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Knowledge, ideas and concepts are learned from experience. Nobody is born with an innate knowledge.

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Started: 4/25/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Yes, nobody is born with innate knowledge. Some people just have it and some people don't. There are people who just excell at things the first time they try to do it.


I accept

Knowledge - awareness of something : the state of being aware of something
Idea - something that you imagine or picture in your mind
Concept - an idea of what something is or how it works
Innate - existing from the time a person or animal is born OR existing as part of the basic nature of something

For our uses however we will be using definition number 2: existing as part of the basic nature of something

All definitions defined in the first round are universally accepted and may not be argued.

I shall be arguing that "somebody is born with an 'innate knowledge' of something." Here it is important to note I need only prove that SOMEBODY knows AT LEAST ONE thing at birth and I win.

I ask my opponent to refrain from using rebuttals until R3 (Round 3) and post their arguments in R2 (Round 2) and I shall do the same.

Debate Round No. 1


Ryosukeboo forfeited this round.


Let's talk Primitive Reflexes!

Let's start with the rooting reflex.

A simple google search provides us with the definition of rooting reflex - A reflex that is seen in normal newborn babies, who automatically turn the face toward the stimulus and make sucking (rooting) motions with the mouth when the cheek or lip is touched. The rooting reflex helps to ensure successful breastfeeding.

They are born with this "knowledge" so I have proven EVERYONE is born with some sort of innate knowledge.

I have fulfilled my BoP and claim victory.

Debate Round No. 2


Ryosukeboo forfeited this round.


Please vote Con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shiloh30 2 years ago
I guess it depends on what you consider knowledge. As MaxLamperouge stated, Babies are born with instinctual knowledge like flexing, and nursing. Believe that people are born with innate knowledge, in which somethings in life come very easy for them. Savants. They know how to do things without being taught, such as playing the piano. Some people are good with manipulating numbers and that isn't learned, it just makes sense to them. Or people are good with art, because it is how they see in in their minds. That isn't really learned either.

Children have an innate ability to over look race, religion and gender. It is because they are lacking the outside influences that would allow them to make choices like that. As they grow, they learn more and build upon life experiences to come up with ideas and concepts.

But most knowledge, ideas and concepts are based on experience a person goes through.

Two 40 year olds can have totally different levels of knowledge, ideas and concepts base on what they have experienced. Most have the same type of experiences like going to school, learning from teachers. But each person has unique experiences they glean from which makes their level of knowledge slightly different. One person might read more than the other, thus knowledge, ideas and concepts are broader in range then a person that does not.
Posted by MaxLamperouge 2 years ago
But arent babies born with the knowledge(insticts) of how to breathe/move?
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