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Kids today should know who the Beatles are

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Started: 4/13/2012 Category: Entertainment
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So recently in the news they have said that most young kids today, when asked who The Beatles are most have said they have never heard of them. In this Debate I will be giving reasons and just basically saying why kids today should grow up knowing who the Beatles are. I will start my argument after acception


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


The Beatles are Legends, they are basically the ones that made everything huge. Their music is just tales of beautiful music, and they started plenty of genres of music.
For example Helter Skelter is a key example of heavy rock/punk and after that song it influenced bands to try something new a different. It gave birth to the punk and heavy rock genre and moved on from there.
They have sold so many records and just created so many #1 hits. They are always on the radio and define what Rock and Roll really is. If a kid likes Rock but doesn't know who the Beatles even are, that's just sad and they need to grab a Beatles record now.
This band even influenced most of the Rock groups out there today. If it wan't for them I have no idea where music would rest right now.


Pro's Arguments

What this debate really comes down to is the fact that Pro wishes to impose his own subjective opinion on all kids. This is absurd. Taste in music is solely a matter of opinion and therefore, there is no logical reason why all kids should be required to listen to, and be knowledgable concerning one specific band.

It just so happens that I detest The Beatles and can't stand listening to their music. This is my opinion and I do not wish to impose it upon anyone else like Pro does. If Pro wants to win this debate they need to make a compelling argument explaining why his opinion is more important than that of everyone else's, including mine.

Debate Round No. 2


I'm not trying to force people to listen to them, all I'm saying is that they are a huge part of history. It's just like in a history class you learn things to understand how the things got where they are now.
I feel kids should just know who they are, they don't NEED to listen to them or even enjoy them for that matter. They started plenty of new genres of music, and plenty of other bands are doing that as well today.
I just want people to know the HISTORY of music basically. But just the members of the band did so much to history as well Just look at John Lennon and what a legacy he left in this world today, trying to get world peace and all of that.

The band just stands as a huge part of Pop Culture and still going today, people should at least know the history
some facts
one of the 1st groups to treat an album as a work of art in its own right instead of just a collection of singles.

They were the 1st rock group to actually make money from their record sales and have record sales in the millions.let's put things in perspective,before the beatles record companies used singles and albums to promote the live show of whatever artist it was because the live shows where were the real money wasn't expected for an artist to actually make any money from their singles or fact before the beatles you could sell 200,000 copies of your latest record and have a hit(nowadays,you sell that much its considered a flop).at 1 point during i want to hold your hand's run on the charts,it sold over 1.5 million copies in 5 days,that's 300,000 copies a day,in 1964 this was unheard artist back then was expected to sell that many copies of fact the next single can't buy me love had so many advance orders(over 1.5 million)it actually debuted at number 1 on the singles charts.nowadays,with soundscan and all that acts debuting at number 1 is old news,but in 1964 it was news because no one had ever done it before in america.

One of the 1st music acts to start their own record label.

They were the first band to actually express their true feelings on major world issues of the day instead of keeping quiet (as brian epstein wanted them too)

They made it fashionable for men to grow their hair long.

That's just some facts why they are just so important...I could go on.


Regardless of how popular they were, how much money they made, or the fashion trends they started, there's still no reason why all kids should have to know who The Beatles are.

Knowing the history of modern music is hardly important at all in the first place, but it would likely be even less important to the kids included in this resolution.

Besides, we all know that Michigan J. Frog is superior to The Beatles by a long shot.

Debate Round No. 3


I get people saying that we don't all need to know a certain band, but if you think of it this way, you should at least just know The Beatles and have some respect for their music. They are the band that influenced almost every rock group out there. Just look at some of the old groups like Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who and plenty more.
Anyone that is HUGE into music, where it basically surrounds their life should know the Beatles, they influenced and started the music for the bands you listen to today.
If they never existed who knows where music will be today. Even if people don't like a certain band they should at least know what they did. If you don't want to know who they are and love music then you are just being selfish and not realizing what they did to get that music you listen to today.
They must have some importance in the world if they basically influenced Rock bands and to be played on plenty of radio stations and listened to millions of people years after they broke up.


First of all, you're arguing based on the assumption that all people listen to rock music. Not all people do. Some people don't even listen to music, period. Why is rock music important? It's not. This debate is trivial, at best.
Also, pro dropped my argument about Michigan J. Frog. Silence is concession so I'm forced to assume he agrees with me. This is a pretty easy vote for con.
Debate Round No. 4


PacemakerGuy forfeited this round.


Pro foreited. This is a pretty easy con vote.
Debate Round No. 5
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