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Justin Bieber is amazing

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Started: 4/19/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I stand in firm affirmation of this resolution stating that Justin Bieber is amazing for numerous reasons.
Contention 1: He stays true to his fans
Not only does he still hang out wit his friends back in Canada, but he states," every morning i wake up and know that i am truly blessed. Justin Drew Bieber was discovered by posting youtube videos online. In order to do that it takes a lot of courage.
Contention 2: Justin Bieber does have singing talent
Some may argue that he cant sing and that he sings like a girl. Well, if you look past that untrue statement Justin can actually sing. Also, his lyrics don't take about corrupted things many artist sing about. His music actually has a meaning. He says what h thinks, and he is the youngest artist with his success since stevie wonder.
Contention 3: Justin Bieber will help our economy
If you look at it, and realize how much money he makes from selling his albums and singing for concerts or surprise appearances. Most of that money is deducted by taxes. This is true for every celebrity and well what is more amazing than that.

I will prove that justin bieber is amazing


Amazing: inspiring awe or admiration or wonder (Princeton Wordnet)

Justin Bieber is not amazing.

C1 - No source is posted as proof of him still hanging out with his friends or his accompanying quote. I will drop the argument until presented with a source. It takes little to no courage to post a video on youtube because the Internet is almost completely anonymous. So what if someone knows what your face looks like or what your voice sounds like? You don't have to live with their reactions in your everyday life because they do not surround you.

C2 - Pro simply states that he can sing well. This doesn't prove he has singing talent. Compared to an actual singer like Warrel Dane of Nevermore (see video), he pales in comparison. His age and success have nothing to do with his singing talent. If marketed correctly, poor quality items can become popular. Pop radio, which Bieber is a part of, is a perfect example.

As for his lyrics, they are complete garbage. To completely prove my point, I will compare him to someone who many people probably consider to have meaningless lyrics. Refer to lyrics of Bieber's song called "One Time." I will compare them with a section of Gucci Mane's verse off the song "Break Up."

Now, baby girl have dumped me,
She no longer wants me.
I'm no longer hired,
She says that I've been fired.
On to the next one,
More fish in the sea.
Girls are like buses,
Miss one, Next you see one comin'.

When I met you girl my heart went knock knock,
Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop,
And even though its a struggle love is all we got,
So we gon' keep keep climbin' till the mountain top.

I would argue that Gucci has higher quality lyrics here. Gucci is saying that even if you lose a significant other, there are plenty other options available. He is reassuring listeners that even if one person no longer wants you, it doesn't change your value as an individual. You can miss one bus but there will always be another one coming for you.

On the other hand, Bieber is saying that even though love is a struggle, it is the only thing his significant other and he have. This makes listeners think that love is all you have in life when this simply isn't true. It devalues self-worth and places value externally which means your own value depends on your co-dependency to another person. This is ridiculous. Furthermore, butterflies in the stomach are a total cliche and they don't really deepen the meaning. Bieber says that despite the struggle of love, he will continue to pursue "the mountain top." This doesn't mean anything. If the two already love each other, what left do they have to find? After all, love is all they have so they should be grateful for even that.

C3 - I doubt his sales as an artist will do anything to make a noticeable change in our economic situation. My reasoning is that no artist has ever done this before which makes it incredibly unlikely.

I contend that Justin Bieber is not amazing.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent case is totally bogus,if he/she cant see the true talent he possesses it is up to y the voters to actually choose which side, which is why i am still going to go with the affirmative side stating that justin bieber is amazing.

I will begin by refuting my opponents case and then gong over mine.

in he/she C1 he stated that there is no proof that justin bieber still hangs out with his friends when in fact i have that proof. Note to the link.

In his C2 he states that justin doesnt have any singing talent, unfortunaly he/she is wrong again. Warrel Dane of Nevermore mht be a good singer but he doesnt appeal to most people like Justin does. Sure, he is more sophisticated but in the long run justin biebr will be better. Justin is not of poor quality. I feel it is important to note again that Justin bieber will make a difference and his songs dont just sing about exploiting things. To some they appeal as a peaceful,catchy, great rhythm.

C3, any kind of contribution to our government is a great deal.

Since, my opponent hasn't really described into detail about how if someone knows what your face looks like or what your voice sounds like? You don't have to live with their reactions in your everyday life because they do not surround you. he needs to do some further explaiing on how this would effect us.

Justin Bieber is amazing and my case still stands.

Now to go over my case again,


infam0us forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


it appear that my opponent has forfeited this round. Therefore, i believe Justin bieber is amazing and the pro side has definitely proven why. the only way to go is affirmative!



I am very sorry for my forfeit. I was busy today. However, I feel bad for the affirmative because there is no doubt in my mind that the con arguments are superior. I also happen to have the last word. I allow me to wrap up why my arguments are more convincing despite my inappropriate conduct given the forfeit.

C1 - I'm sure any artist that made it big misses hanging out with their family and friends. This is irrelevant and doesn't make him any more amazing than the average pop star.

C2 - You conceded my point. You admitted Bieber is more accessible at the cost of lesser quality which would mean Bieber is not amazing, only popular. Brittney Spears appealed to a lot of people so I guess that makes her just as good by Pro's flawed logic. Pro also didn't manage to refute my lyrics comparison between Gucci and Bieber so I guess Gucci is a better lyricist. Bieber is definitely of poor quality and the lyrics comparison shows that perfectly. He is a poor singer and lyricist. He is the one who has been exploited. You say that to some, his songs are "peaceful, catchy, with a great rhythm." Well, to some, murdering is a great way to relieve stress. Pro's argument is ineffective.

C3 - Pro hardly went into this so I shouldn't even consider it a point. Anyway, record sales don't affect the government at all. They directly involve the artist, record label, and RIAA. It is nor a contribution nor a great deal to our government.

Conclusion: Pro didn't manage to refute any of my points and did a poor job holding his own. I wuold recommend a Con vote because of my better arguments despite inferior conduct. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dunnuck 6 years ago
Pro is a fool
Posted by Narwal19 7 years ago
Posted by bored123456 7 years ago
go con!
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