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Justin Bieber is a better person than what you make him to beeee.

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Started: 8/14/2014 Category: People
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What I don't understand is everyone claims that they hate Justin but don't have a good reason to hate him .He goes through so much.Like that petition to deport him was ridiculous...He's doing what everyone else is doing and I don't see none of them getting threaten and wanted out of the country .Everyone treats him so wrong i understand why most of you think he's full of himself, he wants to be treated like a real person but he doesn't want the consequences other people have. But still. He goes through so many death threats, people calling him gay, a lesbian, and constantly telling him he has no talent. You can't expect him to hear those things on a daily and assume him not to react. Everyone keeps telling him how much of a punk he is and that he doesn't fight his on battles. But then when he actually defends himself, "He's a bad influence". Which one do you want him to be?? a bad influence or a Punk because ha can't be a nice bad boy. It's like nobody even cares about the good people do anymore. Justin is in so many charities and donates so much money.... ( )
But nobody sees the good he does You only see this
And it's so stupid. I don't care what anyone does he doesn't deserve this hate..Yep immma belieber but long time ago i wasn't and i still never treated him the way others do.


First off. I'd like to bring up the definition of "you."

According to Oxford Dictionaries, "you" is defined as used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing. Since my opponent is debating with me, I am the "you."

Basically, the topic states, "Justin Bieber is a better person than what I, LDPOFODebATeR0328, make him to be."

Now, moving onto my arguments.

1: I, LDPOFODebATeR0328, never attempted to make Justin Bieber seem like a bad person. Justin is ALREADY a bad person...


2: After several hours of researching, I noticed something about JB. He is NOT A GOOD person.

First of all, he is perverted. He groped a fan's breast at a "Meet-and-Greet." [1] He is also known for having sex with a Brazilian "prostitute."

Second, I'd to say that Justin was constantly in trouble for his immaturity. (Maybe this is why people want to deport him...) Justin Bieber was once fined when he egged his neighbor's house for no apparent reason. He was forced to pay $80,900 and attend anger management courses. [2] He was once again in trouble when he was illegally drag racing in South Florida. Urine tests showed the presence of marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in JB's system. [3]

Third, he doesn't really care about his fans. He was once 2.5 hours late to a concert. Instead of coming up on stage, he took topless selfies of himself. [4] He also once spat on his fans gathered around his hotel. [1]

3: He tries to solve everything with money...

Justin constantly gets in trouble. How does he get out of them? He uses money. For example, he was supposed to go to jail for drag racing. Instead, he was forced to pay $50,000 worth of charitable donation. [3] So, he didn't donate to the charity because he was nice; he donated because he had to.


Basically my opponent's only argument was: Justin is nice because he donated to the charity.

Judge(s), I'd like to say that just because JB donated money, doesn't mean he's a good person. Like I said he was once FORCED to pay charitable donation. JB provided the "generous" donations because he wants to repair his damaged reputation.

For all these reasons, please vote for the negative side of this debate. Thank you.

Debate Round No. 1


AndreaMariee forfeited this round.


LOL. My opponent forfeited. Extend all my arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


AndreaMariee forfeited this round.


My opponent, once again, forfeited. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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