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Kirby Could Beat Sonic In A Fight

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Started: 12/9/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Kirby would defeat Sonic due to his superior strength, speed, durability and plethora of attacks. This debate will go into greater detail when the opponent is picked, thank you.


Kirby can only be faster than Sonic if he is on the warp star, and yes Kirby can fly, but what you need to remember is Kirby can only fly by himself for a short time while holding his breath. Holding his breath cancels out his swallow ability which is his only means of defense and if you include the warp star he can't attack from it unless you include Kirby Air Ride, But in including Kirby Air Ride, the fastest warp star which is the Hydra has a top speed of 150 mph, whereas Sonic's fastest running speed is said in the Sonic Adventure DX Game manual to top out at 3840 mph. Also since accelerating should also be important, Sonic is also said to be able to run fast enough to break the sound barrier immediately after beginning to run in the first episode of Sonic X. Kirby's best accelerating warp star in Air Ride, the Swerve Star, goes from 0 to 31.18 km/h instantly. Convert that to mph and you can round it up to 20 mph. Pretty pathetic acceleration for a vehicle that is supposed to compare to Sonic. And if you use the original warp star, the top speed comes out at a pathetic 25 km/h, or 15.5 mph. If your using the Kirby's warp star from Kirby Right Back At Ya then it is said to move faster than light, however It is also known that when Kirby is going that fast he latches on to the warp star and cannot attack. And if you are using full speed an full power then i bring up his light speed shoes, which also breaks the speed of light. Add the shoes to Super Sonic and he can literally cross planets in a matter of seconds. Sonic's super form has a 1000% speed increase over his normal form with the light speed shoes. Super Sonic with the shoes can fly at 2,997,924,580 m/s or 67,061,662,900 mph.

Hydra top speed:
Sonic's top speed and acceleration:
Kirby's fastest acceleration:
Warp star top speed in game:
warp star top speed in the anime:
Sonic's light speed shoes and Super form speeds:
Debate Round No. 1



"If you include the warp star he can't attack from it unless you include Kirby Air Ride, But in including Kirby Air Ride, the fastest warp star which is the Hydra has a top speed of 150 mph." I could why you may say this, but the warpstar is VERY fast, let explain, in Kirby Super Star, ( watch the first twenty seconds and you will see it accelerates very fast and exits the planet's atmosphere in a mere seconds and I would say that is easily faster than sound.

"However It is also known that when Kirby is going that fast he latches on to the warp star and cannot attack."

This is a false statement, watch this: 4:45 and you will see the warp star is not only able to be used in a fight but it can shoot out stars.

In SSBB, in the description it says the Warp Star is a "warp-speed item" and warp speed, is indeed faster than light.

As seen Here ( he can move from the surface of Popstar to the moon within seconds.

Here, the Warpstar can break through a metal barrier effortlessly (



Actually I did say the warp star could go that fast, but does the warp star top 67,061,662,900 mph? What is the top speed mph the warp star can go? And though he can shoot stars, Take into account what Sonic's abilities are in his super and his normal form.

1.) Super Sonic is invulnerable.
2.) He has unlimited endurance.
3.) Using the chaos emeralds Sonic can stop time, slow it down, speed it up and even tear through time and space to warp without the super form.
4.) Super Sonic can also shoot energy beams and deflect projectiles.
5.) Sonic can slow and stop time without even having the chaos emeralds with his abilities time break, time stop, and soul surge from Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic and the Black Knight respectively.
6.) Both Sonic and Super Sonic can use the light speed attack although Sonic has to build some momentum first, Super Sonic can do it on command.

And when it comes down to a air battle between the warp star and Super Sonic, the warp star shoots stars yes, but Super Sonic can deflect them as seen in Sonic Rush Adventure. And in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Super Sonic is shown being aggressive in close combat and he can fire a charged beam of pure chaos energy. Follow that up with warp speed and time control and I'm fairly confident when I say Sonic can win almost any fight.

Sonic's abilities:
Super Sonic's combat:
Super Sonic on Dark Brotherhood: (please note Sonic's health bar also as it says ???, to emphasis the invicibility.)
Sonic '06 Time slowing:
Soul Surge:
Time Break: (11:17)
Chaos Control: (3:23)
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, I'll list some of the offensive capabilities, and show how Kirby is no pushover.

1.) As stone Kirby he could negate any and all of Super Sonic's attacks, nothing in the game has even slightly damaged him when in Stone Kirby mode.

2.) Super Sword Kirby could kill Sonic if he got one hit one him, the creator confirmed it can cut through ANYTHING, and he can swing it as extremely fast rates.

