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Kakashi was a good sensei

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Started: 9/13/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hatake Kakashi - A fictional character from the series "Naruto". He is a elite ninja (jonin ranked) in the series and he is the assigned teacher to team 7 which consists of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sakura Hurano. -

Sensei- Japanese for teacher.

This debate, Pro has to prove why Hatake Kakashi was a good sensei in the Naruto series, which they can prove by using sources or examples from the naruto manga, anime, or other reliable Naruto information

My Arguments

1. Hatake Kakashi had three students Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. In the first arc of the series Kakashi mainly focused on training one student which was Sasuke. This is one of the many pieces of evidence that proves Kakashi failed at being a teacher, because he played favorites with his students. In the first arc while Kakashi spent the majority of his time molding Sasuke, he left Naruto's training to Ebisu and Sakura's training to nobody.

2. In the entire story Kakashi eventually loses all his students to other teachers. Sakura leaves Kakashi's teachings to learn from Tsunade (5th hokage), Naruto leaves to do training with Jiraiya, and Sasuke his most prized student takes Kakashi's teachings, turns his back on teamwork joins Orochimaru and is now using what he learned from Kakashi to plan an attack on the hidden leaf village.

Point trying to be made: All of Kakashi's subordinate left him which means he wasn't good enough to teach them what they needed to learn. His best student left him because he was not strong enough to help him acquire the strength he wanted(Sasuke).

3. Kakashi eventually helps Naruto with his training, but left the tutoring tips to Asuma Sarutobi another Jonin to give Naruto tips in his training to master the wind element. Kakashi's basic teaching method for Naruto was basically "figure it out for yourself". Since Kakashi himself did not know how to perform the technique he was teaching Naruto, he really could not add much info.

Conclusion: Throughout the whole series Kakashi had 3 students to teach and basically taught them little to nothing of what they know in the current up to date manga... or his teachings just did not sink in. Kakashi's 3 students eventually left him because he could not teach them the necessary skills they wanted or needed. Kakashi gave the new terrorist Sasuke Uchiha his most powerful weapon (Chidori) which will eventually be used to attack the leaf village.


1) Kakashi did everything he could to save Sasuke
It is true that Sasuke did join Orochimaru, but Kakashi did everything he could. I would like to ask CON what Kakashi should have done to prevent Sasuke from joining Orochimaru. He knew that Sasuke was in trouble. He did not merely just watch Sasuke go join Orochimaru but did everything he could to stop him from joining. He spent extra time with Sasuke, not for favoritism, but to help Sasuke. He used a jutsu to suppress Sasuke's cursed mark. He told him not to use the chidori more than twice and never to use the chidori on a comrade. He tried to teach him that revenge was not the answer and to embrace the life and current friends he had. He stopped the fight between Naruto and Sasuke on the roof. He even refuses a mission, an order by the Hokage, in the Sasuke retrieval arc in order to find Sasuke and Naruto. Although he failed to stop the battle between Sasuke and Naruto and retrieve Sasuke, the very fact that he put his students first, even behind orders, shows great dedication.
If the best doctor in the world cannot save a patient from a 100 mile car accident with major head, lung and chest trauma that does not make the doctor a bad doctor, because it was very unlikely for the person to live anyways. However, if the doctor did nothing to help save the patient then he/she would be a bad doctor. It's not about the outcome, because the outcome is not in all of one's control but attempting to get the desired result. The best doctor in the world cannot save every patient from cancer.
The same goes with Kakashi. He might not have saved Sasuke, but Sasuke was already filled with hatred and revenge before meeting him. It is difficult to try to change people. If Kakashi did nothing about Sasuke's problem, he would have been a bad teacher. But he did not therefore the fact that Sasuke joined Orochimaru is not a bad reflection on Kakashi's part.

