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Joseph Stalin was a better dictator than Adolf Hitler.

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Started: 1/9/2014 Category: People
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As the Pro, I will be taking the idea into my own hands that Joseph Stalin was better than Adolf Hitler. The first round is only for acceptance. The person that accepts the challenge accepts that their position is that Hitler was better a dictator than was Stalin. They cannot say that he wasn't when their position says they are. You must have concrete evidence [no opinions / bias and NO BLOGS!]. All website links must be from trusted / reputable sites, others will be considered void. Do not implement personal beliefs ["I liked Hitler because, from personal experience, I think Jews are bad."]!


I'll accept this debate. I will be arguing 1) That of the two dictators, Hitler's Dictatorship placed the people of his country in better conditions than Stalin's; 2) that Hitler's dictatorship implemented more sound economic practices, although the differences between the two are few; 3) that Hitler's policies regarding the Final Solution, while no doubt horrifying, inhumane, and beyond reprehensible, pailed in comparison to Stalin's Great Purge and the Holdomor, which the USA recognizes as Genocide; 4) that Hitler's regime had superior military tactics and technology; and 5) that Hitler's political regime was more cohesive and supported by the populace than Stalin's.

In the process, I will show that of the two terrible and evil Dictators, Hitler's regime was the better. I look forward to a good debate, and wish my opponent luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking up the debate and good luck to you as well. Now, I will be stating that I believe persuasion in a debate is best organized, so I will organize my argument into sections.

1. Imprisonment through The Fuhrer's orders: Hitler's Nazi Regime first came into power after being elected into power in Germany post-WW1. War reparations had been paid by Germany and land was given up. At the time Russia had just recently finished it's own Civil War (Revolution of the people against Government) and was also falling apart. During WW1, the Central Powers of the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary fell apart entirely and Austria-Hungary (the true start of WW1, when it declared war on Serbia) was divided into four countries. Along with this, a country was formed along the shoreline of Western Europe, Poland. These factors are keys to later part of WW2. Joseph Stalin, after the Nazi Regime began to grow stronger, developed something called the 'USSR', which was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was a group of Soviet Communists meant to take down Hitler and the Third Reich. In 1932, the first Concentration Camp had been made under Hitler's order, Dachau. It was then later taken over by another man in 1933. In this Camp went political and social minorities. Before it had actually contained social and political minorities, it was a Prison Camp for Soviets captured during invasions. On September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded and occupied Poland and deported several thousands of Jews, Blacks and other minorities to the Camps. By then, several camps had already been built. Then, shower houses had been built. But they were not showers. Manipulating looks, the Germans had build Gas Chambers that emitted nauseous gasses that killed whoever breathed it. These were portrayed as 'showers' to the prisoners. And now, people were being executed, forced to manual labour and then piled on top of each other, lying dead.

2. The occupation of Poland: As I had stated, in 1939, Germany occupied and invaded Poland. This meant Germany became the official Government of Poland through militaristic force. Nazi Germany had always been a militaristic nation because Hitler used brute power and intellect to conquer the opposing countries of the Reich. Officers of the Wehrmacht oppressed the public to the fullest, but weren't really as bed as soon portrayed by France, Russia and the United States. Joseph Stalin sent in Russian Secret Police disguised as citizens to investigate Poland's conditions. It seemed like more and more people were being deported into Camps. Hitler had executed a couple thousand Jews by that point. Joseph Stalin or "Uncle Stalin" had been freeing Jews at that point from the Polish Occupation.

3. Let my people go!: Joseph Stalin had by that point began freeing Jewish, Black and other slaves from Nazi clutches. Hitler tried rapid times to invade Russia and each time failed. Germany fell apart in late 1944, and all of Hitler's men were dying in battle. England, France, Spain, America, Canada and Russia had overwhelmed the power of Germany. Now, while Germany had extremely over powered technology and war ethic, it was not enough to stop the Allied Powers. Italy had quite a few years before this final invasion, invaded Ethiopia and soon Northern Africa. Those countries were also being liberated and were major exporters of Black Prisoners. Stalin helped to liberate millions along with the leaders of the other Allied Powers during the final days of Germany and Italy.

