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Justin Bieber should rename his fans "Babies" to reflect their mental age.

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Started: 12/31/2013 Category: Funny
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Justin Bieber had a hit song ("lol"!) called "Baby" (1). Baby, coincidentially, is also a good representation of the mental age of his typical fan.

At time of writing Justin Bieber's fans are called "Beliebers" which is a stupid name to call them because there isn't a single "L" in "Bieber", although his fans haven't worked that out yet.

Justin Bieber recently announced his retirement from music, but he has now returned (2). This would be a good opportunity to rethink the name of his fans. Here's how they could advertize it:

The Biebs is back! (By that we mean Justin Bieber, don't get your hopes up)
Back from retirement after a day or two (nobody really checked)!
NEW name for his fans!

So you see, Justin Bieber really should change the name of his fans to "Babies".

Thank you.

(1) ;(the video)



Thank you for this interesting topic to debate.

I know it is very tempting to ridicule Biebers fan base. It is justified in many cases. But to state that 12-15 year olds have the mental capacity of an infant is incorrect.

An infant 0-3 years old is in the learning process of its life and is incapable of many things. Things such as speech, reason, and critical thinking. These are things that begin developing during the infancy. [1]

Teenage girls 12-15 have already gone through this development process and therefore already surpass the mental capacity and age of an infant.

As before I mentioned reason. A baby might cry at a Justin bieber song because it bothers them in an audible sense (noise vibrations/irritable). Teenage girls are crying from a emotional response they are feeling in their head from having some sort of connection to his music. This may prove that the girls are tasteless and possibly insecure. But it does stem from their ability to reason.

Also we may remember the time when bieber fans cut themselves over their idol. A baby does not have the same mental capability to do something like that. Those girls did that action in response to an action Justin took. It still required them to use reasoning and thought. If a baby watching tv saw Justin smoke pot he would probably just go about drooling because his mental capacity during the development period does not allow him to comprehend what is happening. On the other hand the girls can understand and take action because of their understanding, even if those actions they take are extremely stupid.

If anything he should change his fan bases name to "idiots". It just wouldn't make sense to call them babies as a reflection of their mental capacity.

Thank you.


[1] -

[2] -
Debate Round No. 1


I thank con for his response.

Con is right that 12-15 year olds don't generally share the mental capacity of an infant, but in some cases it's reasonable to make an exception, such as in the case of Justin Bieber's fans.

Bieber fans are incapable of some things too:

Speech: "Beliebers" are clearly incapable of this as when approached by Justin Bieber, despite the fact that he's metres away from them, will scream instead of say something normal (1), such as "Oh, I am so shocked", which you would be, if you saw a famous guy like Justin Bieber.

Reason/Critical thinking: Bieber fans are incapable of this too. For example, these two female nutters are shown here blindly defending their Hero (2). This is devoid of any rational thought or critical thinking whatsoever.

Of course, the term "baby" is used by me to ridicule the fans of Justin Bieber, because babies are notably devoid of rational thought and they also cry a lot. The only problem with it is that it is offensive to babies, as the average baby possesses more rational thought, control of their emotions and intelligence than a Justin Bieber fan. The reasons I chose the term "Baby" are in the first round.

As every sane person knows, cutting yourself because Justin Bieber told you to is extremely stupid. This is why you never catch babies self-harming, but you do catch Bieber fans doing it. Babies also do not copy Justin's habit of smoking pot or whatever dumb stuff he's up to at the moment.

Genuine baby's thought pattern:
-Sees Justin Bieber doing dumb stuff
-Doesn't copy and just turns over to Thomas and Friends

Bieber fan's thought pattern:
-Sees Justin Bieber doing dumb stuff
-Copies and waits for him to do another thing for her to mindlessly copy

So you see, babies do possess a superior mental capacity, but I do have reasonable reasons for proposing the term "baby", as stated in the first round.

My decision to use the word "baby" to describe these people is not purely based upon their mental capacity. Con proposes the word "idiot", but it's more an insult to the idiot than it is the baby when you choose my idea.

Thank you.

(1) ;(the video)
(2) ;(the second video)

[You may have noticed that I've made certain phrases such as "Justin Bieber" and "Bieber fans" bigger than other words. This is so that in the unlikely event of a Bieber fan ever does come across this debate whilst it's in the voting period, they will just see those words, think "Ah, how I blindly admire that Justin" and give me all seven points. I just hope con doesn't steal my strategy in his final round.]


My opponent brings up a few interesting arguments. I would like to first point out that his video source cant really be trusted. In videos like those or some made by famous youtuber kassemG, the editor can pick and choose stupid answers given by the people they interviewed. They may have talked to over one hundred people and only used the stupid sounding responses to portray what they wanted to their audience. It is a common practice done in media outlets.

Pro claims beliebers are incapable of speech but as seen in this video:
A belieber does in fact speak. Even if what she is saying is retarded, she is exhibiting the ability of speech.

I have already proved that a baby does not have the same capacity of rational thought as a 12-15 year old.

Pro points out that cutting yourself because of someone's actions is stupid. He fails to recognize that it is a cognitive choice to cut themselves that the fans are making, as stupid as it may be. A baby is not capable of that same type of decision making.

"My decision to use the word "baby" to describe these people is not purely based upon their mental capacity. Con proposes the word "idiot", but it's more an insult to the idiot than it is the baby when you choose my idea."

I would have to disagree. Idiots generally deserve to be insulted and I think we can both agree that beliebers are certainly idiots. I would still have to reject the notion that infants posses a higher mental capacity or exhibit similar behavior to the extent where 12-15 year olds can be called the same thing.

Also while pro claims that his word choice for the fans is not based solely on mental capacity, mental age is in the resolution as a bases. Even if you want to differentiate the two it would be impossible to argue that 12-15 year old bieber fans cant talk, walk, aren't potty trained, and cant make basic rational decision's.

In conclusion, babies are not capable of the same idiotic decision making that bieber fans are and so the fans should not be called babies.

I thank Pro for this constructive debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by kbub 3 years ago
I hope you notice the changes to the vote.
Posted by KingDebater 3 years ago
@Kbub Until you can give a decent RFD, don't vote.
Posted by KingDebater 3 years ago
@DudeStop No! Lucky for us, it was all a joke!
Posted by Gaurdian_Rock 3 years ago
Posted by DudeStop 3 years ago
I thought justin beaver quit music?
Posted by Victor_syko 3 years ago
I think it's very smart that the Contender took the topic so literally. It makes sense and makes the Instigator look kind of stupid. BTW I hate J.B. anyways
Posted by miketheman1200 3 years ago
haha, indeed.
Posted by KingDebater 3 years ago
They won't see this because DDO is a site full of intelligent people.
Posted by PeriodicPatriot 3 years ago
Dude, I think beliebers already hate you now...
Posted by Ryuuikari 3 years ago
Believer + Bieber = Belieber
Doesn't take a genius to work that out, but I'm sure you already knew that...
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Reasons for voting decision: King debate: Looking back, I was pretty harsh on my last RFV. I apologize for my inexcusable rudeness, and hope you will forgive me. That being said, I must still side with Con who demonstrated that, while possibly immature Justine Bieber fans do not exhibit certain key capacities that babies have. I continue to believe that your sources are problematic, offering only a selection of Bieber fans but claim that they are fully representative of the whole. Con offers plenty of evidence that fans of Justin Bieber are not babies, and I will ultimately side with her/him.