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Jogging shirtless

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Started: 5/17/2015 Category: Health
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So, I love to go jogging/running. When i get really hot, I like to take my shirt off because I feel like I am over-heating when I have a shirt on. I wonder, though, if i am offending some people or does it not bother others at all. I am semi muscular but do still have a little but of belly fat.


A soaked shirt evaporates slower and keeps body hotter than taking it off making the jog and run easier than they would be if one were in hotter conditions or a tougher gradient of ground.

The army sometimes trains by carrying heavy things or putting rocks in their bag just to make it harder than it should be in the 'real' situation where one would need to use the muscles to either save their life or impress others.

The best fighters, athletes and sportspeople of any sub-genre of physical competitions and feats all train a lot harder than they want to do it in general. That's how they become comfortable with the usual level.

When running, one should keep the shirt on, as oppose dot being shirtless so as to make it harder and get the muscles working harder than normal in a smaller amount of time so as to increase the efficiency with which they build their endurance and cardio in general.
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Thanks for the information. I just sometimes feel a little smothered with the shirt on as it's getting wet. It starts to feel tight. However you do have a point about the water evaporating better.


It doesn't evaporate better, that's the point.
Debate Round No. 2


I understand but my point is wondering if it truly offends anybody that I do this or are people okay with it? I need some feedback.


What if the world ended today?

There's your answer.
Debate Round No. 3
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