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Katniss Everdeen vs.Tris Prior

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Started: 3/8/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I honestly think Tris would win. I like Katniss better as a character, but Tris is very skilled in hand to hand combat, and with a gun. Katniss may be a juggernaut with the bow and arrow, but in the end Tris is more composed, while Katniss often becomes hysterical due to her traumatic experiences. If it were just based on skill, Katniss would win hands down, but when you factor everything else in, Tris has the upper hand.


1. Tris chooses her new life, Katniss is forced into her choice to save her sister: I like that Tris makes the ultimate decision as to which faction she wants to join (although it was never really in doubt). She knows she"ll never really fit in to Abnegation and her real home is Dauntless, and it shows Tris knows her own mind. Katniss chooses her future with no thought of the what might happen, it"s a spur of the moment thing to save her sister Primrose. Whilst I applaud Katniss"s bravery I think she doesn"t always have an idea of the consequences of her choices.
2. She"s even tougher than Katniss.
Tris learns new skills, Katniss could already use her bow and arrow. Until she joined Dauntless, Tris has led a very sheltered life (she"s hardly even allowed to look in the mirror). When she joins Dauntless, Tris learns new skills like bare-knuckle fighting and even using a gun that will become more important as her story progresses. Katniss already knows how to handle her bow and arrow, but take that away and can Katniss defend herself?
3. Tris knows her own mind
Tris knows she"s attracted to Four, Katniss doesn"t know what she wants and gets caught up in a love triangle. It"s obvious from the first time Tris meets Four that something will happen between them and as Tris"s story develops the viewer sees how important Four becomes to Tris as she adapts to her new world and the challenges she faces. Katniss sort of likes Peeta but she also sort of likes Gale. Make a decision Katniss, you do NOT want to be compared to Bella Swan!
4. Tris wants to save the world
Once Tris discovers what"s really happening in her world, she fights to stop the deaths of hundreds and thousands of people, whereas Katniss only fights to stop her own death (or Peeta"s). Tris is more selfless than Katniss. For example, as she tries to pull Four out of the attack simulation, Tris points the gun at her own head. As Tris fights to stop the Erudite attack simulation, she saves hundreds of lives, but if she succeeds her world will change and probably not for the better, whereas if Katniss survives the Hunger Games she"ll be rewarded with a nice new home and lots more food.
5. Tris isn"t an attention seeker
Tris never reveals what she"s capable of doing, because she"s scared of the consequences of revealing she"s Divergent. When Katniss feels the Games Makers aren"t paying her enough attention she shoots her arrow through their roast pig.
Debate Round No. 1


fe99 forfeited this round.


Part of a world where people are split into one of five factions based on their strongest personality trait and way of thinking. This girl is so stubborn it isn"t even her fault, she cannot be classified making her divergent and threatening to her society. She is very small and thin, yet as the books have described her, she is mean enough to be known as the attack dog of Dauntless, the courageous faction. If you were part of a group known for being brave and reckless and tough, and you were classified as its scariest member, I would say you are someone to avoid. Tris does have a caring, intelligent, selfless side, but identifies well with courage as she faces her fears head on. She does not back down, always speaks her mind, even when it is the leader of a faction that may kill her. This is a girl who lives in a world where fear is a training tool and she scores high every single time. So to sum Tris up, born selfless, trained courageous, and trained to kill.
Debate Round No. 2


Let me define a true winner:

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is a sixteen year old female with dark hair, olive skin and brown eyes. She was born on the 8th of May in District 12. She lives there with her younger sister Primrose (Willow Shields) whom is twelve years old and mother (Paula Malcomson). Katniss' father died in a mining accident when she was eleven years old. Katniss didn't have many friends as a child. Madge is the Mayor of District 12's daughter and only female friend. Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth) is Katniss' best friend whom is a year older than her. They met when their fathers died in the mining accident. Gale's nickname for Katniss is 'Catnip' as that's what he mistook her name for the first time meeting. They illegally hunt outside the boundaries of District 12 together. At first it was just to keep their families and themselves fed, now they temporarily leave the District to 'take a step back/escape for a while'.

The morning of the 74th Hunger Games Katniss and Gale leave the district to hunt and talk. Katniss discovers Gale's name has been entered for the reaping 42 times suggesting he will likely be chosen. He prompts Katniss that they could run away into the woods but Katniss denies, explaining that they would get caught and killed. Katniss returns home to find Prim is nervous so she gives her a mockingjay pin stating that "as long as you have it, nothing bad will happen to you" and they both proceed to the Reaping. After losing Prim in the crowd, Katniss waits for Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) to read out the names of the chosen tributes. Primrose's name is called so in fear of losing her sister, Katniss screams out and volunteers in her sisters place - the first ever volunteer of District 12. The male tribute is Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and along with Katniss they are taken into separate rooms to say their goodbyes. Prim gives the mockingjay pin back to her sister for luck while Gale encourages Katniss to win the Games.

