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Knowledge based Rap battle

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Started: 4/23/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Be creative, play around with your knowledge to battle me,e.g If you are knowledgeable in History,Poetry or current affairs or any other subject bring it into tha battle and use it against me and be careful not to let your knowledge decieve you for knowlege is nothing but a polite word for dead but not buried imagination.

Yours Truly
(Dandy Dour)
Sir author Mpho Leteng


lets do this
Debate Round No. 1



I've been aching within, burning deeply for the start of this first round
For Dandy Dour to overshadow this faggot like a warcloud
Ma muderous lyrics devolve upon your brain and melts it
I'm a lyrical gayatri Mantra
Like a super-imposed polygon I'm always on top
A talent like mine is rare like the gastrosophageal reflux disease
So it's impossible to limit ma lyrical context like cyber space security issues
See, you and me are not commensurable
And if you think i'm wrong
"Delirium" must be the state of ya mind
I'll wade accross burning waves to devitrify you
And as you loose your rhymes and cry to me
Don't think i'll be emphathetic and hug you
I don't symphathize so f**k you


well start by saying hi I'm a winner
but you'll be getting yelled at even more then skinner

mister. you may use science to rap
but you put me to sleep go take a nice nap

or just have your body jerk and just enter to rem
your rapid eye movements continue till the end

im hotter then the sun
hydrogen to helium

you don't sound like fun
and wait I'm not done

ill bust a cap in you A*ss
you'll scatter like blue light

more mass means lower frequency
hold on tight

my vocal cords vibrate faster then your fat dildo
at the end of this you'll be calling like smegial... out for bilbo

your a hoe
i know

the blood rushes to my dic*k
that means it gets hard
go away you little prick

man you have brain disease
so your a retard
Debate Round No. 2


Dandy Dour will sop ya range with a stinking bucket of piss
And cock block ya brain if you think you f**king wit this
I've been calculating ya lyrical development lyk Botswana's current expansion phase,
You'l never make it lykthe east African countries free trade policy
your lyrical lifespan is coming to an end lyk period of catching up on pre-independence neglect of public services,
Now ama gonn come thru and put you to shame
Rearrange your f**ken face
I see u think u bold
But um worth more than the idol you worship fourfold
lyrically i alter your cannabinoid receptors chemical binding traits lyk tetrahydrocannabinol
You scared of me
Dats why your vocal cords vibrate faster
this the end of ya chapter,
Quit rap and be a pastor


no proof no science quit cha trying
i aint lying

you suck air out of places
like a vacuum does

don't drive
your only buzzed

but the metabolism
fu*cking sucks

so son
just wait

its not to late at all
because the sodium chloride just burns your tonuge like salt

its your fault,
your fault your losing this thing

you heads f*ucki*ng transparent
like a fruit flies wing

i sing
i rap
you out me to nap

cause my rhymes burn like the dust from that powerd candy
or like potassium on water call the fixer handy mandy

My disses are like postulates
they don't need proving

shi*t I'm out of time
lets face it your losing.
Debate Round No. 3
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