4. Hitler's Suicide, 1945: When Hitler realized all of his soldiers were either dead or prisoners, he committed suicide, taking a cyanide pill and then shooting himself in the skull. Part of Hitler's skull was detached partially from the gunshot. Soviets were found doing similar things Hitler had done, enslaving the innocent. Soon, Soviet Russia developed Nazi Camps like Hitler had, where people were forcibly enslaved and deported to. Stalin had signed a pact with Germany in 1939 that was broken by Hitler in 1941 speaking of trading slaves for resources. This is what Stalin revisited. He took prisoner Nazis, Women and etc. Soviets raped and killed millions after WW2 and were left sanctioned by the League of Nations. Russia had been given embargoes like Japan had and was left much like Germany post-WW1.


blaze8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Adolf Hitler lead the Germans back to into power however breaking several agreements and policies one of which being the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler brought back the economy after inflation and war reparations had taken Germany down. Joseph Stalin was a Totalitarian Dictator from Georgia here in America who gunned down in his own people, let them live in poverty and fear. However, Hitler's army had gone against several agreements. Hitler took immediate advantage of the Treaty of Versailles minor flaws. Hitler decided to break the Treaty, break an agreement made with England and BS his way out of the Munich Conference. Hitler was the worst German Leader--worse than the Democracy they had. President Von Hindenburg was sick of him too at this point. Adolf Hitler broke another agreement with England when they invaded Czechoslovakia and then invaded and occupied Poland. Hitler gained more and more power. Prime Minister Chamberlain of England only has so much time to do what was necessary. Chamberlain decides to stop ignoring his Adviser and then decides it's time to attack Germany for invading Poland--this starts WWII.

During WWII, Russia and the US do the most damage to the Axis Powers. Hitler was crushed to see that most of his German defenses built on the West Coast was being torn down by America. Italy was invaded in North Africa. Russia liberated Poland from Nazi Occupation.

I remember distinctly when the Reichstag burnt down (the Reichstag being German Parliament) and then Hitler blamed the Communist Party in Germany for it. Remember the "Night of Broken Glass?" The night that Jewish businesses were looted and destroyed? Innocent business owners were robbed and beaten up.

Hitler love this--he had his SA start senseless bar brawls and street fights with political and social enemies of Hitler. The SA were then rejected and lost all legal jurisdictions and powers. At the time of these horrific actions, Joseph Stalin was busy doing this not so much better--taxing the poor and keep the taxes off of his shoulders and the Government's as well. Stalin was a pig in his time of office, what can I say? Both dictators were terrible. But reviewing their levels of war crime and their horrific action, Hitler was still so much worse.

Hitler broke agreements with England and the League of Nations (now known as the 'United Nations') and decided it would be a good idea to pass laws when granted Emergency Service Permissions after the Reichstag burnt down that allowed him to become Dictator of Germany. He then overthrew the power of Von Hindenburg and threw him into a Concentration Camp along with other political and social opponents and minorities. Hitler was a brute of human arrogance. Yet he was not the first person to be against the Jews, it was a part of German culture for the longest time. Hitler was still a brute. Pretty much all of the Massachusetts population here in America would be gone under Hitler's order--same with most of the East Coast (New England). Hitler was very discriminative and though Stalin was too, Hitler was more vast about it, he simply did not care for the most part. I mean, he didn't even give black people a chance--Not even imprisonment, he just had them shot.

Hitler was not a diplomat when it came to other countries, he was an overpowered Totalitarian with no other way of expressing or asserting dominance over that country except through war. When it came to the USSR, Hitler recognized a size difference and immediately took advantage of that. At the time all of this was going on, England was sending in more fighter planes to bomb Germany--but it didn't work too well because Adolf Hitler saw the attack coming and retaliated as well as commanded for good defenses to be built. The SS Officer (SchutzStaffel Kommandant) was in charge of the SS and basically Hitler's defense force. In the air, we had the Luftwaffe, the Air Force otherwise serving on the Wehrmacht Kommandant. It's ridiculous to say how Hitler behaved...