3.) I think it can, warp speed is around 9.8 x 10 or something like that, according to Star Trek.

4.) Kirby, in fighter mode has hit the planet Popstar and send a huge fissure through the center in Megaton Punch.

5.) He has hit somebody to the sun with a frying pan, he sent then moving heavily F.T.L .

6.) He survived a HUGE explosion, seen from space. (

This and much more leads me to believe Kirby could survive any blows from Sonic and keep up, if not go faster than him, while providing a good offense and defense.


Any and every attack Kirby can launch, he has to swallow a specific enemy to get that ability. And Sonic's super form is invulnerable, which, by definition means impossible to harm, damage or defeat, stated by Marriam-Webster. Sonic would also be able to dodge or counter any attack Kirby could possibly use via time control. Out of all of Kirby's powers he never gets the ability to control time or space while Sonic has power over time.

Now to for the counter argument against your points;

1.)Kirby would have to find a specific stone enemy to swallow and ingest before the power was available, which being so fast, Sonic would not allow him to do in a serious fight.

2.)The Super Sword ability, once again has to com from a specific enemy type. He can't just use that power. And secondly Sonic can stop and slow time so hitting him with a sword that big with Kirby swinging it at any speed would be impossible to hit him.

3.) 9.8 x 10 what, mph? m/s? Either way if that was the correct calculations for warp speed, you could hit warp before even sound. and if it was 10 x 9 to the 8th power, Sonic would still have been faster without trying.

4.) Kirby would have to swallow a fighter type enemy powerful enough to do so. Which if these abilities are taken into the argument, might I add that Sonic has the Excalibur, which is the most powerful mythical sword in existence and he can stop time before Kirby could land the hit and slice him to bits.

5.) He might be able to send Sonic to the sun if he can hit him and if he wasn't using his super form.

6.) I've played through Kirby Triple Deluxe and can explain that it was not an explosion that Kirby survived. It was a plume of darkness dissipating causing a shock wave that sent out flower pedals. There is a huge difference between an explosion and a shock wave. Which a shock wave is just an energy wave breaks the sound barrier in a gas, liquid, or a plasma. And for arguments sake, say it was a complete full on explosion. Sonic has invulnerability, as I mentioned on every round so far. Kirby could not get past that. And if that's not enough, Sonic could use time stop and freeze Kirby in time and render him completely helpless while Sonic finished the battle with the Excalibur or the chaos energy blast.

And not to mention that Kirby only has running endurance. He can't fly forever and when he drops he's way more than just slightly vulnerable, leaving ample opportunity for the blue blur to launch an offensive. the tricky part is landing a hit on Kirby. But time stop and soul surge makes that more than possible. And even if Kirby was resistant to fire enough to survive a large explosion, a sword can still cut through him fairly easy so the Excalibur can slash right through the pink little puffball with little to no effort.

Invulnerable definition:
Definition of shock wave:
Debate Round No. 3


Well we're implying he will start off with Super Sonic, but let me go another route.

1.) In Milky Way Wishes, Kirby can activate any power at any time, this is called Copy Essence Deluxe ( and he can switch between them when he pleases, so this proves he has the ability to activate powers when he wishes and sense Ultra Sword has been consumed before it would make sense that he could activate that aswell.

2.) Read #1

3.) "In Kirby SSU, the Warp star can travel through his solar system or move from a planet to another in mere seconds during both gameplay and several cutscenes in Milky Way Wishes." (Taken from people discussing another fight about Kirby)

4.) Read #1 and "
Excalibur Sonic may not even be Sonic's transformation, but Caliburn's, because Sonic is only in a golden suit of armor, while Caliburn looks indistinguishable from his appearance in the rest of the game. Also, Sonic did not absorb anything to transform and is not invincible." -Sonic Wiki I'm not 100% sure on what this would mean but I thought it would be worth noting.

End Rebuttal

Hypernova, let me just state if Sonic is even close to this thing, I think the hedgehog will just be a new suit for Kirby, also, I never saw Super Sonic slow down time, could you send me it (Not accusing you of lying, I can't find it.) And if they started within a decent range, all Kirby would have to do is open his mouth and *Gulp.* His ability is so strong, it destroyed the fourth wall, and can instantly kill ANYTHING, I have no doubt this would end Super Sonic's life as Hypernova Kirby has killed immortal and intangeable creatures such as ghosts. He could instantly summon his warp-star, and suck Sonic up while moving around, ending the blue blur's life.


1.) Kirby using the "Copy Essence Deluxe" proves that Kirby still needs the copy essence to use as a catalyst for his powers, so that being said he can only use that power if he has obtained that essence. Which correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm not, He has one use of the copy and he has to obtain and store them before hand.