2) The fact that the students were able to obtain private training from the legendary Sanin shows how impressive Kakashi was as a teacher.
Remember, the Sanin are considered the most powerful ninjas in Naruto. They are considered legendary, in a league of their own. The very fact that the three Sanin showed interested in these students just shows how capable a teacher Kikashi is. For example, if a professor teaches a student to the ability to get into MIT with a full scholarship and the student decides to go to MIT instead of staying at his/her university, it would be ridiculously to consider the professor to be a bad teacher, but instead MIT is just really good.
It was not like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura decided to train with some random sensei like Gai sensei or Asuma but rather the best teachers in the Naruto Universe. As proof of this, when Naruto was told that he would have to train with Ebisu instead of Kikashi, Naruto flipped out. He would rather train with Ebisu instead of Naruto even though he specializes in training highly elite ninja.

3)Kakashi's students are considered the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe
Naruto and Sasuke are the two most powerful characters in the Naruto universe. Naruto was able to defeat Pain, a task not even Jiraiya could do. Sasuke was able to defeat both Orochimaru and Danzo. Sakura was able to kill Sasori. This is impressive since Sasori was a senior member of Akatsuki, an organization filled with S-ranked ninjas and Sasori was able to defeat the third Kazekage.

4)Kakashi's students did exceptionally well in the Chunin exams.
Kakashi's students only had the bare minimum requirements to enter the Chunin exams. It was actually recommended that such "inexperienced" students should not take part of the Chunin exams. Even though Kakashi recommended them to enter the Chunin exams, Iruka did not think the students were ready and tested Kakashi's students anyway to make sure they were prepared for the exam, and all of Kakashi's students passed Iruka's test. The fact that Iruka knew team 7, since he was their teacher earlier, and showed lack of confidence in Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, yet after testing them had a change of mind, shows that after only a short amount of training with Kakashi, Team 7 improved a lot.

Out of the 153 students to compete in the Chunin exams, 2 of Kakashi's students made it into the final round. The chance of a student making it to the final round is 6%. If only one of his students made it to the final round it would have been impressive, but two is incredible. Also note that most of those in the Chunin exam were a lot older then Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. The only other team to surpass Kakashi's team was those from the sand village, which had all three team members make it. However, the members from the sand village were quite older than team 7. Also note that even though Sakura did not make it to the final round, she did not lose her match but merely tied the match. Also, Naruto won his match in the final round, and Sasuke was doing well against Gaara in the final round before the Sand Ninjas attacked.

5)Kakashi taught Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura many skills
Kakshi taught the team teamwork in the first arc. This allowed Naruto and Sasuke to do well in fighting Zabuza and Haku. Kakashi taught the team how to control their chakra. Sakura's ability to control chakra allowed her skills to be recognized by the fifth hokage and she became her student. Kakashi helped Naruto learn Wind Release: Rasenshuriken , an attack that killed Kakuzu, an S ranked ninja. Kakashi taught Sasuke taijutsu and the chidori, a powerful technique that Sasuke would further use.

6)Kakashi was willing to risk his life to save his students
Kakashi shows many instances of selflessness. He wanted Team 7 to flee from Zabuza even though he would die in the process. Kakashi stopped the fight between Sasuke and Naruto on the roof and tried to stop the fight again even though he had another mission.
Debate Round No. 1


1. He tried but failed... A good teacher would have lessons that sink in. If you go to class and all the time the teacher lectures and his students do not absorb the material is that teacher a good teacher? Of course not. There are no bad students just bad teachers.

2. The fact that his students got special training was not because Kakashi gave them abilities to appear special. Sakura just stopped learning from Kakashi and begged the 5th hokage to teach her medical ninjutsu because kakashi had no knowledge of it. Jiraiya always had a moral obligation to train and look after Naruto because of a promise he made to his former student the 4th hokage not because Kakashi did such a good job training Naruto. What exactly did Kakashi teach Sakura and Naruto to do before the Sannin even got to them? Kakashi did not teach Naruto the Rasengan, or how to properly control his chakra. Kakashi did not train Sakura medical ninjutsu or any kind of peculiar skill that would make the 5th hokage interested in her. A better example is a student going to a school with known low test scores and transferring to a school with a higher one. For example in San Francisco the most well known public school is Lowell High School it is highly regarded as the best high school in the Bay Area. Thurgood Marshall High School on the other hand is a poorly educated school with a high drop out rate and low test scores. Every year students can appeal to be transferred to a better high school if one chooses. Kakashi is Thurgood Marshall and the Sannin were Lowell High School, basically students got tired of not learning anything so they switched schools.

