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Kira is better than L

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Started: 7/3/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Kira is better than L for several reasons.
But primarily because he was able to gather several followers to do his bidding. He killed a Shinigami. He killed L, and he took over the task force.

This is short but I will post longer in the next rounds.


I accept your metaphorical tennis match (only viewers of death note get that reference)

L was able to gather several followers to his bidding as well, without even meeting them face to face. Kira didn't kill a shinigami, he manipulated her into commiting suicide, which was willingful on her part. He didn't force her to do it.
Light killed L, but it was part of L's plan. L wasn't working towards staying alive, he was working towards making sure justice was served. He took over the task force, but even with the task force, he got beaten by Near.

I await your new arguments.

Debate Round No. 1


Well played. And while I appreciate that reference. I have counter points.
Consider this, what would L be without Watari? He wouldn't be even nearly as mobile and most likely wouldn't be able to do anything.
Ryuk really just offered some instruction about how to use the death note, but everything that Light did was by himself with solely his mind.
In the end, it still took L and 3 successors (I include Matt.) A whole Police force and the SPK to defeat.

And L had a lot more people at his disposal. There were far too many allies. Light only had Misa, Kyomi, and Mikami.


Let me establish that "Light" is the same character as "Kira".

New arguments:

1. L planned everything perfectly
L planned his own death as a variable, knowing that his successor(s) would catch Light. He also chose Light as his successor, knowing that he would be kept close to the task force, and found out by his real ones. Both L and Light died, the difference is, Light lost when he died, while with L, it was all part of a grander plan, a scheme much bigger than himself. L's measure of victory is not "who died first", but rather "Was justice served", and we can clearly see that it was.

2. Under pressure
Light and L both faced extreme pressure. L was having the entire world counting on him to bring justice, and Light had the entire police force of the world looking for his identity. However, L consistenly has shown himself to be cool under pressure, even as he learned that he would probably die. Light gave in to the pressure, made stupid mistakes, and got himself killed in the process. L accepted the pressure, adapted to it, and planned everything accordingly.

3. Morals
Light brought it upon himsel to judge the fate of millions of people. He has been responsible for the deaths of more people than Hitler. L was fighting for the the basic human rights of millions of people. In planning Lights ultimate demise, L has single handedly saved more peoples basic human rights than every other attempt do so by any organization, ever. L is clearly the morally superior individual.



"What would L be without Watari? He wouldn't be even nearly as mobile and most lkely wouldn't be able to do anything."

The same could be said for Kira. First of all, Light/Kira was born as the son of the police chief, which gave him access to police records and confedential information. Also, Light/Kira had the help of the mass media to relay his messages, as well as a devoted girlfriend. Also, L could easily use anonymous IRC and disposable phones to find someone else to carry his laptop.

"Everything Light did was by himself with solely his mind"

That is a blatant lie. Light would have had no knowledge of Ray Penbar following him if it weren't for his Shinigami telling him so. Also, the only reason Light had the Death Note was because Ryuk decided that he was bored, so he dropped it and allowed him to find it.

"In the end, it still took L and 3 successors a whole police force and SPK to defeat [Kira]"

That is true, but what Pro fails to acknowledge is that Light had a notebook with which he could have anyone killed with a name and a face, a host of supernatural shinigami which were invisible to law enforcement, an obsessed, devoted girlfriend with even stronger powers than him, a devoted servant with even stronger powers than him, and his father as the police chief.

"And L had a lot more people at his disposal"
That may be true, but Light had supernatural god like powers, and allies even stronger than himself.
Debate Round No. 2


Quite frankly L having everything planned perfectly was just unrealistic and provided several holes to the manga. So yes, if we are going to just pretend that it would make sense to hone in on Light Yagami so early in the investigation and really it was just lucky that his gut feeling was right. If we are going to ignore that there were never any other suspects. It was brought out earlier that Light had access to police records and used his father. Yes that certainly could have linked Light. However, when surveillance of his room failed wouldn't you broaden the search to perhaps hackers!? Do we forget that that is a legitamite crime?

Now concerning morals that is certainly up for debate.
Ohba (author of the manga) stated himself that Light was pretty much doomed to be corrupted the second he found the notebook. So would L have been safe had he found it first?