2.) Keep in mind that Sonic rarely needs a catalyst for his major powers, unless it's his transformations, which he doesn't need to manipulate time, and I can't even begin to explain why time manipulation is one of the most powerful abilities of all time.

3.) You can have all of the speed in the universe and being frozen in time will make your speed account for nothing.

4.) Even if it's not Sonic's own transformation, which it isn't, the Caliburn is the transforming catalyst. But It's still considered a powerful sword in that universe either way. And let's not forget Soul Surge which slows time so he can make critical attacks with precision and can dodge everything.

5.) Hypernova is an ability that can only be obtained from the plants that the main boss of Triple Deluxe grew so once again he can't just do it. He needs a catalyst for every single power. Also if you allow Kirby's every power then it's only fair that Sonic gets his.

6.) Sonic never uses time stop in super form, but he can and he can also use it without the form. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle he can freeze time for 10 to 20 seconds which that combined with speed break and Caliburn can demolish Kirby before he can even open his mouth, without super form mind you. And if you need evidence for a time slowing power, I have already provided you with links to several instances in the second round of his time manipulation.

7.) Also I'd like to bring up the fact that Sonic can run so fast he can rip a hole in space and time sending him through different points of time, seen in Sonic CD.

Sonic's time stop: (0:40)
Sonic's time travel ability:
Debate Round No. 4


Fair points, and I enjoy this debate, but what I'm going to say is Kirby doesn't need to absorb them, as he has done so in the fast and it stays forever, "He learns the ability and it goes to the lower screen of the DS or television screen, depending on which game is being played, from which the player can choose it as many times as they wish. Kirby can also switch between the Copy Abilities he has picked up by selecting the respective ability icon." -Kirby Wiki

Also, I just have a theroy but this is easily debateable, sonic has to say "Time Freeze!" before he can move, right? Even normal Kirby could open his mouth and suck him in mid-setence but if that is not possible, as he is saying it all he would have to do is quickly switch to stone and wait until the time-freeze ends, as Stone Kirby is invincible under any circumstance.

Also, with Caliburn as not going Excalibur in my opinion couldn't kill Kirby in 20 seconds but that is once again debatble and I'm not 100% sure on the matter.

Also Soul Surge slows down time, correct? It may slow down time but if Kirby opened his mouth, even if time is slowed, would still be sucked in just at a slower rate, unless I'm missing something, so I will try to recap.

Strength: Fighter Kirby has punched through planets and can fire energy blasts, normal Kirby has hit sombody to the sun within seconds.

Speed: The Warpstar, instantly summoned can reach Warp Speed within a second.

Durability: Has been hit with the Halberd twice, burnt by the exhaust flames, thrown down a canyon, and much more, his durability is not the greatest but is nothing to laugh at, also his body is highly mallable and survived in a universe of pain.

This leads me to believe the only advange Sonic has is his time-freeze ability, but Stone Kirby could wait it out, also with the entire "Hypernova is only consumed by a plant." He has consumed is before, and could easily add it to his copy pallete, and one last thing, Super Sonic has a short time limit, so after showing you all of Kirbys feats I ask you

Please Vote For The Pink Puffball Kirby!


I enjoy this debate too but once again Kirby has to have something to activate his power.

Counter Argument:

1.) Sonic is too fast and too cautious to immediately be inhaled.

2.) Kirby can't move quickly if not at all when trying to inhale.

3.) Kirby can only swallow in a cone shaped area in front of him.

4.) The hyper nova ability comes from a very rare fruit Kirby has to swallow called the miracle fruit which is only in Triple Deluxe, a game where you can't store your powers.

5.) Kirby still has to store a power in his stomach in all of the DS games and he cannot store them in the others. Every power can still only be activated once.

6.) Whether it be ability storage, a deluxe pedestal, or just ingesting enemies or abilities, Kirby still has to have something to activate the power.

7.) Both characters at max power and performance would be Kirby with hypernova and Super Sonic with Excalibur armor and sword and all 7 chaos emeralds and powerful time control abilities, while invulnerability and chaos energy powers would not only protect Sonic even if Kirby tried to ingest him which wouldn't work since Sonic would be literally impossible to even scratch, let alone digest, that would just let Sonic slice through him from the inside.

8.) Sonic could freeze the time before Kirby can get his stone power ready, because it takes a few seconds for him to equip it.

9.) Sonic doesn't have much durability, but he doesn't need it. He's an extremely fast glass cannon, meaning he can't take hits but he can deal heavy damage quickly, with infinite endurance.