1) Kakashi's students are the most powerful, but not by his teachings.
Naruto was able to beat Pein because he knew Sage mode and the Rasengan, both abilities are abilities Kakashi that Kakashi did not teach him. Sage mode was taught to Naruto by a old frog, and the Rasengan by Jiraiya. A FROG is a better teacher than Kakashi. Sasuke was able to kill Orochimaru because Orochimaru trained him so well in those last 3 years... teaching him how to perfect the Sharingan, perfecting the use of his elemental abilities, and Itachi gave him the Mangekyou Sharingan a power which enabled Sasuke to beat Danzo. Kakashi had nothing to do with the progress of Sasuke over the last 3 years heading towards the Shippuuden series. Sakura beat Sasori... again with abilities she learned from Tsunade NOT Kakashi. Basically to the time leading up to the Shippuuden series Kakashi did nothing for the progress of Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto students he was assigned to teach but didn't.

4. None of his students passed the Chunin exams... -___-

5. Teamwork... is that why Naruto fights all his opponents alone like Pein and Kakuzu. Is that why Sasuke turned his back on his team and has decided that killing them has become his main goal? It cannot be called teaching if the students DO NOT LEARN.

6) he WANTED them to flee but eventually his students had to save his life. When Haku trapped Sasuke and Naruto in that glass technique, Sasuke almost died and Naruto was showing symptoms of becoming a fox. Kakashi was having a very long stalemate fight and convo with Zabuza, until he felt Naruto becoming a fox. When Kakashi felt the uneasiness of Naruto's chakra he quickly summoned dogs found Zabuza and used Chidori. I have a question for PRO why did Kakashi wait so long to use that strategy when the entire time he was playing sword stalemate and talking to Zabuza in the mist? His students almost died because Kakashi did not use his ace strategy sooner.

Kakashi was a horrible sensei who did not teach any of his students the techniques they know today that makes them the most powerful characters in the series.


1) The notation that there are no bad students just bad teachers is absurd. If a student does not want to learn or change, it does not matter how hard you try, you will never succeed. Every teacher has had this experience. Its not there fault the student failed. The student has to put in the effort as well. If you do not pay attention in class, do not study or do not do the homework, you really should not be blaming the teacher when you fail the class. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it".
The same is with Sasuke. Sasuke did not want to let go of his hatred. It did not matter how hard Kakashi tried, because Sasuke just refused to listen to his advice and had his mind set on revenge. Its like trying to rehabilitate a drug addict who does not want to be helped. It just is not going to happen.

2) Naruto and Sakura did no even fully abandon Kakashi as a teacher. Kakashi trained Naruto in arc II, and Sakura was around Kakashi between the arcs, so she was probably trained by both the fifth hokage AND Kakashi. Kakashi did not know medical ninjitsu, but it is not his speciality. Just like a science teacher should not feel insulted if a student wants to learn literature from a literature teacher and not a science teacher. The science teacher has very little knowledge of literature, but could teach the student a lot about science.

Naruto would have never been able to master wind release rasengan if it were not for Kakashi. Kakashi came up with a brilliant training method of using shadow clones.