Just because he didn't kill as many people as Light did he still denied basic human rights, simply on a smaller scale. Now I will be honest and I don't know all that much about Japanese law. Still, it seems confining Misa into a room where she is blindfolded and completely tied up is a violation of basic human rights. No trial. Also L had permission from Light's father to search the entire house, how did he get permission to search Misa's? Could he really have obtained a warrant that quickly? He also chained himself to Light.

Throughout the series L himself made it clear he wanted to win. Evidently Justice comes at a cost, since innocent people were expendable if L wasn't being bothered by the Task Force not to. Light only killed criminals. And yes by his logic going against God is punishable by death.

So it is inaccurate to say that L is morally superior, he just happened to be on the "good" side. Had he been Kira since he kept a cooler head he would have become God of the New World.

A final point is the issue of Justice itself. At the end of it it said that the world was just as it was before Kira. Now to add to that, Yes criminals have the right to commit crimes. And most of the time with the right lawyers they avoid that Punishment. So with crime at an all time low, what exactly was the issue? Criminals don't get to kill murder and skill. The law works so that criminals do whatever they want and police have to follow and exact form of laws for anything to be "admissable" but then once the criminal is apprehended the law now caters to their will and works in their favor.



"If we are going to ignore that it was really just lucky that his gut feeling was right"

Perhaps the greatest detective in the world and the most intelligent character in the series, as determined by Ohba himself, would be confident in his instincts after solving one "uncrackable" case after another.

"However, when the surveilance in his room failed, wouldn't you broaden the search to perhaps hackers?"

What motivation would a hacker have to disrupt surveilance of Light Yagami, unless the were hired by him to do so? L was hired to solve one case, and that is the Kira case, not look for every potential criminal he finds along the way.

"Just because he didn't kill as many people as Light he still denied basic human rights, simply on a smaller scale"

While this is true, he denied the human rights of about 3-4 people throughout the series. Light Yagami deprived more people of their rights than Adolf Hitler, and to a much worse level than L, by killing them.

"Innocent people were expendable if L wasn't being bothered by the task force not to. Light only killed criminals"

The so-called "innocent people" were people on death row scheduled to be executed at the exact time L planned their deaths, which would've simply been death by heart attacks. Heart attacks are not cruel and unusual, because lethal injection is allowed, which causes heart failure, lung failure, and brain failure. The "criminals" Light were killing were not all under those circumstances. A lot of criminals he killed simply for cruel expirements with the Death Note, testing his power. Even the ones on Death Row were killed unjustly, because he did not kill them at their scheduled execution time, denying them the right to appeal their case to a court.

"Yes, by his logic going against God was punishable by death"

That shows how morally inferior Light Yagami truly is. A crazy leader with a God complex who sets himself as the sole judge, jury, and executioner? I thought we fought an entire war to fight somebody like that (Adolf Hitler). Light Yagami was actually worse than Hitler, because his tyranny knew no borders, and his death toll was much higher than Hitler's.

"With crime at an all time low, what exactly was the issue?"

First of all, "crime" is not necessarily moral wrongs. It was not "violent crimes" that were reduced, or "crimes with victims", it was simply "crime". Some "crimes" have a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison. Did those people deserve to die? Do we really want a utopia built on the graves of the unjustly killed? And it's not like crime would magically stop after Light is dead. After Light Yagami dies of old age, the world would be worse off than before Light ever found the death note. Light Yagami would have destroyed civilisation as we know it, and his life and power would be the only thing holding human society together. Their would have been no need for a police force, or a justice system. Just like after Alexander the Great, conquerer of the known world died, the world would fall apart, and decades, if not centuries of progress, would have been reversed. L and his successors quite literally saved the human race and civilisation by making sure that in the case of Kira, justice was served.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JayDaylDayJay 4 years ago
But that doesn't count the Other thousands of people killed by Kira(from his influence on people), it is only a rough estimate that I could come up with. + we dont know how many people Mikami could kill in a day or Misa, Or Takada. So the Estimate is HIGHLY Hunched based.
Posted by JayDaylDayJay 4 years ago
Approximately 73000 People died by the hands of the DEATHNOTE itself. Sounds crazy but listen to my math (this is just cold hard numbers btw)

in 2 days Light killed over 100 people

the series went on for 4 years

365 x 4 = 1460

1460/2 = 730

730 x 100= 73000

This is excluding when light was not killing (he was held prisoner) and etc. As i said this is the cold hard numbers of the situation.
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