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Lamborghini Aventador SV vs Ferrari 488 GTB

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Started: 10/6/2015 Category: Cars
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The famous hyper car brand, Lamborghini, has made a huge upgrade to their masterpiece, Lamborghini Aventador, into an Aventador SV. To this reaction, Lamborghini's rival hyper car brand, Ferrari, created the new masterpiece, Ferrari 488 GTB, I am on Lamborghini's side because I've been a fan of the Aventador since it first came out. To see Lamborghini Aventador SV photo:
To see Ferrari 488 GTB photo:


The newly turbocharged sports car makes far more power and torque than its naturally aspirated predecessor, helping it to go considerably quicker both in a straight line and around a track. It will do this while burning a bit less fuel and emitting a bit less carbon dioxide. GO FERRARI 488 GTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 1


Well, yeah. The Ferrari might have less emission and more mileage but for the hypercars, you need power.

Ferrari 488 GTB
Cost: $242,737
HP: 661
0-60mph: 3.0s
RPM: 8000 Maximum
Top speed: 205mph
Mostly made out of: Aluminum
Cylinders: V8
1/4 Mile drag: 10.5s
Rear wheel drive

Lamborghini Aventador SV
Cost: Over $500,000
HP: 740
0-60mph: 2.8s
RPM: 8400 Maximum
Top speed: About 217mph
Mostly made out of: Carbon Fiber
Cylinders: V12
1/4 Mile drag: 10.7s (READ: This time is with the normal Aventador, since the SV has more power and toque, it is faster)
All wheel drive

Yes yes yes, I know. Ferrari is actually like $300,000 more cheaper but the Aventador's made out of carbon fiber, which is stronger and lighter, it has way more power and bigger and more powerful engine, and it's freaking all wheel drive! Also, People actually don't really care about the fuel economy and the emissions of a hypercar (Unless it's a Porsche), people like families with minivans care about it, because with hypercars like these, power and speed is the key.
Also, if you're saying "Pfft, the normal Aventador takes 10.7 seconds to go across 1/4 miles, 488GTB does it better" Well, you're wrong. The Aventador SV is actually way faster than the normal Aventador and the 488 GTB's relationship with the famous 458 Italia i just like the Aventador SV and the normal Aventador. If you know what I'm saying, you know that the normal Aventador is faster than the 458 Italia, so you can't really compare and contrast 488 GTB with a normal Aventador.
Now, the design...
I have to agree that the 488 GTB's curves and air intakes are beautiful and well made.
But can it beat the design of the Aventador SV?
Trust me, if I do a poll about it, I bet even the normal Aventador's design will beat the 488 GTB's.
Also, the frame.
What did Ferrari use? Did you just say aluminum? The ones that is used to build everyday family sedans and vans?
What did Lamborghini use? Did you just say carbon fiber? The ones that is used to build hypercars such as Bugatti, Pagani, Koenigsegg and more?
Carbon fiber has about four times the strength than the aluminum that Ferrari uses.
But it has almost half the density of aluminum.
But that's not it.
The aerodynamics.
You can see tail spoilers, new body kits, kind of like the Veneno on the Aventador.
You can also see them too on the 488 GTB, but does it work smoothly as the Aventador?
There are two reasons NO.
One: Aventador has more kits that actually makes the air around it go smoothly around the car so the friction that the air causes is reduced, but 488 GTB doesn't have that much and 80% of the kit is actually used for inhaling air.
Two: Carbon fiber vs aluminum, if you look at what I said, what do you think it's better?
Well, you already know the answer.
Beat that.


Although there may be a diadvantage with a car made out of titanium-aluminide, but this ferrari has a twin-scroll turbocharger with a turbine wheel made of low-mass titanium-aluminide offers a 50 percent lower inertia than normal. In order to increase the efficiency, Ferrari engineers built the turbochargers to use abradable housing seals and ball bearings.

Now, about the design...
The lamborghini's design is better. Although it is less streamlined which can slow its speed down.

The cons about the Lamborghini is that:

1. Poor outward visibility
2. Awkward shifting transmission
3. Tough to maneuver in tight spots

What ya gonna say?!
Debate Round No. 2


Yes I know, that the Ferrari wants to increase their efficiency like Porsche.
But as I said, efficiency is for Porsche and power & speed is for Ferrari & Lamborghinis.
Ferrari's lines and curves do inhale more air than the Lamborghini, which uses for its boost.
But Ferrari has lots of medium sized intakes but the Aventador has one big one and few small ones, so inhaling air for both is kind of equal but Ferrari does have a slight advantage because it collects all the air around it.
But I'm talking about aerodynamics, the tail wing for the Aventador SV is for smooth airflow to reduce the friction as I said before, but Ferrari's motor-operated tail wing is mainly for braking.
I do agree that the driver in the 488 GTB has more visibility than the one at Aventador because its top is higher, but this gives the 488 GTB a little disadvantage on speed because since the top is high the air's friction would affect it, but not on the Lamborghini because it has a low top, which means smaller visibility but less air friction and smoother airflow.
I have to disagree about the transmission, I know that the 488 GTB has duel clutch and the Aventador SV has a single clutch, it only makes a small difference and it really depends on the driver's opinion.
And this: What do you mean the Aventador is tough to maneuver in tight spots? I know that Ferrari is rear wheel drive, so it can drift like in video games which gives Ferrari more agile in tight spots but that doesn't mean the Aventador isn't. The Aventador is AWD, so it can't drift like the 488 GTB, but it gives the Aventador turn with more grip and speed, instead of burning and wasting your precious tires.


..I see


I still have some things to argue about

Ferrari designers seem to design beautiful looking cars and increase the performance of the car at the same time.

The new aero design of this car has 50% more downforce than it"s predecessor! Normally to get more downforce you increase the drag on the car, which ultimately slows it down. But by designing the body and intakes to smoothly flow air through channels designed to pump air flow out into the rear slipstream of the car, Ferrari manages to create more downforce without increasing drag.

There are other factors that cause dirty airflow around and behind the car, including high pressure airflow in the rear wheels. It looks as though Ferrari has designed side intakes that not only push air to cool the twin turbo v8 engine, but also pull dirty air out of the wheel areas where it can smoothly exit the rear of the vehicle near the rear brake lights. Active aero flaps under the rear diffuser also adjust position automatically based on car speed to help keep the backend glued to the ground. The goal, more traction and more control.

So this is why the Ferrari 488 GTB's side will win the debate!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jet1918 1 year ago
I love ferrar 488i gtb becuase i have one ,
Posted by ianchang1339 2 years ago
FPSKorea1, do you wanna do another debate?
Posted by ianchang1339 2 years ago
aww.... i typed in korean but it came up as numbers

Posted by ianchang1339 2 years ago
Posted by FPSKorea1 2 years ago
Lol i tried to do a poll of the design of Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Aventador SV but it won't save XD
Posted by FPSKorea1 2 years ago
I am :) nice to meet you.
Posted by ianchang1339 2 years ago
btw im korean if you are (according to your username...)
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