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Justin Bieber is a better person than what you make him to be.

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Started: 8/14/2014 Category: People
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What I don't understand is everyone claims that they hate Justin but don't have a good reason to hate him .He goes through so much.Like that petition to deport him was ridiculous...He's doing what everyone else is doing and I don't see none of them getting threaten and wanted out of the country .Everyone treats him so wrong i understand why most of you think he's full of himself, he wants to be treated like a real person but he doesn't want the consequences other people have. But still. He goes through so many death threats, people calling him gay, a lesbian, and constantly telling him he has no talent. You can't expect him to hear those things on a daily and assume him not to react. Everyone keeps telling him how much of a punk he is and that he doesn't fight his on battles. But then when he actually defends himself, "He's a bad influence". Which one do you want him to be?? a bad influence or a Punk because ha can't be a nice bad boy. It's like nobody even cares about the good people do anymore. Justin is in so many charities and donates so much money.... ( )
But nobody sees the good he does You only see this
And it's so stupid. I don't care what anyone does he doesn't deserve this hate..Yep immma belieber but long time ago i wasn't and i still never treated him the way others do.


Justin Bieber spits on fans
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When Justin Bieber Met the Prime Minister of Canada, He Wore This
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On this quiz show, people were unable to determine if quotes came from Justin Bieber or Angelica Pickles, the spoiled 3 year old brat from Rugrats, because the types of things they both say are so similar.
So Justin Bieber is the equivalent of a 3 year old brat.

JB sang racist song about being in the kkk and killing n***** at the age of 14

JB egged his neighbor"s house

JB peed in a restaurant mop bucket

JB illegally brought his pet monkey to Germany, then left his monkey there, and got an 11,000 dollar fine from Germany he has still not paid.

All these things in addition to this source: that my opponent cited, are enough reasons to hate Justin Bieber. And what is so bad is that there are so many Beliebers despite him being a complete douchebag.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay first...

Justin apologized about what he did when he peed in mop bucket and said f**** Bill Clinton

And about that "racist joke" Nobody really found it offending. And he also had something to say about that too.

everything he does he gets fined for it. But if another person was doing some of the stuff he's doing ( non celebrity) they wouldn't get fined.. people just treat him like that because they want to because he's Justin Bieber, not because what he's doing is bad it's just because who he is. He knows he makes bad choices and he tries to fix them...And Justin isn't a douche bag nor a bad influence...he "makes bad decisions" but not a bad role model , influence. If you ask me this isn't something a douche bag would do.

Justin spit no where near his fans....Justin would never do that he gives his fans so much love


Apologizing doesn"t excuse bad behavior.

If anything celebrities are more likely to be fined because they can afford good lawyers to avoid legal punishment. If anyone else did the things JB has done they would also be a bad person.

He just "made bad decisions" is not a valid excuse. Decisions like peeing in a restaurant mop bucket while saying f*** Bill Clinton, and egging his neighbor"s house, aren"t just not so good decisions made off of not so good judgment. Those are bad things that normal good people don"t even consider doing.
Debate Round No. 2


AndreaMariee forfeited this round.


I have nothing else to add.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wow_so_punk 3 years ago
Justin Bieber wouldn't get fined for the things he does if he wasn't a celebrity? That may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Laws don't bend that way for celebrities, if anything he might be getting fined less because he is a celebrity. Believe me, if he was getting wrongfully fined, he and his lawyer would have taken whoever was responsible to court. Any person would have gotten fined or worse for illegally taking an animal into another country and then leaving said animal behind. Your logic is so flawed that it actually causes me physical pain.
Posted by schachdame 3 years ago
I was such a proud German when I heard about the monkey-fine. And if the bill waiting at the border prevents his ego from concerts in Germany, Id regard it as a double-win situation. It's always a shame if celebrities don't even life up to responsibilities that everyone has. Being called gay is no excuse to not pay your tax and fees. It's child-logic. And this boy may behave and dress as childish as he wants. He is not anymore.
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