on brute strength. The Predator will fight,and get damaged. He will most likely retreat to the woods. And this is the part where you would say he gets scared,but this is not true. Predators have faced more dangerous enemy's and laugh. They can almost never get scared. If you would remember in the first Predator movie,he laughed as he died. So he will retreat to the woods to treat his wounds,as he has high pain tolerance as he got his hand cut off and simply not,waled it off,but fought it off. This also has to do with your counter-argument;you said that a human was able to beat it in combat in the first movie,but the Predator suicides. Now he was injured,but ultimately he killed himself. And in the second movie,the other one had his hand cut off when he was killed. So while he would retreat to the woods,(because the creeper liked the woods and the Predator attacked the Creeper)and the Creeper would fly and scan the sky's looking for him. The Predator would then shoot his wing's off. The Creeper would then throw his shrunkins at the Predator,the Predator throwing one of his own at them,but the other hitting the Predator and finishing off the last of his armor because the Creeper is intelligent and probably has good eyes. So he hit a good spot. The Predator would then hunt the Creeper,lay a trap of human bodies,but the Creeper would semi sneak up on the Predator and they fight. I see two possible endings-

Ending 1: The Predator fights him off,and kills him using his skill,his strength,his experience,and his smarts. Instead of shooting him,he challenges to a combat fight. He takes off his gear and he fights him. He uses his skills and strength and fights him. The Creeper dodges each attack and stabs him,but the Predator then activates his explosive device on his forearm and they both die.

Ending 2: The two fight and the Predator outwits him and uses his own strength against him and partly crushes him and the Creeper is partly paralyzed and the Predator then uses his explosive knives to dismember his limbs and he would keep shooting him and stabbing him until he is 100% dead.

Either way the Predator win's or it's a draw
Debate Round No. 3


Alright sorry for the delay but very nice argument you have but here are some things that I realized. I will name all of the Predators from films and talk about their strengths and feats so I can Show you that The Creeper would win.

Jungle Predator (Predator) This predator was very dangerous and very complicated to kill. he used the trees and his surroundings to turn invincible. In the jungle all Predators(animals) do the same and attack when the victims are not looking. The Predator on the film used traps and everything he needed to catch humans.

City Predator (Predator two) this Predator was a lot more brutal than the Jungle, now this predator did not go against Soldiers but he did went and fought, Police officers and gang members.

Scar, and Celtic (Alien vs Predator) I'm not even mentioning the third one that died first because he did not do anything. Celtic went one on one with an Alien and yes he died but he showed that a Predators are excellent fighters and ere very strong indeed. Scar predator fought the Alien queen and even did a high flying move where he jumped and with his spear Stabbed the Queen on her head.

Wolf Predator (Alien vs. Predator Requiem) this super Predator was by far The most Vicious and He indeed went against Humans, Aliens and of course the Predalien. He used every weapon that all Predators use.

Falconer, Berserker and The Tusked one ( Predators) These are known as Super Predators, these are mutated and are more superior and more evil then their other versions. The Creeper will actually also have a tough time taking these down as well.

The Creeper will have a tough time taking any of these Predators hence the reason I picked this fight, but here's how The Creeper will take each down.

Jungle: The Creeper will scent him out (if it were on the jungle) and find him, all predator use heat sight to find their prey but The Creeper is a dead creature, he has no heat, he's cold blooded and the Predator will not find him, but the Creeper will.

City: The Creeper will kill him the same way to be honest.

Celtic: He lost to an Alien, an almost animalistic creature with no fighting style, as for The Creeper he has gone againsts amazingly trained warriors.

Scar: Kill him the same as first two.

also Alien vs. Predator Predators were in Training.

Wolf/King: Kill him the same as the others, but I think the Creeper will take a lot of damage.

Falconer: he was known for the sword style fighting scene with the yakusa member, where both got killed, Creeper has killed multiple humans at once so if this Predator got killed by a Human, Creeper stomps.

Tusk: never really did anything but he dis used those dogs, the Creeper will just kill them from the top then annihilate the Predator.

Berserker: Kill him the same as the others

like I said before The Creeper has Centuries of fighting experience, Predators yes they are trained but have been killed by humans and Aliens alike. The Creeper has withstood fatal blows and has been wounded, he even removed his own head and grew another. Predators would not be able to fight something that just won't die. As for the explosion? well that's the only thing you have for you to be honest.


As I have pointed out before,The Creeper smells his opponents through fear. And The Predators don't get afraid and and scared. And as for you pointing out that the Predator see's using thermal imaging,well this isn't true all the time. As in Alien v Predator,it's seen that Predators see using a variety of spectrum. So even If the Creeper is a dead body and doesn't give off heat,then The Predator can simply see him using different spectrum's,even some that we may not know. And might I remind you,one Predator killed the Alien queen.
When you say that the Creeper is faster,I should remind you that a lot of them are agile. The jungle one was agile for obvious reasons,but even the city one was agile. This is kinda surprising since it has no reason to be,but he kept darting around the city.
Then there's experience. You say that the Creeper has more experience,but we don't know how long since the Creeper doesn't really talk. But the wiki said that some Predators have been around for 1000 years or longer. We see evidence of this at the end of the second film when they give the hero a flintlock. Which may seem that The Predator has taken on large masses of people.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jonan4tor 2 years ago
same. it was fun,and not as serious as the others
Posted by CarlosOcano 2 years ago
I actually really enjoyed this debate, my opponent was great and I think by far this has been my favorite debate, due to the behavior and knowledge of my opponent's side.
Posted by Jonan4tor 2 years ago
hey uh,r u forfeiting the round or r u writing it?
Posted by Jonan4tor 2 years ago
Death battle,FIGHT!
Posted by Torton 2 years ago
First round acceptance?
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