Jiraiya did not have any moral obligation to train and look after Naruto. Where was Jiraiya when his parents died? Where was Jiraiya when he was sad and alone at the academy? When Naruto felt bad about failing the exam? He abandoning Naruto for 12 years. Does not sound to me like Jiraiya really felt he had any moral obligation. Even if he did have some moral obligation to look after Naruto (which he failed miserably at) that does not mean he had to train him. Initially, Jiraiya did not want to train Naruto: Remember that Jiraiya was searching for a 'prophecy child' that would become a powerful ninja which would either save or destroy the world. Jiraiya was not looking to train anybody, but the 'prophecy child'. It was also after seeing his abilities that Jiraiya truly began to see Naruto as a potential good student, specifically when Naruto learned how to walk on water.
Remember, it was Kakashi that taught Naruto chakra control, in the following episode: Chakra control is especially important if one wants to learn higher level jutsus such as Rasengan and Toad summoning that Jiraiya taught Naruto. Jiraiya would not have taught him this privately if he did not think he could do it. Remember that Naruto was the worst student at the Academy. To go from having difficulty doing basic techniques to learning an A rank technique must require a serious good intermediate teacher. Not only was Naruto able to master the Rasengan, but was able to do it before the forth Hokage was able to master it. (It took the forth Hokage three years, it took Naruto three weeks). This is like coming from the bottom of your class in high school, going to a community college and through a good teacher getting into MIT and surpassing the other MIT students.
Even though it was Jiraiya who taught Naruto the Rasengan and toad summoning jutsu, it was Kakashi that taught Naruto how to control his chakra that would allow him to master these techniques.
The same logic applies to how Sakura was able to get training from the Hokage. Sakura might have begged, but the Hokage would not have trained her if she did not think she would be a good student. It would help to show an interest to get into Harvard University, but if you do not have the grades or SAT to get in, your not going to get any no matter how much you want. Same applies to Sakura. Remember, the genin teams are distributed evenly in terms of ability, so Sakura would be an average exiting the academy (since Naurto was the worst and Sasuke was the best). Her skills must have improved immensely if she was able to get training from the Hokage.
Also it was only after that Sasuke showed impressive abilities against Orochimaru that Orohimaru decided he was worthy of obtaining the curse mark.

3) Pro even states: "Kakashi gave the new terrorist Sasuke Uchiha his most powerful weapon (Chidori) which will eventually be used to attack the leaf village"
This actually shows that Kakashi is a good teacher since he taught Sasuke a powerful technique that is a major source of Sasuke's strength. He might use it for evil, but he that's not a reflection on Kakashi's part. If I teach someone how to shoot a gun, and the person ended up becoming an expert shooter that used his skills to kill others, I was still effective in teaching the person how to shoot, the person just used it for bad reasons. Kakashi was effective in teaching Sasuke to be powerful, Sasuke just used his techniques for evil.
It's not necessary about learning new ninjutsu but learning good fighting form, teamwork,strategy, speed, and chakra control. Jiraiya, the legendary sanin even stated himself "The most important ninja talent... is not the number of techniques one acquires. The most important thing... is a spirit that never gives up!" Naruto trained with jiraiya for two and half years and did not learn many new techniques. Zabuza and haku saw a significant improvement in the teams strength after only a short time between their first and second fight even though the team did not learn any new techniques. Kakashi also taught Sakura how to escape genjitsu which turned out to be effective in stopping her from being put to sleep by the sand ninja.

4) It is true none of his students passed the chunin exams. However, this is because the chunnin exams were canceled after the sand village attacked. In fact there was only one person who actually became a chunin, and Shikamaru was an exception to the rule. Not even Gaara became a chunin, even though he became kazekage three years later. Again there were 153 students that entered into the Chunin exams, so the mere fact that two of Kakashi's students were able to make it to the final round (only 9 made it) for their first time and at such an early age in the chunin exams is incredible. Also, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke did not have any other teacher besides Kakashi during the Chunin exam, so their skills can not be attributed to somebody else.
Iruka even saw that the students improved a lot since he had trained them.

5) In part I, there are many examples of team 7 working together. They made a strong team fighting Zabuza and Haku, and fighting in the forbidden forest. If you do not think these skills did not stick in part II, here are some examples of Sasuke and Sakura using teamwork.

Sasuke created the team hawk that worked together to try to capture the eight tailed beast and attack the Kage meeting. As for Sakura, she and Chiyo showed strong teamwork in fighting against Sasori.

