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Justin Bieber is not a bad person.

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Started: 10/18/2014 Category: People
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First round is for acceptance only. I will be arguing that Justin Bieber is not a bad person whilst my opponent will be arguing that he is.


While I would typically never argue something like this, I find this amusing, so I will proceed.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I want to start by saying I by no means think he's the nicest person in the world or he's never done bad things. Of course he has. However, I don't think he is a BAD person.
Justin grew up around the media. How hard can that be? People judging your every move, even though they don't know you. He's not just started to be hated now he's been arrested, done drugs etc... He's been hated since he was 15-16 because his voice sounds 'gay', he sounds like a girl, he's not talented and he's a waste of space. So many people said bad things about him. Maybe that's what triggered his behaviour from then till now. Who knows?
Justin also does lots of things for charity. It doesn't really show because not many magazines publish and write about those sort of things because most readers do prefer to read about juicy gossip. Justin Bieber on drugs!? They don't focus on how he's focused on so many charities including Make A Wish, Alzheimers Association, Children's Miracle Network Association, City Of Hope, Cure Duchenne, Food Bank for New York City, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, GRAMMY foundation, It Gets Better Project, Jumpstart, KaBOOM!, Musicians On Call, Pencils Of Promise, PETA, Ushers New Look Foundation and World Vision. He does an awful lot of good that most people don't realise or focus on.



Thanks for starting this debate! I would like start with definitions, the I will organize my arguments into three contingencies.

Bad person: A person who has continually made bad choices.

Now, Contingency 1: How any bad choices can a person make before he is considered bad? Is there any magic number? I would say no. However, I understand your argument, and would like to give an example that fits under your descriptions.
Of course I think Adolf Hitler did bad things, but he wasn't a bad person! While he may not have grown up around the media, he was faced with lots of adversity through out his life! He was rejected from the art school he was so passionate about, and he lost his beloved mother. Justin Bieber has had his life handed to him on a gold platter. Regardless of what people say about him, he is rich enough to where it shouldn't matter. Dang, if I was that rich, I would just buy a nice pair of headphones and jam out to some music, and I would feel no need to spit on the few remaining 'fans'

Contingency 2: A lot of people do things for charity. Mainly, because it will give you tax cuts. Justin Bieber keeps more of that money he earned when he was 15 because he doesn't have to pay as much taxes. Anyone can show up to a hospital for an hour, and then wait till the end of the year to reap the cash. Not to mention the good publicity that comes with it.

Contingency 3: I will jump into rebuttals, since I have already described my argument

"He does an awful lot of good that most people don't realise or focus on."

What do you want us to do? give him a high five for peeing in a bucket at a restaurant? Why should any one expect praise at all? We do good things because they're the right things to do. We do bad things because it's what we want to do.

"Justin grew up around the media. How hard can that be? People judging your every move, even though they don't know you."
Your Justification for his actions is that you think he had a hard childhood? Because people were interested in his actions? I'd be laughing all the way to the bank if the media cared about me. Geez, i'd sell them info about my self if they were stupid enough to take it. It's not like there is no way out of the public eye! Example: Raven Samone. Have you heard her name recently? No, you haven't. It's because she herself stayed out, and she's a better person for it!

Thank you, that is all
Debate Round No. 2


As you said in your argument, you were comparing Adolf Hitler and Justin Bieber. I don't think this is particularly fair due to the fact that Adolf killed millions of people and showed no remorse. Justin has done a few bad things but comparing him to ADOLF HITLER is going to the extreme. There was a poll a couple months back about the most hated men in the U.S. This was an official survey and the results are shocking. I'll do the top ten even though the list went up to about one hundred people.
1. Donald Sterling.
2. Bernie Madoff
3. O.J Simpson
4. Conrad Murray.
5. Justin Bieber
6. Phil Spector
7. Aaron Hernandez
8. Michael Lohan
9. Eliot Spitzer
10. Jon Gosselin

Justin scored higher than murderers. How can you say this is OK? At the end of the day, he hasn't killed anyone. He's urinated in a mop bucket, yes. But being higher than a murderer is taking it too far. You also said how because Justin is so rich, people hating on him shouldn't matter. I completely disagree with you because money isn't happiness and it must hurt for him to have such horrible things said about him at such a young age. It's still cyber-bullying even if he is famous. You also said few remaining fans, he still has lots of fans, more than before even.

Your next argument basically claims how he doesn't actually care about charity. He helped raise money for and build a school in Guatemala. If that doesn't show he cares, I don't know what does. He didn't just watch, he helped sift concrete, lay down cinder blocks and just spend time with the many children who would be attending that school.

Your next argument says basically why should you praise him? You don't have to praise him, just show a bit of respect. He urinated in a bucket, yes, and so has Harry Styles but the difference is the media brushed off Harry doing it and made a big deal out of Justin doing it. There are probably a lot of drunk people who have urinated in mop buckets. Big woop. Celebrities like Bruno Mars get praised even though he was a drug dealer in the past, but no, he's a 'legend' or a 'lad'. Raven Simone was never as famous as Justin. Justin can't escape, he's taken a break now and travelled the world but you still see a lot of news about him.

I know he's done a few bad things but he should be more respected.

Thank you, that's all.


I guess I dont understand. By posting this list, you gave my argument validity, so I will allow it. He was listed so high on that list because he was in a position were people would listen to his every bidding, and instead of promoting positive messages, he preoccupied himself with drugs and DUI's.

Next, note Donald Sterling is #1. He is a proud racist, however, he is not advertising to young teens. And I never said this was 'okay', however, when your being compared to murderers, your doing something wrong.

Next, blog posts are invalid. Give me a website that ends in .org, and i'll take it. is not valid.

Next, would you show respect for Donald Sterling? Or others on that list? I know I wouldn't.

Next, "Big woop. Celebrities like Bruno Mars get praised even though he was a drug dealer in the past, but no, he's a 'legend' or a 'lad'. "

Next, I really don't like Bruno Mars, but I can say that once again, you validated my argument by using a person who used to be bad, and now does not engage in those activities. So, thanks, I guess.

Finally, this argument is not about respect. It's whether or not he's a bad person.

You never justified why you think he's good. You only mentioned charities, which doesn't make you a good person. The USSR had every intention of helping the poor, yet were they good? Not at all.

Thank you, I have finished.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jacob15 3 years ago
Justin briber rules
Posted by LubricantSanta 3 years ago
Justin Bieber was caught drunk driving. In my mind, this is one of the most heinous acts a person could commit. Especially because it's done by people who define themselves as "good". But just remember what happens when a mother loses her child because some jerk couldn't think ahead to get a cab.
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