Once in the Capitol, Katniss meets Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) her stylist and Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) whom is the tributes mentor. Katniss and Peeta wear matching suits in the tribute parade that look as though they are on fire giving her the nickname 'The Girl On Fire'. Katniss scores an 11 in tribute evaluation while Peeta scores an 8. In the tribute interviews Katniss wears a dress with the same flame like qualities while Peeta reveals that he has been in love with Katniss his whole life despite never talking to her.

When the Games begin, Katniss runs off alone living well until an artificial fire forces her to meet with Cato, Clove, Marvel, Glimmer and Peeta whom are all allies and are hunting Katniss. Katniss climbs a tree in order to escape them and falls asleep until she is awoken by Rue (Amandla Sternberg) prompting her to kill the other tributes with a Tracker Jacker nest. As she was stung herself she is disorientated but manages to retrieve the bow & arrows from Glimmers corpse before finally passing out. She wakes up safe because of Rue and the two form an alliance. Rue teaches Katniss about mockingjays and they plan to dispose of the other tributes food source. Once Katniss carries out their plan she retreats to reunite with Rue to find she is trapped in a net. After freeing Rue she shoots Marvel then realises Rue has been fatally harmed. Katniss sings Rue to her death and proceeds to pick flowers and performs a salute in view of the cameras.

An announcement states that two winners may be crowned if both originate from the same district so Katniss flees to find Peeta. Upon their reuniting, Peeta has a serious leg would leading them to retreat into a cave. Another announcement states there will be a feast with something each of the tributes need. Katniss leaves to retrieve the item when she is met with Clove whom almost kills her, until Thresh kills Clove after overhearing her say that she killed Rue and lets Katniss go. Peeta and Katniss apply the medicine they received in the feast and share a kiss. After hunting for a while they hear an animal in the distance and learn that Thresh is dead. In an attempt to escape the animals they climb onto the cornucopia to find Cato whom tries to kill them both. After a fight, Katniss shoots Cato leaving only Peeta and herself in the arena. An announcement states that the previous revision has been revoked and only one may be crowned the winner. Refusing to kill each other they attempt to eat poison berries together until an announcement congratulates them both for winning the 74th Hunger Games and becoming victors - a first in history.

Once back in the Capitol Haymitch urges Katniss to confess an undying love to Peeta in front of Panem in an interview. Her and Peeta are crowned winners by President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and sent home to District 12. They both receive riches, food and a new, large house in Victors Village for them and their families. Peeta learns of Katniss' fake confessions and the two rarely, if ever, speak. Katniss continues to be haunted by the memories of The Hunger Games and is visited by President Snow as he informs her of rebellion in the districts. He threatens to kill her, Peeta and their families if she does not convince him of their love story. Katniss and Peeta proceed to go on 'Victory Tour' and visit the districts beginning with District 11 - home of Rue and Thresh. Katniss gives a speech that leads to people saluting her and then ends in chaos.

After the events of District 11, Katniss and Peeta stick to reading speech cards in every district. Attempting to convince Snow, Katniss and Peeta get engaged and reveal it to Panem. When they reach the Capitol, they meet Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) the 75th Hunger Games Head Gamemaker. President Snow informs Katniss of failing to convince him and the Victors are sent home. Snow reveals that the tributes for the 75th Hunger Games can only be Victors meaning Katniss is being forced to return to the arena as she is the only female victor of District 12. After begging Haymitch to volunteer for Peeta if his name is called, the three proceed to the reaping. Effie reveals that Haymitch has been chosen and Peeta volunteers in his place. They all travel to the Capitol and Haymitch educates Katniss and Peeta on the other tributes, stating they will need allies if they want to survive. Refusing, Katniss convinces Peeta they'll go in alone. Before the tribute parade, Katniss meets Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin), the male tribute from District 4, who ask Katniss for secrets and flirts with her a little. After the parade, where the duo wore fire-like outfits again, they meet Johanna Mason (Jena Malone) the female tribute from District 7.

During training, Katniss befriends Beetee and Wiress, the tributes from District 3, whom she learns about force fields from. Later she befriends Mags, the female tribute from District 4, an eighty year old woman who volunteered for Annie - Finnicks girlfriend. For the tribute interviews, President Snow insists Katniss wears a wedding dress, but Cinna informs her he made some alterations. While doing a twirl, her dress starts to transform to resemble a mockingjay. Peeta reveals that he and Katniss in fact are already married and that Katniss is pregnant - both of which are lies. Prior to entering the arena, Cinna is killed infront of Katniss in an attempt to put her off. Katniss reaches the cornucopia and retrieves the bow & arrows and quickly becomes allies with Finnick. They unite with Peeta and Mags and enter the jungle where Peeta walks into a forcefield. After resuscitation, they are chased with poisonous fog where Mags sacrifices herself in order for Katniss and Finnick to carry Peeta. The three then fight off mutts and retreat to the beach.