It is true that Naruto usually fights alone but that's because Naruto is now in a league of his own and nobody would really be of good assistance to Naruto. He's even stronger then the legendary sanin. Those trying to help Naruto would only cause more harm since his opponents are also really strong, and he'd have to worry about those helping him being killed. If he could team up with someone of his ability, he would.

6) The dogs needed to smell kakashi's blood in order to find them. Blood can only be smelled if there are blood molecules in the air. It takes time for blood molecules to diffuse into the air. It is unsure how far the dogs were away from kakashi, however Kakashi needed to wait in order for the "blood molecules" to reach the dogs. That's why he stalle
Debate Round No. 2


1) Sasuke left Kakashi because Orochimaru was a better teacher. Sasuke would have never reached the potential he had reached to the current manga with Kakashi by his side. If Kakashi was a better ninja and more skilled, Sasuke would have stayed and trained with him. A teacher must establish control over their classroom, with Kakashi all his students ditched his class... and went to another teacher to learn the material. That is just a sign that Kakashi really was a horrible teacher.

2) Naruto would not have mastered wind rasengan if it wasn't for Kakashi, Asuma, Jiraiya, and Yamato. You are giving Kakashi too much credit for a job that took 4 teachers to teach one student. Kakashi just told Naruto to make thousands of shadow clones and wing it that was all the training. Kakashi could not teach Naruto a technique he doesn't even know. This example would be like a English teacher needing 3 helper aids to teach ONE student one part of a subject. We do not know if Sakura worked with Kakashi and even if she did we do not see the signs that she learned anything. Sakura does not display any techniques that Kakashi knows.

Jiraiya was following Orochimaru a S rank missing nin from the Hidden Leaf village all those times. Jiraiya came back when he realized Naruto was in danger. He knew that the 3rd hokage would watch over Naruto and no harm would come to him so there was no point in coming back and letting Orochimaru's actions a mystery when the safety of village could have depended on it. The 4th hokage left Jiraiya the keys to the seal in hopes that Jiraiya would train Naruto to a point where he could master the nine tail fox chakra. What abilities? When Jiraiya first met Naruto he even said he had "No talent". Naruto couldn't even mold chakra properly. So if Kakashi was such a good teacher, how come when Jiraiya first met Naruto, Naruto knew almost nothing?

Jiraiya and Ebisu taught Naruto a even more complicated chakra control maintaining chakra to stand on water was a harder level than to walk on a solid surface. It took Naruto weeks to learn the Rasengan because JIRAIYA taught him a simpler form of learning it. It was not even revealed that Kakashi even knew how to do the Rasengan until arc 2. Kakashi deserves 0 credit for Naruto learning the Rasengan. It was not Naruto's fault that he was a bad student his entire life he had bad teachers. Iruka never even wanted to teach him in the first place. Naruto being this good just shows he always had talent just nobody noticed him. It is like that genius from the movie "goodwill hunting" he was a janitor at M.I.T and then some professor discovered that after days of working with him he really did have talent and was a genius. Jiraiya would count as that professor, because Jiraiya did spend a ample amount of time teaching him how to release his chakra for the summoning technique and how to control his movement of chakra and focus to learn the Rasengan, Like I said before Naruto's development as a shinobi was entirely because of Jiraiya. Kakashi did not teach Naruto a single technique that he knows today because Kakashi spent all his time teaching Sasuke. Rasenshuriken, Kakashi only taught him a way to learn it faster, but not a way to actually learn it.

3) The main lesson in learning the Chidori was for him to use it to PROTECT his friends, that was the main point of teaching him the move. Kakashi's moral lessons of friendship did not sink into Sasuke which means Kakashi failed at teaching Sasuke.

4) I stand by my original point that none of Kakashi's students passed the Chunin exams. Gaara should never have become a chunin, his mental status at that point was not fit to be a chunin. Naruto beat Neji but the majority of the judges after the fight agreed that Naruto would not have become a Chunin even after that win, because his fight style is reckless. Shikamaru became a chunin because he showed exemplary skills in strategy, calm attitude, and ability to read the opponent. Shikamaru was at the bottom of the class too at the academy, how is he an exception? If one of the students who scored the lowest at school was able to become a chunin shouldn't everybody?

