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Kings of Leon needs to disband.

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Started: 9/28/2013 Category: Music
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This is a one-round debate. There will be only one round during which to present an argument. After that, the community will vote.


The alternative rock band Kings of Leon needs to disband. Reasons are presented below.

Reason 1: The band's music sounds horrible. It is not possible to finish an album without asking oneself, "What is this crap?"

Reason 2: The band is more popular among women than men. This gender discrepancy promotes sexism, gender segregation, and possibly homophobia among music enthusiasts.

Reason 3: The music industry is saturated with boy bands. It needs fewer, not more.


Wow...disbanded? I'm actually listening to some is I write this. Is it my cup of tea? Hell no. Would I buy it, have it it in the car, be caught by anybody listening to it. Hell no. But disband, because of what, your little tiny weenie opinion. And as far as the comment about having chicks dig the music because of the way the guys look? News flash, sex sells, and if its increasing there record sales, well more power to them. Talk about gender biased. Think of how many women have capitalized financially because of sex and there body. Now a group of guys is doing it, and your going to be a whistle blower? I have a sneaky suspicion this is your girls favorite band. She got a tat on her lower back that you got look at very time you hit doggy dontcha? Give the guys there props, they've been grinding and putting more work than you can possibly even fathom. Do you have a clue what goes into getting to the point these guys have gotten too? Its a life. A whole life. I can't really wrap my head around what makes you think you have the authority to take a life work and deem it anything: good, bad, or ugly. And whats even more endearing about them is they haven't by any-means made it yet, although they have a Grammy, they are still grinding , searching for the next ladder rung. And I don't know how much you know about music, other than not alot, but this is a self contained band. They write and play all off there own music. If you were to want to throw anybodies career off the bridge, why not start with guys like Bruno Mars, and Justin Beiber. They fall in your hater category of guys that look good (lol). Or are you sweet a little sweet on them? If so, I'll make a previous comparison concerning the term "self contained band" Neither of the teeny heart throbs that your FINE with taking precedent over a real band write or play there own music. Justin is the less talented of the two, bruno can play several instruments but not at the level of the songs that are written for him...(thats one key indicator hey didnt write them)

So how about this, why don't you take your insecure little whiny self, and go tell an Grammy award winning band that they should disband because all there music "sucks"....(not that I LOVE there music, but as an aside, if you think this sucks, id like to see your play lists)...and you tell them to disband. And like smirk and keep walking past you, and everything will keep going as its going.

I wish me and you could have a meaningful debate abut music...not one that's so obvious. After hearing some of this I just know you have no music knowledge...and have the nerve to start a music thread. Funny. Promise me if I post one you'll accept.

Here...its like they wrote one for you. Sing along. I'm sure it'll make it a much better experience. lmao
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