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Kosovo is Serbia

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Started: 8/28/2016 Category: Politics
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Kosovo is Serbia and that is just true.


I, as the Contender for this debate, will be arguing that Kosovo is a separate sovereign entity from Serbia.

As the Instigator did not submit any definitions in his opening post, I shall be posting definitions here to aid voters and other spectators of this debates. If the Instigator wishes to amend these definitions, he may do so in his next argument.

Kosovo - The Republic of Kosovo, a nation in Eastern Europe
Serbia - The Republic of Serbia, a nation in Eastern Europe
is - must be a part of

I am assuming that when saying 'Kosovo is Serbia', the Instigator means 'Kosovo must be a part of Serbia'. If the Instigator meant it literally - i.e 'Kosovo is a part of Serbia', then there would be no debate since it would be an incorrect fact, not an opinion that can be debated about.
Debate Round No. 1


Saying that Kosovo is not a country is blatant false.
Kosovo is an autonomous province was a part of Serbia in 7 century. In short future it was captured by Byzantium. Than again in 13 century was captured again by Serbia. Serbia fought one of the biggest Serbian battles called Kosovo battle against Ottomans in 14th century. We defended Kosovo at all cost and was at that time(6-14 century)around 95 percent populated by Serbs. Serbia was defeated by Ottomans and was part of Ottoman Empire. Till 1690 Kosovo was by far mostly populated by Serbs. In 1960 Big Serbian migration happened. After 50 % of Serbs went to Austria-Hungary people from Albania started migrating to Kosovo because Albania was maybe worst country for living(money,army,government).That means that in 18 century it was 50% Serbs and 50% Albanians. Then after WW2 Kosovo was in bad conditions. Serbs were running away to better Serbia's parts. That Albanians saw as opportunity and started buying houses from Serbs for money. And in 1980 it was around 30% Serbs and 70% Albanians. Then Yugoslavia started breaking down. Kosovo(because Albanians had majority)wanted independence. War ended(Yugoslavian) and Albanians lead by so called "OKC" army started killing and burning down houses of Serbs. Serbia's army went to Kosovo and was beating with ease OKC. And cause Kosovo is big part on Balkan NATO and USA had to get in. And cause Albania is nothing hard for NATO and USA they took Albanians side so they could control biggest drugs chain in Europe. In Serbia Milosevic(president of Serbia in that time) made a referendum about should Kosovo be part of Serbia. Over 95% voted that Kosovo should be Serbia. Serbian army started attacking harder and then NATO and USA did theirs move. They started bombarding Serbia. Around 2500 civilians were killed cause of that bombarding. Serbia withdraw from war and USA and NATO took control of Kosovo. In that period OKC was still killing Serbs. Serbs were running for life and from 30% to 70% it was now 10% to 90%.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Bored_Debater 1 year ago
Well, if no one accepts this before I wake up, I will. lol most likely...
Posted by ThinkBig 1 year ago
Define your terms
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