5) Kakashi's original instructions were to run away when fighting Zabuza and his students still did not listen to him. Naruto and Sasuke got into the first fight even with Kakashi screaming them not to do it. This shows that Kakashi had very little faith in his students and thought they would be doomed from the start the minute he got caught No faith in students= BAD SENSEI

Sasuke created Hawk and killed Karin at his convenience when she got in his way... -__- Sasuke does not care about his team at his convenience he will get rid of each one by his own hand if he needs to. "Naruto fights alone" alone meaning by himself meaning still no teamwork involved. It should not matter how powerful a shinobi is the most important part of being a shinobi is teamwork. Naruto does everything alone and he has failed to follow that rule.

Again main point all of Naruto's techniques Rasengan, sage mode, shadow clone jutsu, even his taijutsu skills were not taught to him by Kakashi. Kakashi ignored Naruto's training the entire first arc after Zabuza to teach Sasuke. Rasenshuriken took the knowledge and help of 3 jonin and a sannin to teach Naruto, giving Kakashi full credit is preposterous. Kakashi should have spent more time training Naruto, he was his old sensei's kid for god's sake... Shikamaru is working hard so that in the future he can train and look after Asuma's child out of respect for his sensei, performing the necessary duties he will not be able to do anymore. Kakashi never felt any urgency to train his former teacher's kid, the teacher who saved his life many times, taught him the meaning of teamwork, and died for the village. Kakashi failed as both a student and a teacher.

Sakura's main abilities are her medical ninjutsu and her strength both techniques even Kakashi does not even know. Kakashi did not teach Sakura anything she knows today.

Sasuke failed to learn the moral lessons of teamwork and friendship.

All of Kakashi's students except for Sasuke did not learn any of their techniques from him. Kakashi accomplished in raising up a lone wolf in Naruto, and Sasuke a terrorist both are failures on his part as a teacher.


darkkermit forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by azureblue00 7 years ago
Totally new on the site. This my first 'post' of any kind here. lol. Just wanted to say, really awesome debate, sorry I missed out on it. Great points from all sides. Just wanted to add this little bit of my view here. Hope no one minds. I myself am a passionate martial artist, I can't describe the joy I get from practicing the arts. Anyways, about two years ago my nephew (then 14 yrs old) expressed interest in learning, he couldn't really afford, nor did he have ready means to attend at the dojo (for similar reasons I was in a hiatus from the dojo as well, but still training, and practicing on my own) So, I offered to show him what little I could, and then if he liked it he could later go to the dojo with me once we had the means to do so. I was first taught the very basics because they are the foundation for all else you do, and without knowing them you can't really comprehend any of the more advanced aspects. So, that in mind I began working him on the basic blocks and strikes, but he was interested in all the 'cool' throws, and joint locks, and things of that nature. So, seeing that I wouldn't teach him something I knew he couldn't handle yet, he didn't really take to it. Then about a year ago my friend began teaching him some things (willing to work more on the 'cool' things with him) my nephew then became so interested in beating my friend in a sparring match, and knowing the running gag that my friend and I always break even in any sort of competition including martial arts, he sought me out. Then, after becoming WILLING to learn EVERYTHING he'd need to improve, he readily accepted the basics I taught him, then we were able to move up to more advanced things, to the point that he is now able to rival my friend and I in many ways concerning martial arts. Point being the whole experienced showed me that a teacher's job, the teacher's ONLY job is to PRESENT information, to present it in a way the student can grasp, the studen's job is then to accept, or deny it.
Posted by darkkermit 7 years ago
Gah! Missed the final round! I thought I still had some time left.
Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
cmon darkkermit, get him :P
Posted by sllewuy 7 years ago
two 1's by accident
Posted by darkkermit 7 years ago
I watched Naruto but actually stopped watching it after Naruto Shippuden. The plot holes just got more and more painful to watch.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
hmm darkkermit never pictured you as a anime fan
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