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Kim Jong-un is famous.

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Started: 1/30/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that Kim Jong-un is famous. First round is acceptance.


i accept, before we debate
famous-having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated
Debate Round No. 1


Dear opponent, according to Merriam dictionary, famous means "widely known." Also, last round was a form of acceptance. Anyways, back to subject, Kim Jong-un is widely known. In his country, North Korea, he is so famous they have parades dedicated to him. Kim Jong-un is also widely known by many military leaders, and is slightly respected.

Thank you, audience and opponent, and please vote pro.


Kim Jong Un is very famous in his own country, but in the context of the whole world, he is in fact infamous. He is notorius for his nuclear weapons threats and the human rights abuses. He is not famous, but rather infamous, vote con

infamous-: well-known for being bad : known for evil acts or crimes
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by SherbertNutters 2 years ago
you could have argued that the collective conscientiousness of living things (dogs cats birds bacteria) dont know kim, his "fame" is only known by one of 8.7 million species. Hes not so famous now
Posted by gannon260 2 years ago
meh, kim jong un is more infamous than famous
Posted by SherbertNutters 2 years ago
I just joined so i cant vote yet, but i have to say pro won this one. Being infamous meets criteria for being famous, con didn't prove Kim was not famous. His morals were not on trial! Great debate though #Pro2015
Posted by gannon260 2 years ago
damnit, you stole my debate strategy, lol
Posted by KylePooley 2 years ago
I think the term would be Infamous worldwide, yet famous as a Korean dictator.
Posted by gannon260 2 years ago
im not debating in the comment sections, just type your argument.
Posted by nrglite 2 years ago
Indeed gannon? Merriam-webster's first definition is 'widely known', which would be the more common expression. Truly Z1, if gannon gets to define the term you may have already lost. However, 'famous' is tricky. It does depend which nation you live in.
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Vote Placed by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Tie. Both had proper conduct throughout the debate. S&G - Pro. Con had some minor spelling and grammatical errors such as an un-capitalized "i" and a lack of periods, for some reason, at the end of his sentence in R1 and paragraph in R2. While these things are truly minor, I saw no such errors from Pro, thus he is awarded S&G points. Arguments - Con. Pro presented a solid argument, but really cherry-picked a specific portion of the definition "widely known" instead of taking in the whole definition. What truly caused me to lean towards Con though was the distinction he raised between being famous and infamous. With such a distinction presented, it was clear that Kim-Jong-Un is more infamous than he is famous when taking the entire world into account as Con did. Therefore, Con wins arguments as he successfully challenged Pro who ultimately failed to maintain his BOP in light of Con's challenges. Sources - Tie. Both utilized sources in this debate and neither really stood out.