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Ladies...keep them toilet seats up!

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Started: 1/25/2015 Category: Funny
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Ladies...think about it. There are very good reasons to keep that toilet seat up; I mean just plain being easier to place the lid down as opposed to lifting it up.


I will make a few points here as to why I must agree to disagree with you, sir.

1. Women do not use the toilet with the seat up. Both men and women use the toilet with the seat down, thus it is only natural the 'nuetral' toilet seat position should be down, as benefits both sexes.

2. No one wants to walk into a bathroom and see urine splotches, stray pubic hairs etc on the rim of the toilet. We keep the seat down to prevent those unpleasant facts of toilet life w/men from being foremost in our minds.

3. Nothing worse than falling into a toilet in the middle of the night when someone with bad potty manners has left the seat up.
Debate Round No. 1


Vesper, thank you. You make some valid points here. In fact, better than those I thought I'd see.

Your point #2 (no pun intended) , being., in my opinion, the stronger of the three, but, I wonder, have you ever considered...?

1. If the toilet seat down is the neutral position?. and I think I should concede that point. Then is it the safest? If in fact, it really isn't, then the safer position should out-weigh the more convenient one. In my view the "up" position is safer.

1a. Now, I must point out that my point of view here is based on a toilet that is used regularly by both genders.

2. Urine splashes, vomit, blood and hairs (virus/bacteria) are far less hazardous on a toilet rim, than a toilet seat.

3. Have you ever sat on a wet toilet seat? I know I have and it isn't fun. Sleep-walkers, children, lazy, intoxicated and sick people all have "to go" and can't always get the seat up in time...even if they care to do so. Public unisex toilets and parties are notorious for this!


You are welcome, Sir Stevereno. Your rebuttal was well worded and logical. #1 was, for me, your best argument. The up position may in fact, appear to be safer. Here is my counter argument. I look forward to your response.

1. Women, young children, the sick, infirm, & the elderly use the seat in the down position. Only men & boys use the seat up. Since many more people use the seat down, in my opinion the down position is much more convenient for everyone.

2. In the battle of the sexes, men will sometimes experience the wrath of their annoyed spouse, sister, aunt, friend etc. for leaving the seat up. I think that leaving the seat down after using the toilet will make the bathroom experience better for everyone.

3.Dogs drink out of the toilet, toddlers play in the toilet, its just nicer to have the seat & lid completely closed afterwards.
Debate Round No. 2


To you Vesper...I say, " touch"." I had not thought of the tiny tots roaming about exploring. In such cases, I would agree, a toilet lid should be down. However, perhaps it should be lifted up at night in case hubby or sonny-boy comes stumbling in at the wee hours of the night, half asleep, forget...and miss the intended target?

As for Fido...a dog's stomach is designed to be extremely rugged and they get so thirsty! Have a heart. :-)

Still, in restrooms with heavy traffic...I must maintain my original position.

It was a pleasure meeting you Vesper and debating this all-import issue. ~wink~

Thank you,


Well played, sir, well played. A lively debate about bathroom politics if ever there was one. I hope we can debate more in the future ;)

I will close my last post on this topic with these final remarks.

Toilet seat & lid down:
*More convenient
*Safer for children
*Keeps dogs out
*Keeps bacteria & germs from spraying when flushed
* Everyone uses the seat down

Toilet seat up
*A safety hazard
*Looks unpleasant when messy
*One will not 'fall in'
*Not everyone uses the seat up
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SirStevereno 2 years ago
Thank you missmedic, but I am not trying to be meticulous here, even though it may seem that way. In fact, I was looking at this debate to be...rather tongue in cheek. However, you make a good point about toilet lids, although many toilets don't have lids...and those that do, aren't always used...unless to sit down for another purpose. So miss, I was discussing the actual toilet seat down and in an uncovered position.

Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
When you flush with the lid open, germs and fecal bacterial spread all over the room up to 20 feet in fact, much like coughing with your mouth open. So keep the lid down and wash your hands you just had someone's dick in it.
Posted by SirStevereno 2 years ago
I have to admit, that men are the largest source of the problem, but getting us to sit down all the time is hardly realistic. Besides, men are not the only reason a toilet seat needs to be up.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
If men sit down when they pee there would be no problem and the toilet would stay cleaner. So if you do not clean the toilet you do not have a say in the placement of the lid.
Posted by Esiar 2 years ago
Only extremely lazy people argue about things like that.
Posted by saphirescar 2 years ago
Nah bruh that's gross
Posted by Bwacit 2 years ago
yeah but to go we'd have to put the seat down and then put t up. It's easier just to do one thing :)
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Reasons for voting decision: Haha very entertaining...I honestly thought it was all a tie..I just have a personal bias in which toilet seats should be down. Very fun to read though :)