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Keeping fish in bowls is inhumane

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Started: 2/28/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I belive that keeping fish of all species in bowls is inhumane. If you belive its okay for a fish to live in a bowl you will be Con.


Inhumane to keep fish in bowls??? Where else would we put them?? Tanks are exactly the same!! Besides, they could be dying in normal water because of such of our pollution, as shown in, our pollution is terrible! As impossible as it might seem, our normal bowls with only a few drops of cleaning-water liquid in them, are actually cleaner! Especially people who keep water filters and like to keep their fish healthy, so in conclusion, keeping fish in bowls is humane, and the other way around is actually inhumane. This concludes my argument for round one.
Debate Round No. 1


Your saying that water quality is the same In bowls and aquarium. Aquariums are built with a filter and in the filter is carbon, bacteria lives in the filer helps clean the water and fight disese that could harm the fish.

Do you know what tank sizes are? We should know that the inch per gallon rule is stupid. Goldfish are common bowl fish, their sizes range up to 8-30 inches, even thoughts feeders! An average tank size of a goldfish is 20 gallons. Bettas are also common bowl fish they said to live in shallow rice puddles in SE Asia, that Is 100% untrue! And how do I know? I breed them. Bettas grow up to 3-4 inches and need five gallons with a filter and a heater.

Do you always wonder why your new fish only lived 3 days? Probably because it was stuck in a bowl. In pets tired goldfish are sold in clean filtered enviroments. Goldfish are more dirty than the SA cichlid oscar and will produce a lot of waste and the ammonia will rise and it will die a painful sad death. But if you get a betta the fish will be used to the high ammonia because it was sold in a tiny cup at the store. Without exersise the betta will become bloated, then in a week the water will have a layer of waste on the surface and will suffocate the fish he will die painfully because you were to cheap to buy a five gallon fish tank.

I've been keeping fish ever since I was five, I currently own ten tanks plus I breed bettas and my information comes from other hobbyist or my current experience.


Ironically you keep fish in "bowls", which are similar to tanks. If you keep a bowl filtered it will be pretty much the same! Besides, it is shown in this insanely complicated science experiment from that goldfish are very vulnerable to ammonia and waste, as along with different kinds of chemicals!
I argue that keeping fish in tanks is equally inhumane, as they are still equally trapped along with other fishes, and tanks are much harder to keep than simple bowls. Therefore keeping fish in bowls is equally inhumane as tanks, and if you have nothing to compare it to, then it is "humane" in comparison.
"If you compare a tall person to a stumped person, you could say one is tall and one is short. However, if you compare two twins with exactly equal heights, and you only compare them to one another, you cannot claim one is short or tall compared to another."
Since keeping fish in tanks or bowls is less inhumane than keeping fish in their natural environment, in comparison, it is humane. And if my argument is valid, fish in tanks and bowls are practically equal, and thus, equally humane and inhumane at the same time, leading to my conclusion that keeping fish in a bowl is not humane but neither is it inhumane, because you have nothing to compare it to!
Debate Round No. 2


I don't think you know this but 96% of all our fish are tank raised in the hobby. If keeping fish is inhumane, keeping a dog or a cat is equally the same because I bet they probably want to run in packs in the wild.

Common NameRed Oscar - Small
Scientific NameAstronotus ocellatus
OriginSouth America
Max Size (in inches)14
Community SafeNo
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)75
Temperature Range76-82

This is the tank specs for the Red Oscar that needs 75 gallons for one fish to be happy in an environment. Also they are all bred in the trade so we are not hurting there natural environment (Amazon).

I am a proud hobbyist and I will never stop what I do. I'm apart of many clubs in my area, I help others who want to join the hobby. PETA might hate me because of my hobby. They are wrong I am right!


9spaceking forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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