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Leafyishere is a cyberbully

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't get why people call him a cyberbully. All he has done is to show the messed up side of YouTube, and quite possibly, the Internet. Let's be honest, there are people far worse than Leafy. People who scam, faux channels, and all around crazy stuff that just isn't right. Sure, it's the Internet, it happens everyday, but Leafy always gets the hate when something far worse is going on. Most of our culture is screwed anyways, so might as well respect the smart before we are all screw over by the next president of 2017. He only made one mistake, which was the whole autistic YouTuber rant, to which he took down and apologized, then later added his note to not "witch hunt" the people who are presented.


~ LeafyIsHere is considered by some to be a cyberbully, considered by some others to be the victim, and not considered by people who legitimately don't care. What matters to me, is that most of the videos LeafyIsHere rants about get disliked by a sizeable portion of his fanbase. I honestly watch LeafyIsHere on a regular basis, and many of his feminist-related videos, however satire, reek of anti-feminism, logical fallacies, and non-politically correct filler, not to mention the titles. I often hear that LeafyIsHere isn't a cyberbully because he says in his description that he doesn't support "witch-hunting." I do agree with the obvious fact that LeafyIsHere doesn't support the "witch-hunting" many people participate in, but LeafyIsHere does provide a target, rant about the target, and, ultimately, infrahumanize said target. This may motivate some of Leafy's viewers to not feel at all bad about participating in "witch-hunting." It's similar to pasting a "Kick Me" sign to someone, or doodling on them while they are asleep. Leafy makes satire content, but his comedic content has a not-so-comedic effect. ~
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Posted by Animedebates 2 years ago
Agreed, but lots of people he talks about aren't all the bad like he talked about social repose and sure that music video was pretty weird but that's the only video can find his that's weird, richie is actually a really good singer! Anyways i actually love leafy i need more face cam( V5;" V0;B2; V5;") ;) huhuhu
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