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Kids should wear uniforms

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Started: 10/11/2013 Category: Education
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Hello LadyLeader101,
I have seen your opinion where you proved that kids shouldn't wear uniforms. I believe that kids should wear school uniforms for various reason.

I hope you accept my debate, and if accepted, good luck.


Kids should not wear school uniforms. It teaches them from a young age that everyone should act the same, and dress the same. Children should be able to wear what they chose because it lets them determine who they are and what they are trying to become. We shouldn't decide that for them. It also takes away from their childhood. Let them be unaffected by the harsh reality that we always have someone telling us what do or what to wear. There will come a time when they are adults and will have jobs that will come with dress requirements, but right now let them be children. Let them explore and dress how they want.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Con, I'm glad that you have accepted my debate,

I believe that kids should wear school uniforms for several reasons.

Firstly, school is an institution for educating children( School is not a place for children to wear what they want to, it's place where they are educated for their future lives. As you have mentioned:

"It teaches them from a young age that everyone should act the same, and dress the same."

I am yet to find how wearing school uniforms can affect the children to act the same. Wearing school uniform makes the school look more organised and shows pride for each schools. Wearing school uniform also allows other students/parents to easily notice where a child is from. For example, this is probably a really bad one, a child is seen getting into an accident where his/her parents are nowhere to be found. If the child is wearing a school uniform, one can notify the school immediately. Of course there are variables to this, but what I am trying to prove is that wearing school uniform can reduce these from happening.

Talking about your harsh reality, I think that judgements made by what a child wears is harsher than wearing the same clothes like everyone else. As children are not forced to wear school uniforms, they will, of course, wear different clothes than everybody. Some will wear fancier than others. This can lead to judgements made by other kids, and this leads to bullying.


I look forward to your next argument to be made.


Children should learn from an early age that people will judge them, and make fun of them. We should hide them from the harsh reality. Children shouldn't be forced to wear school uniforms they shouldn't be taught to always be submissive to stupid rules. Also with the whole accident things. Its not always that easy.
Debate Round No. 2


What is so good about teaching the children that they are going to be judged and made fun when they grow up at such an early age?

What exactly do you mean by We should hide them from the harsh reality. I have already mentioned that being judged on is a harsher reality than wearing the same uniform thinking that they have to act/dress the same.

submissive to stupid rules

So are you saying that wearing school uniform is stupid? Then, why do schools force their students to wear uniforms.

I have never mentioned that it will be easy. I have especially bolded the word reduce. Wearing school uniforms can reduce the chances from that happening rather than making it easy.

No matter the outcome, it was great debating with you. Thank you.


LadyLeader101 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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