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Landfills are a better option than incinerators for waste disposal

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Started: 6/26/2016 Category: Society
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1. Most new landfills are built as lined facility, with leachate collection and treatment on-site. Because landfills are designed and built to store waste, they are a safe containment of our garbage.

2. Methane gas is collected at a number of municipal waste landfills and some landfills have diesel/gas blended fuel fired electrical generation stations built on them. Therefore, they are a "free" source of fuel to generate electricity.

3. Upon closing of a landfill, some beneficial usage of these land resources have been realized. Certain closed landfills have become golf courses, ski mountains, etc.


landfills- they seem like a good idea, don't they? a big space for keeping all of our trash and we never have to worry about them again- Or do we?
1. landfills cannot be continuously built. Eventually we will have to much "landfill areas" because they cannot break down the trash and all manner of garbage down fast enough, which in this case you can use the incinerators.
2. As the landfill builds, up, it will produce a gas commonly known as methane. Methane is the stinky smell that you get from bodily waste and to much of it can cause nausea and headaches. In addition to this, the methane will eventually accumulate in nearby houses, and therefore increase the chances of a fire by far as methane is extremely flammable.
3. Since the landfills are pretty much open in nature, they are always posing a threat of polluting the environment. The trucks which carry the wastes to the landfills site often make a lot of noise can is responsible for generating serious traffic when they are on their way to the site of disposal. This is the reason why people living in the vicinity of such places often register complaints. Moreover, the trucks are generally old and often it is seen that they drop off a little bit of waste here and there when they are moving towards the site. The dust is a constant problem. Dust is lighter than most other wastes, thus, when the trucks and carriers move, the dust particles tend to fly around and create pollution. These dust particles then have the potential to cause many diseases, both acute and chronic. In addition to this, most of the landfills plants use very heavy machinery. The heavy machinery is often reported to make a lot of noise. Although, very rarely do we have instances of having settlements near such plants, but there does exist a few. This noise can be very irritating and is responsible for causing a lot of noise pollution.

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well ok.. if my opponent is going to forfeit then please vote for me! (not that i'm trying to be sad to qwerty17)
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