You didn't site your sources first off and here is mine
"Divergent" is my favorite kind of movie, and though it shares a fair amount of DNA in common with "The Hunger Games," it ranks as far superior in my book. Granted, on this opinion, I clearly diverge from the vast majority of film critics " and perhaps a good many fans as well.

So allow me to explain.

When I go to the movies, I want to be transported someplace completely new, immersed in that world and compelled to identify with the characters I meet there. This is a broad enough definition to encompass nearly all movies, from "Wall-E" to "March of the Penguins," but you might be surprised how few actually succeed at meeting this relatively simple goal.

"Divergent" does. How? Simple " so simple, I wish more filmmakers would study this trick, make note of it and incorporate it into their own films: Take a character, the more naive or inexperienced the better, put her (or him) in an unfamiliar situation and tell the story from her point of view. When done well, this tactic never gets old, and it makes all the difference between "sit back" movies (escapist fantasies that we watch like passive observers) and "lean forward" experiences (where we engage directly with what"s onscreen).

Think about it: This strategy is what makes "The Bourne Identity" one of the most visceral action movies in decades " amnesia being an incredibly convenient device for putting us on a character"s level. But it also works on the arthouse end of the spectrum, when foreign films offer up identifiable protagonists struggling to navigate unfamiliar environments, such as Saudi Arabian "Wadjda," in which a girl tests the limits of a society that forbids her desire to own a bicycle, or Palme d"Or winner "Blue Is the Warmest Color," where intimate closeups bring us inside the emotional headspace of a teenager experiencing her first lesbian love affair.

You don"t even have to stick with the character in question for the whole journey. "Mad Men" didn"t. If you go back to the first episode of the first season, you"ll see that it privileges Peggy"s p.o.v. " a clever way of inviting audiences to discover Don Draper and his retro Madison Ave. advertising world through the eyes of the firm"s newest employee.

In "Divergent," the story focuses on Beatrice Prior, AKA Tris, whom we meet on the eve of her "Choosing Day" and whom we follow " though I think "become" would be a better word, since Shailene Woodley is a wonderfully identifiable actress, and director Neil Burger puts us in her head the whole way " through the consequences of her choice. Now, plenty of critics complained that it takes almost two hours for the action to kick in. For the record, I am 100% OK with that. The last half hour of "Divergent" " the half hour those people so badly want more of " is the part that I"ve seen countless times before (and frankly, the way Burger handles the finale, it looks a little too much like a bunch of kids playing Lazer Tag in some empty Chicago warehouses).

By contrast, I would"ve been happy to spend the whole movie in Exposition mode " that"s what the detractors consider all that extraneous downtime before the story kicks in. We believers describe it as "Worldbuilding," a concept invented by classic sci-fi writers and all but perfected in the decades since by videogame designers. In both arenas, the creators must invent a world from scratch, think through the "rules" that govern it and find an effective way to communicate them.

The most effective way is exactly as I"ve just described: Give us a character to identify with and then invite us to figure things out vicariously through them. This is the reason why videogames, in which we literally assume control of someone in an unfamiliar world, devote their first few levels to letting players figure out how things work. There"s an art to doing this as smoothly and intuitively as possible, and someone like James Cameron is a master of this approach, whether our avatar is the lower-class stowaway through whose eyes we discover "Titanic" or the 10-foot, blue-skinned Na"vi of "Avatar."

In "Divergent," Tris is a bright and resourceful character who nimbly adapts to each new challenge that"s put before her. When she chooses to join the Dauntless faction, we learn the rules right alongside her " from that first rooftop-jump through the MacGyver-like behavior that gets her through her final test. It"s exciting to spend time in such a space, where the filmmakers respect the intelligence of both their protagonist and the audience.

Katniss Everdeen is written that way in Suzanne Collins" "The Hunger Games" (first person, present tense), but the film somehow botches this sense of connection, failing to let audiences inside her head. Instead, director Gary Ross forces us to remain bystanders to the story " ultimately closer to the fabulous, bloodthirsty mob that follows along from the Capitol than we are to Jennifer Lawrence"s character. Meanwhile, he overcompensates with clumsy external tricks, like using shaky camerawork to suggest the agitation of the lottery scene. Katniss may be a strong heroine, but she"s not especially relatable in the film, and it"s nearly impossible to read how she feels toward her two love interests. (The sequel fixes these problems, elegantly identifying with Katniss as the game makers rewrite the rules.)

"Divergent" gets it right. Movies aren"t nearly as interesting to watch as they are to experience, and Burger gives us the chance to identify with Tris on multiple levels: There"s her connection to her family, the decision of her future, the dangerous initiation rites required to join Dauntless and even a sizzling romantic dynamic with Four (Theo James), a handsome character who helps her along without bumping Tris from the driver"s seat of her own story. Through it all, "Divergent"s" message is clear: Tris is different from the others. She"s special. And because of the vicarious way Burger involves us in her journey, by extension, so are we.

Did I mention that "Divergent" is my favorite kind of movie?
Debate Round No. 3
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