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Justin Bieber should be in jail for all the crimes he has committed.

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Started: 8/11/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Justin Bieber should put in jail for the crimes he has committed in the past.
1. first round is acceptance
2. no trolls
3. no insults or cussing
4. Please use UK english or US english whichever pleases you.


Hello! Shadow-Dragon accepts this debate, and the position that Justin Bieber should not be thrown in jail for his 'crimes'.

Debate Round No. 1


Alright let's begin.
As everyone knows Justin Bieber has done terrible things in the past for example drag racing illegally, possessing illegal drugs, etc. If he were a regular person then he would be put into jail for 10 years and more just for possessing illegal drugs. He also was drag racing under the influence of drugs and was driving while his license expired. He should also be accused of sexual assault due to groping one of his fan's breasts.


No doubt, Justin Bieber has done some illegal actions. However, many teenagers have. The reason people care is because he is a well known person.Not every teenage-lawbreaker goes to jail.People are going to break the law, but we can't go about jailing everybody for it.
Of course, he has done some crimes, but these are minor crimes. If anything, he would be put in a state level or federal prison for them. This is yet another inmate to pay for, and inmates are not cheap to keep in jail. [1] He would cost upwards of 15,000 dollars per annum, money that taxpayers would have to pay!
In addition, he would be "violated" in prison.
He does not deserve punishment like that, and money wasted on him.

Debate Round No. 2


Please excuse me con for going off topic but the link that you have provided to support your argument gave me a 404 error when I tried to access it so I'm considering your last fact to be incorrect.maybe because of the 750 character limit. Now let's get back on topic.

Most if not some teenagers have been jailed for doing the actions that Justin Bieber has done. He has been taught in school and by his managers to not be exposed to illegal activities like drag racing and possessing illegal drugs. As for con saying that his crimes are minor, possessing drugs is a criminal offence which isn't considered as minor as it is violating state and federal law. Also I do not see why Justin Bieber doesn't deserve to be punished because of his mistakes.


I already gave reasons.
1. Tax-payer money would be spent to house yet another prisoner
2. His fans would dislike that their idol is in jail
3. He would get violated in jail by older and bigger men

People are put in jail to be locked from society and given a chance to reabilitate themselves.
He has already been told that what he is doing is wrong, by his supervisors, and doesn't need to be put in jail for that.

Also, in case you didn't realize, most celebrities are above the law, so he won't be going anywhere for his 'crimes' anyway.
Why waste some more time and money housing a prisoner who is just a confused and lost young man. Also, most teenagers caught with drugs are just sent home, not jailed, so his drug offence is not a serious enough one.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shadow-Dragon 3 years ago
Haha, yeah. I'm just joking.
Posted by Blackdeath17 3 years ago
Dude you just proved to be a hypocrite. you told that other guy to stop cursing but cursed at him yourself after that. However you could be joking in which case I would be mistaken.
Posted by Shadow-Dragon 3 years ago
Not only do I not like Justin Beiber, I am not a belieber either. I dislike his image, as well.
I took this debate for the sake of debating, and because my points are logical as to why he should not be put in jail.
Stop cursing, and calm down. I don't like him, so f--- off.
Posted by Swedishperspective 3 years ago
It seems Shadow-Dragon is a belieber with no sound arguments to support his proposition. Why should this douchebag not suffer the consequences that others have to face? We should put the douchebag in jail and hope he gets raped in there as punishment what he has done to the human race.
Posted by Shadow-Dragon 3 years ago
Hey, I know you're a new person here, but you seriously need to have made a higher character count per round. You can change it before the debate started with the settings for the debate while you were originally creating the debate.

Honestly, 750 characters is not enough to debate a topic, and my response has to be limited, ruining the intensity of the debate.

Just a tip for future debates.
Posted by elixir 3 years ago
I'm all for the latter muahaha

just kidding

but seriously, that kid has issues
Posted by A341 3 years ago
Are you arguing that Justin Bieber has committed crimes which would normally be dealt with a prison sentence or that the actions that Justin Bieber undertook should have him imprisoned regardless of what the law states?
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