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Jim Morrison Still Living?

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Started: 11/5/2008 Category: Arts
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It is my firm belief that the Lizard King is still alive and well. He faked his death in order to relieve the pressure of being in the spotlight. I mean after all he was scared to death of singing on stage. He once made a comment on how he wished that he could be left alone to write poetry and be happy. There has never been enough evidence to prove he is dead. Are there any takers?


I will begin by thanking my opponent for this interesting and unique debate topic.

I affirm that Jim Morrison, formerly of The Doors, is deceased.

Without any argument from Pro, I need only cite the former Doors frontman's death certificate which can be found below.
The English version:
The French version:

We have no reason to doubt its authenticity.

For now I have nothing more to add, since Pro has not made her argument as of yet. I look forward to it.
Debate Round No. 1


I do not doubt that those documents are real, however that doesn't mean that they weren't forged. Jim Morrison said for years that he was tired of being in the limelight. He was scared to death while he was onstage, and he just wanted to be left alone. I believe that he faked his death, because no one told the authorities for three days after his death that he had passed on. Even then his remains were just thrown in a wooden coffin and buried. Later on when the coffin was excavated, there was no corpse. So tell me what happened to it? He never died.


Thank you for your quick response. I will briefly respond to your claims.

1. Jim Morrison claimed on a number of occasions that he was tired of being in the limelight.
2. He was scared of live performances.
3. No one told the authorities of his death for three days.
4. His coffin was excavated and no corpse was found.

1. Many celebrities claim that they are tired of the limelight but do not fake their own deaths. This is not enough evidence to suggest that Morrison faked his own death.

2. My understanding of the Lizard King on this account is that this applied only to performances very early on. Eventually he became used to it and there was no problem.

3. This statement is false. What my opponent is referring to, I believe, is that his death was not reported to the Press for three days. This behavior is understandable. If she wants to rebut this point, I ask that she cite her sources.

4. Once again, it is important to cite sources. My opponent has not cited any source that proves the coffin was ever exhumed, let alone empty. My investigation has only shown that there have been rumors that they may exhume the coffin for reburial in America. Despite the rumors, this seems to have never taken place. Please provide evidence of this.

Even if this turned out to be true, which it does not seem to be the case, there are other explanations. His grave, and the rest of the graveyard, has been vandalized a number of times by fans. At some point someone may have takenhis body for some bizarre reason or another.

Once again, my opponent provides not sources or evidence for her case. In fact, she engages in mere speculation and presents no argument. I challenge her to come up with actual evidence from reliable sources in the final round. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 2


rockandrollgirl_1971 forfeited this round.


It is quite unfortunate that my opponent was unable to make it to the final round to state her case.

All of my arguments extend.

Since my opponent offered no counter-argument or even an argument to begin with - I implore you to vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by paramore102 8 years ago
you didnt scare her shes in my class she was on her to much and not doing much of here work so thats why idk if she will be bac but ill ask her
Posted by JBlake 8 years ago
It appears as though rockandrollgirl has closed her account. I didn't mean to scare her off and I hope she comes back to post another argument.
Posted by paramore102 8 years ago
well that sums that up im glad i didnt take this debate lol jk
Posted by elgeibo 8 years ago
I would like to take this debate since I have his corpse in my basement. However, I feel that would be an unfair advantage.
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