1. Gas Chambers: People would think they'd be taking showers but would actually be killed with poison gas.
2. Invasions: People would look up and see a series of bombs and German fighter planes in the sky attacking their country.
3. Camps: Hitler had millions of people enslaved, tortured and eventual killed in all sorts of sick, twisted camps--the most known one being Auschwitz.
4. Militarism: Hitler was, as mentioned, a war brute who thought war was the first answer. Considering he was safe in office and not on the front line, he did not care how many wars he was putting out there.
5. Broken Promises: Hitler broke too many Treaties and Promises taken in account internationally to be trusted. He broke treaties and promises with England, the League of Nations and even more than that!
6. Brainwashing: Hitler was a diplomat when it came to spreading the word of Nazi Political beliefs. He shared his ideas with Italy, Japan and the Soviet Union. The USSR was actually at one point on Hitler's side after signing a pact. Hitler broke the pact in 1941. Japan and Italy stood on the Axis Powers' side. Japan attacked Asian countries. Italy attacked African countries. And Germany (as well as other Axis Countries [Austria]), took care of occupying and invading countries in Europe both western and eastern.

Joseph Stalin was not someone that did this. The pact he attempted to keep together was broken by Hitler out of stupidity. Stalin was very angry at this. And then he sent in the Red Army to capture and enslave Hitler. Eventually, Hitler committed suicide. Much before this, nearly all of Hitler's army surrendered mainly because of how the number ratio was. Hitler had sent about 50,000 soldiers to defend and the Red Army had about 75,000--nearly 100,000!

Stalin was the reason Hitler needed to commit suicide.

Got anything better?


blaze8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RepublicanMan 2 years ago
I actually regret this debate. I see that my position is wrong. xD
Posted by RepublicanMan 3 years ago
@blaze8 Thank you for saying that. And yes, I would be more than willing to debate this topic once more with you once you have the time. A 'rematch' you may call it. Have a good day.
Posted by blaze8 3 years ago
Dang, I missed it by hours.....I apologize to my opponent once more, and I ask that all those who may vote on this poll give him his due, vote for Pro, as I have failed in my obligation to present my argument as Con. If my opponent would be willing to debate this topic once I actually have time to debate it, I would be grateful. My schedule drastically changed this past week, and I bit off more than I could handle in terms of outside obligations and this debate.
Posted by RepublicanMan 3 years ago
@blaze8 Forfeiting is not something I frown upon. It was necessary to apologize.
Posted by blaze8 3 years ago
I would like to apologize to my opponent for forfeiting my round of this debate, school just started up again and I am now on a different schedule. I will do my best to keep from forfeiting any more rounds.
Posted by Viet 3 years ago
Both are evil monsters, however, Hitler's economic policies was slightly better, Hitler's death toll (6 million Jews plus many more targeted demographics) was less than 1/3 of Stalin, and considering Germany is much smaller than USSR, they mobilised and coordinated their military very well.
Posted by STALIN 3 years ago
Posted by RepublicanMan 3 years ago
What I mean by better is who had the better economic, social and in general political strategies. An example being how they both used censorship and propaganda. Or how they both made restrictions. Which one did better at not only doing the restricting, but thinking about what those restrictions might be.

In general, "better" means who lead their country to better economy, power and a stronger society...
Posted by blaze8 3 years ago
ZenoCitium's concerns are mine as well. Better by what standards? Length of reign? Stability? Military prowess? Technological innovation? Least (or perhaps most) deaths of civilians? Better economic system? Better political organization? The qualifiers go on and on and on. Clarification is needed.
Posted by ZenoCitium 3 years ago
I'd love to accept but I'm not sure what your criteria are for "better". I guess you mean it literally, as in which one ruled their government the least democratically? Or maybe you mean which one looked and dressed the best?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con ff the last two rounds. Pro also had much better arguments. There is no doubt about who won this.