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Kids should be taught how to cope with bullying instead of learning a zero policy fro bullying

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Started: 11/15/2012 Category: Education
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Kids in elementary school and middle school should be taught how to cope with bullying instead of learning how to not do it at all. They should be learning for themselves how to deal with bullies instead of getting an adult because in life theres not always going to be someone there. Guidance counselors should give advice of what to do when your bullied. Talk to another teacher, if it starts to get physical call an adult, but sometimes they need to just suck it up and get over it. Bullies are a part of life. This day in school bullying counts as gossiping, critizing, and minor teasing. Everyone in life is going to be bullied and bully somebody else. Its human nature. We need counceling and learning ways to cope. Most likely your being bullied for a reason. Most of the time there is two people at fualt in the situation. The bully. and The victim. Victim is a state of mind, and if you treat them like they livein this perfect safe world your just setting them up for dissapointment and a harsh reality check.


i accept and believe that there should be some system in place to be sure that people do take bullying seriously so it is not written off...
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I think bullying should be taught as a no no bu kids need to learn how to deal with it. like they need to just let go. there becoming such little fragile things. life is harsh and we all go through difficult situations. most of the time on our own. and they need to learn how to deal with it themselves


i understand your point but i do not agree and from experience I've seen the devastation bullying has caused i have a few personal connections i was bullied as a kid and up 8th grade in freshmen year i developed an eating disorder as a result of the years of bullying and the weird thing is that contrary to what you said i never consider myself a victim....i was always a tough kid i just thought that if i was skinny they'd stop teasing me and everything would be alright it got so bad i ended up in rehab my sophomore year but even though what i went through was horrible and id never wish it on anyone else i still consider myself one of the lucky ones.......

i lost a really close friend to suicide as a result of bullying, i spend a lot of time thinking about if theirs anything that could of been done to save him, it honestly suck going through life realizing that their not going to be with you growing up together we were only 14 or 15, now all i have left is memories of him he had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short leaving all of us who knew him to wonder why and for those of us who knew why it was sadder because we knew he tried to do everything you said but no one would take him seriously, this is why i think their needs to be a system in place so no one has loose someone or know one has to feel like their alone. you can not always count on people in charge i.e teachers guidance counselors and administrators to do the right thing you cant they are only humans its unfair to expect that, that's why there needs to be some sort of system in place for that ensures incidents of bullying are no ignored because i am not willing to risk another kids life on a school system without it i know the horror and the pain it can cause all to well....

while bullying may start out as harmless teasing it will not stay that way things can and in most cases will escalate kids are capable of horrible things I've seen it happen for us to sit back and let that happen is irresponsible we need to be proactive to make sure no one ever has to experience the pain and suffering that bullying will cause, it is not enough to deal with the aftermath of bullying anymore we need to stop it before it happens.

p.s please my friend was really special to me so be respectful if you choose to mention anything about him please...thank you i honestly really do appreciated it :)
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i think youve made your point :)


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by darkcity 5 years ago
"Bullies are a part of life." they should never be part of life

"This day in school bullying counts as gossiping, criticizing, and minor teasing." this definition of bullying is incorrect
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Reasons for voting decision: I really would have wished that Pro would have done more with this. I was bullied very harshly for a long time, I still don't think that the "zero tolerance" on bullying is effective. The term bullying has become misconstrued. But, Pro barely defended his argument, and the appeal to emotion argument by Con was more convincing than Pro's "barely any argument at all strategy."