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Jiraiya will defeat Kisame in a fight

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Started: 12/18/2014 Category: TV
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'll be defending Jiraiya.
Location: Where kisame fought killer B.
1. Kisame knows about Sage Mode. He doesnt know anything else about jiraiya. 2. Jiraiya knows about Samehada's ability to absorb chakra. He knows nothing else about Kisame. Prep time: None
Mindset: IC with killing intent
Starting Distance: 20 metre.
Condition: Kisame has Samehada and Samehada will not betray Kisame. Restriction: None
Feats: Only known feats of the
characters are to be used, no
assumptions are allowed no matter
how obvious it is. If it was never
shown in the manga then you can"t
consider it. Only Canon feats are
allowed. Filler Feats are banned.

My case:
he would normally come off as goofy, Jiraiya had repeatedly shown
himself to be a shrewd man. His intelligence enabled him to track
Orochimaru and Akatsuki through the years, and he headed his own spy
network all over the Five Great Shinobi Countries for this purpose. He
was very knowledgeable in various techniques, able to quickly recognise
them and know how to counter them.
Reasons why Jiraiya will win :
1. Jiraiya's feats on land are faster than that of Kisame's(When he went to the Rain Village to battle Pain)
He can summon Gamabunta and the other toads to battle Kisame to buy him
time to strategise and activate Senin-mode which will severely enhance
all his fighting elements.
He can counter Kisame if he tries to turn the battle field into a sort
of pool or water filled body by countering with his fire style jutsus.
Samehada can eat chakra, yes. However, after going to Sage mode, if
Samehada does try it then it will turn to stone due to Natural Energy
5. Not to mention even his Sage mode power enhances massively when he summons Ma and Pa


Definition of "Will"- expressing the future tense. ----Google Definitions

Jiraiya and Kisame are characters from the TV anime show Naruto, so it is in this animated realm that they "exist".

You assert that Jiraiya will defeat Kisame in a fight, however It IS Impossible for Jiraiya to beat Kisame in a fight because Jiraiya is dead and will never occur again as a live character who can fight Anybody on the show.....

"Jiraiya sends the secret behind Nagato's Paths of Pain, along with a disabled Animal Path, to Naruto and the rest of Konoha to give them an edge.[11][29] He then dies without regret as he sinks into the sea; knowing that he did all he could for the future hero of the world." ~WIKI
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed that a dead character cannot come back to life for a fight thus making the resolution invalid