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Joseph Kony 2012 Army

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Started: 3/12/2012 Category: Politics
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I believe that the fight againts Joseph Kony is false and is fake propaganda from the government with ulterior motives invlolved. A lot of americans are fools and are blind to the true reality which is genocide and colonization in Africa.


I accept this debate and will argue that the Kony 2012 movement is legit and ot government propoganda or a colonization conspiracy like the Con claims

Other than that

Debate Round No. 1


This new outreach program to stop the LRA is non sense is and not stating the actual facts to the situation. Their claim to help is to narrow and all they want to do is stop the war to save the children. This war has been going on for close to 30 years. And this organization make over 13 million dollars and only 31% goes to their actual fight. Now the government gets involved. they didn't want to get involved before because there was no economic interest for them to even involve themselves in Ugandan affairs.


You claim that this new movement is not stating the actual facts of what is going on, do you have any evidence for that? The video shows how many people have been abducted, how long its been going on, who is behind it, where it is happening, and what the movement intends to do..... The video hasnt doctored any facts.

The war has indeed been going on for the good part of 30 years, but many people simply did not know who Kony was and what he was doing in Central Africa for all these years. It is thanks to a viral video and a new idea about how to fight dictators that people are now clamoring to give their support to this charity to help. Also the organization donates more than 30% to help, it donates well over 35% and all other expenses go to spreading the word and just giving salaries to those who work for the charity....

Yo umention that the government didnt get involved before because there is no economic interest, well what kind of bullsh*t reason is that for NOT doing this? When the US gave food to Somalia during a drought in the 1990's there wasnt a clear economic interest the US had in Somalia, we went in there for humanitarian reasons, and that is what we are doing right now with Kony 2012, this is purely a humanitarian campaign, why should it be stopped just because the US doesnt benefit economically because of it?

For the record, Kony 2012 does not advocate the US sending thousands of troops into Central Africa to find Kony, the campaign only is rallying public support to encourage the US government to keep the 100 military advisers already over there to STAY over there. Kony 2012 is not preaching an all out war to stop Kony and his organization similar to the one we launched to get Saddam or Osama.

The strategy here is to have the 100 adviser/soldiers to help Uganda and other central African countries have the technological capacity to stop Kony from moving into any new territories and to try to slowly choke-holding him until he is captured or found dead. The way to encourage the US governemtn to not withdraw those advisers is if the people keep reminding the government that this is an important issue, and that is what the Kony 2012 Campaign is doing.

There isnt some kind of conspiracy to colonize Central Africa here, this is basically what happened....

1) Kony started doing all of these despicable things 30 years ago starting in the 1980's
2) The US didnt care at first because under Reagan they were more concerned about their long time enemy Soviet Russia, which was on the verge of collapsing and bringing an end to the cold war
3) Kony continued to do all these terrible things in Central Africa, primarily Uganda at first
4) As time passed America soon became engulfed in a war against terrorism and regional warlords rather than entire countries.
5) At this point a majority of Americans have no idea who Kony is or what he is doing, let alone how to stop him.
6) The Kony Charity starts campaigning to stop Kony years ago, hwoever they werent very popular or well known.
7) Use of the media and sites like Twitter and Facebook are seen to play a role in revolutions in the Middle East such as Egypt and Libya.
8) Kony 2012 comes out with the plan to rely on social media to try to bring down a warlord, something that has been proven to work but still revolutionary at the same time.
9) The video brings awareness to Kony and what he has done, along with where he currently is
10) The video emphasizes US presence in Central Africa to try to fight Kony and how our involvement is in jeopardy since the US government doesnt think that people care.
11) The video becomes famous, people now know that jsut by showing they care about Kony that that is enough to keep the US involved in bringing down a warlord
12) People start showing their support and getting others involved because they can now participate in a humanitarian aid mission without calling for anything drastic

And here we are now, so tell me what is the conspiracy here about why we shouldnt be supporting Kony 2012, a movement that uses technologies shown to bring down warlords, a movement that does NOT ask for the deployment of thousands of troops to fight Kony, and a movement that is acting on humanitarian ideals and not economical incentive?

Kony 2012
Debate Round No. 2


Cali_D_600 forfeited this round.


Con has not given a single reason why we should not support Kony 2012
Con has forfeited every single one of my arguments

Vote Pro :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by imabench 6 years ago
fast* not fats
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
well you better list some motives and give evidence for them fats otherwise your gonna lose this debate and be seen in a similar light as 9/11 conspiracy theorists...
Posted by Cali_D_600 6 years ago
Be serious my friend colonization in Africa has been going on for centuries. This is not something the government did not know about. They knew very well who Joseph Kony is. Then I understand what you are saying the younger generation may not know about Joseph Kony and know this infromation is being spread and its getting viral attention. But ask yourself this how has the LRA been active for so long how are they getting their weapons when major weapons manufacturing consist in America and European Countries. Don't be fooled by humanitarian efforts by private organizations those are only moke mirrors for ulterior motives.
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
yeah because now people know about him and actually can join a movement to lead to him being stopped, how is this a conspiracy colonization motive?
Posted by Cali_D_600 6 years ago
There is a bigger issue at hand that is bigger than the LRA I feel. This has beeen a war goingon for over 30 years and now theres a political cry.
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
KONY 2012!!!!!
(why is it only 30 min between arguments?)
Posted by Stephen_Hawkins 6 years ago
DAMMIT IMABENCH stop sniping...
Posted by Stephen_Hawkins 6 years ago
Are you saying that the LRA are or are not responsible?
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