All of the statistics and power lists for both characters lead me to believe that Sonic would win the fight relatively quickly.

Vote Sonic The Hedgehog!

Hypernova ability:

Good luck to both of us. This debate was fun :)
Debate Round No. 5
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by XxDemonLegacyxX 2 years ago
Either way whoever wins I wish to shake Brylots hand because it was both of our first debate and it was a good one
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
Some advice...

Pro. You should proofread better. The spelling was often hard to read and had an uncountable number of errors. If I felt spelling and grammar were important in any way, Con would have received them.

Both sides can benefit from more coordination. It was difficult to see which argument certain rebuttals went to. Con did good with numbering his rebuttals, but the use of more division between each argument and each rebuttal can improve the readability of both sides.

Both sides did good, and should keep at it. Pro, while you may feel like you received a lot of criticism, you shouldn't let that get to you. Read some debates from notable debaters like Ragnar or RoyLatham, and just try again. Everyone starts off half as good as they become. Some experience, and you'll do great. You did wonderful at bringing up points from a vast array of different games, and using them together.
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
RFD (cont):

Sources: Pro's sources where almost entirely While this helped prove certain things happened (Kirby leaving the atmosphere extremely fast), it doesn't actually give me comparable evidence (how fast?)...

Con's sources were canon from the actual game wikis. His numbers were comparable and reliable. Sources go to Con. Pro should find sources that give objective numbers instead of speculative and debatable observations that I can't measure.
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
RFD: To start, I do NOT hand out Spelling and Grammar. Conduct on both sides was fair.

Convincing Arguments: Right off the bat, I feel Con gained a great deal of ground with the inability of Kirby to attack with out swallowing enemies, and how Kirby is only faster with the use of his warp star. As well as the inability of Kirby to attack if he is flying.

What very much helped Con's side here was Pro's immediate lack of specifics. He lists off visual observations (such as Kirby's warp star leaving the atmosphere quickly), while Con get's in depth with science and numbers that are backed with sources. Kirby can leave the atmosphere extremely fast? How fast? How am I to compare that speed with Sonic's if I don't actually know how fast that is? Pro didn't even attempt to spend a few seconds looking up what warp speed is, using Star Trek as a reference instead.

Con's side brought in real numbers that include actual canon sources instead of mere visuals. Con does a great job of showing the extreme limitations Kirby faces (needs warp star, has to swallow specific enemies, etc...) while showing the lack of limitation on Sonic (can go extremely fast naturally, for example.) Another issue with Pro's case was the game-specific elements (the Copy Essence Deluxe, for example). Game-specific elements can make the water a little dirty and hard to work with, that being said, I held series-stretching elements to a higher degree of importance here. The Copy Essence Deluxe may be useful, but unless the duo are fighting in Milky Way Wishes, it's a long-shot to assume it'll play a major role in the fight.

This all being said, I feel Con did a great job of backing his side up with numbers and context that I can measure, while Pro did not. Con brought up a lot of issues with Kirby that Pro simply was not able to match against Sonic. It seemed almost like Pro never actually listed any notable issues with Sonic. Arguments go to Con.
Posted by XxDemonLegacyxX 2 years ago
i kinda wanna take this because its an easy resolution
Posted by UchihaMadara 2 years ago
I would take this, as I disagree with the resolution, but I love Kirby too much to say anything bad about him T.T
Posted by XxDemonLegacyxX 2 years ago
And honestly if your going by death battle's resources then you have to bring up Sonic's ability to use the chaos emeralds which can let him teleport , stop time, and become Super Sonic which is invincible. Sonic would win no doubt about it.
Posted by Brylot 2 years ago
Yes, the warp star can travel multiple times the speed of light, sourced from Death Battle, but other sources would confirm this.

"He can also fly using his own personal veichle, the Warp Star, which can fly at speeds faster than light. The Warp Star is forged by Kirby's own energy, so while delicate should it be destroyed Kirby can always create a new one."
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
Sonic, at his peak, can travel nearly as fast as light. Kirby can't even come close to that.
Posted by Unitomic 2 years ago
superior... speed?
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Vote Placed by Unitomic 2 years ago
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Total points awarded:06 
Reasons for voting decision: RFV: I don't give Spelling/Grammer. Conduct was good on both sides Both Sides gave sources, however all of Brylots sources were Youtube, whereas DemonLegacy gave much better sources. In terms of argument, both sides had good points, but ultimately I feel Demons argument was better grounded, especially when it came to quantifying the difference. ==Unitomic==
Vote Placed by donald.keller 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD in Comments.