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Justin Bieber caused 9/11

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Started: 5/23/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Justin bieber caused 9/11. opponent must prove he didnt


I really don't care for the named celebrity, but for the sake of argument I shall prove it highly unlikely he caused the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks [1].

Born March 1st 1994 in Canada, Justin Drew Bieber ([2], henceforth referred to as JB) was seven years old at the time of the terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacks began their planning in 1996 [3], when JB was no more than two years old. As individual two year olds are not generally international news, the blame for violent terrorist attacks should not be assigned to babies.

Sources (wiki links are included for general overview, and are date set for the current versions when I read them):
Debate Round No. 1


He is an obvious terrorist ... I mean "Bieber fever" is a mental sickness that uses bi products of AIDS and other STD's to turn kids into homosexual brain dead deaf children yes he was a former member of al Qaeda and a Mexican-Colombian drug cartel that was also responsible for the assassination of JFK and Aberham Lincoln. Its no surprise he will crash the world to apocalypse in an illuminati plot to crash the economy and take america while the crisis happens with america they will cut all supplies and other countries will have to give up causing a new world order in the name of satan I mean he used to drink orphan blood from hollow skulls from the victims of the holocaust...


"He is an obvious terrorist"
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines terrorism (or terrorist) as "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion" [1]. What is JB coercing (to restrain or dominate by force) from us?

"Bieber fever ... turn[s] kids into homosexual brain dead deaf children"
There are conflicting terms within this. How can you measure a braindead child as deaf? Or Homosexual for that matter. I however agree that Bieber Fever is an ugly thing.

"Former member of al Qaeda and a Mexican-Colombian drug cartel"
He's only nineteen years old, and he's been a member of such conflicting groups, I'm quite impressed.

"He will crash the world to apocalypse ... causing a new world order"
Many points here I'm skipping, but basically he's going to destroy the earth; and afterwards bring about a new one? Or was that reference to Apocalypse the X-Men villain? [2]

"He used to drink orphan blood from hollow skulls from the victims of the holocaust"
His addiction to this is well documented, being the main subject of last summers unforgettable hit biopic Justin Bieber's Beaver, which starred Robin Williams in the title role, and Pauly Shore as the beaver witnessing the young man's spiral into madness. However the relevance to the resolution "Justin Bieber caused 9/11" is just not present.

As Justin Bieber could not have caused the terrorist attacks in question (for starters he was too busy drinking orphan blood), nor has pro given any evidence to suggest otherwise; other reasons behind this debate must be looked at.

The difference between an honorable Samurai, and a disgusting Ronin, is one faithfully serves a master. Japanese codes of honor include such things as committing evil in your masters name, so that he will not have to give the order and thus soil his own honor. So who is pro's master, as he admits to being a Samurai? Is it possible that this debate was created in an effort to get us to listen to a jailbait teenager, repeat "baby baby baby" about a million times [3] while grabbing his crotch?

Debate Round No. 2


samurai forfeited this round.


Extend arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


he has an army of little innocent girls. before he shaved his head you could see he had a turban under his hair. everyone knows all Muslims are terrorist.


"He has an army of little innocent girls"
He has failed to soil the innocence of his fanbase.

Assuming he or was Muslim (and that all Muslims are terrorists), this still does not support the claim that he caused 9/11.
Debate Round No. 4


little girls have been cutting them selves "cutting for bieber". this leads to terrorist acts. bieber is an obvious muslim and of course all muslims are terrorist. I believe Justin is also an Obama supporter and Obama is no different then Osama.


"Girls have been 'cutting for bieber'"
  1. I'm pretty sure that's a euphemism for masturbation. Which is a perfectly healthy form of stress relief, thereby decreasing the need to commit suicide bombings (in addition to other terrorist acts).
  2. If it is actual cutting...

"Justin is also an Obama supporter"
No contest.

"Obama is no different then Osama."

  1. This would need to be demonstrated (basically you'd need a whole argument for setup, or declare it in round 1).
  2. Supporting an international terrorist leader, does not enable them to have carried out past attacks.

I accept that this was intended as a troll debate, but where was the humor? Take a look at a current similar debate by imabench [4], he supports his side with twisted evidence and sources. This debate just had a shift of BoP to me, but no follow up to refute my evidence that JB could not have caused 9/11. Perhaps this whole thing would have been better as just "JB sucks worse than a [insert derogatory remark here]."

A respected news agency, quoted the Los Angeles police chief as saying this on the subject of JB "Something as diabolical as Justin Bieber, could only have been the product of a remorseless sex fiend" [5]. Sex fiend, as in desiring sex; not a terrorist wanting to kill people.

[5] This one is good for a laugh.

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
This was hilarious. No offense, but Con wiped the floor with Pro's arguments.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Yeah. This was pretty terrible.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago
This was probably the stupidest and ridiculous debate I've ever seen. Bieber Fever is a expression, not a disease. No matter pro lost.
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
Pro are u dumb Justin beiber would not have caused 9/11 dummy matter a fact he was not even there at the time and I bet barely of those muslims know him so I do not know what u are saying Justin beiber caused it, He may be gay and stupid which I do agree but he did not cause no bombing if he did it would be on the news
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
Pro if you'd like any help constructing future arguments, please let me know.
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
bitch please... Justin bieber became famous right after 9/11. what do you think of that nigga?
Posted by glowingdisco 4 years ago
Justin Bieber wasn't even a public figure in society, genius. .__.
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Reasons for voting decision: Even assuming this is a troll debate on the part of PRO, as CON noted "As Justin Bieber could not have caused the terrorist attacks in question (for starters he was too busy drinking orphan blood), nor has pro given any evidence to suggest otherwise; other reasons behind this debate must be looked at." Even still, "I accept that this was intended as a troll debate, but where was the humor?" Conduct to CON because PRO forfeited Rd. 3 and sources because as best I can tell, PRO used none. Spelling and grammar to CON because I remember 28 spelling errors without going back and recounting, but I'm sure I missed a few. I'd encourage future voters to go back and tally them up.