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LeBron James is the greatest NBA player of all time

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Started: 5/5/2015 Category: Sports
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There is always going to be the debate of who is the best NBA player of all time. In my opinion LeBron will be the greatest player ever. Look at where he's heading. He's the youngest to ever score 24,000 points. His player efficiency rating is through the roof, but many people are stuck in the 90s era with their heads up MJ's a**. To be honest MJ may be the most overrated player of all time. Let it begin!


Let me start by saying that yes the greatest NBA player of all time will always be controversial due to who you are a fan. However I do not agree that LeBron James is the greatest NBA player of all time. First, you are right when saying that he is the youngest to score 24,000 points but to really judge who is the greatest it would be more effective to choose someone who is already retired because as of now James could have a terrible injury ending his career next week. With this debate you also didn't state who could out play LeBron James you just criticized Michael Jordan. Realizing this I am choosing to not prove who is the best NBA player of all time but instead use facts from many different players to prove the LeBron James is not the greatest of all time.
Debate Round No. 1


I am ready to see your views on this. Okay, here will be the facts. LeBron is the most imposing athlete that has ever entered the NBA. Agreed? He's 6'8", 250 lbs., has a 44 in. vertical, and runs a 4.53 40 yard dash. No one in the league can compare to the size and ability LeBron has. The freak part about it is, that it just came to him naturally. He barely lifted weights (so he reports) to get to where he is at.

I would honestly like to see who it is that you think is better than LeBron, besides Michael. I mean LeBron's already the best Small Forward of all-time and Larry Bird is mentioned in the argument of the GOAT. These past 4 years, LeBron has been to the finals 4 times (granted he did only win 2), but he's about to do it for the 5th straight. You can make the argument about his supporting cast, but I'll prove to you that his supporting cast was not as good as M.J's , Larry Bird's, Magic Johnson's, or even Kobe's.

M.J. had Scottie, one of the best defenders of all-time and was a very underrated offensive player in his own respect. He also had Dennis Rodman who was the best rebounder anyone has ever seen, besides Wilt, but let's face it Wilt played against a bunch of 6'8" white guys. He also had Steve Kerr, who was their rock when they needed threes.

Larry had K.C. Jones, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and Danny Ainge, which was practically a big 5. McHale and Parish locked down the paint when they needed it.

Magic had Kareem who is the all-time career leader in points. He also had James Worthy and Jamaal Wilkes to benefit him in his run of championships.

Kobe. Don't even get me started on how overrated Kobe Bryant is. But, seeing as how that is not the argument, I won't lecture you on that. But, Kobe had Shaquielle O'Neal who really gets absolutely no credit for what he has done. Considering that Kobe only won one of the finals MVPs they went to. He also had Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum (after O'Neal left), and whether you believe it or not, Metta World-Peace is a great role-player.

Now LeBron did have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on his team his years in Miami, but let's go before that in 2006 when LeBron took the Cavs to the finals against the Spurs. The 2nd best player on his team was Zydrunas Ilgauskas who was averaging only 15.6 ppg with just 7 rpb. For a starting big man, that's not very good. His next best player is Larry Hughes... Do you even remember Larry Hughes? Me either. Well, it's amazing that LeBron even got that team to the playoffs, let alone the NBA finals. But, LeBron was soon swept by the Spurs who were a reoccurring feature in his career. The Spurs had more talent and experience than that woeful Cavs team. So, really you can't even put that series in the conversation. When LeBron won his other 2 titles, it was mostly him. Dwyane was clearly showing signs of age, Bosh was being inconsistent with everything. LeBron's 3 point shooters were getting older, so he put it all on himself. In the series against OKC, LeBron proved to me why he is the best in the world. Then, the next year, LeBron beat the Spurs who had embarrassed him in the previous years, with that clutch shot in game 7 of the finals to close it. Now, everyone critiques LeBron for not being a closer. This, to me, is what separates him from the others. Most superstars are going to take the final shot at all times. But, LeBron is a team star. He gets the best shot instead of his shot.


What you said about LeBron is true but does it really matter that he can run a 4.53 40 yard dash? To answer myself, No it doesn't. I also think that you are saying way too much. In your opening statement you say that you are " many people are stuck in the 90s era with their heads up MJ's a**. To be honest MJ may be the most overrated player of all time" but then go on to say in your second argument "I would honestly like to see who it is that you think is better than LeBron, besides Michael" Thank you for winning this debate for me when you say that Michael is better than LeBron. Case Closed.
Debate Round No. 2


You didn't win the argument. You said that you will prove that not only is Michael better, but others are. I was saying I would like to see you prove who else would be better besides Michael. I'm not saying Michael is better, you're saying there are others besides Michael who are. And also, yes it does matter how fast he is, because who's going to beat him coming down the court or him going full speed off of a speed. You have one more round to prove yourself buddy. Let's see it.


Debator365 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bsh1 2 years ago
I received a message from Con asking me to vote for him in "every single category." That is MASSIVELY inappropriate.
Posted by larsfox1997 2 years ago
just because hes black dont mean hes good
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Reasons for voting decision: Con drops several of Pro's points, and really fails to offer any analysis of his own in negation of the resolution. Insofar as Pro gives me some reasoning and data to uphold his position, I vote Pro. Conduct to Pro for (1) not forfeiting and (2) not inappropriately soliciting votes. Everything else is tied.